Time to bow down before Caesar!

Time to bow down before Caesar!

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>Whore of Babylon cannot even get her identity correct
When the only thing in your head is penis, you notice a lack of brains.

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Why is your show flopping?


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Ave Imperatorix!

This is your emperor for the night, what do?

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Mc is a another Sieg. Do you buy this man is angry?

excellent education, Nero was the last Roman emperor

Don't insult Sieg he's miles better than this shitstain.

Do anyone know who did this? Its just so perfect

I have no idea where to even begin replying to your post.
He was the last emperor "of the Julio-Claudian dynasty". but certainly not the last emperor.

And yes, he was a Caesar.

I haven't watched Extra but there's no way any MC can be worse than sieg

I move... for NO MAN!

You'd be surprised.

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Can emiya beat saber?

So, can a master blow a command seal to prevent their servant from succumbing to wounds that would kill them, like "don't die" or something like that?

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I'd blow something on Rider if ya know what I mean

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>he was a Caesar.
brainless pls,

If buy better you mean becoming a magical boy.
This is his personality.

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What if I gave her Caesar dressing?

>Sieg he's miles better

>Blond+green eyes
>Height below 1,60 mts
>Tits as big as a basketball

fucking dwarf

> The fourth Emperor, Claudius, was the first to assume the name "Caesar" upon accession, without having been adopted by the previous emperor; however, he was at least a member by blood of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, being the maternal great-nephew of Augustus on his mother's side, the nephew of Tiberius, and the uncle of Caligula. Claudius in turn adopted his stepson and grand-nephew Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, giving him the name "Caesar" in the traditional way; his stepson would rule as the Emperor Nero.
Kill yourself brainlet. It was the title given to the appointed heir of the Emperor (which had it's own title: Augustus.

The more specific a command seal usage, the greater its power. Don't die is rather vague. "Evacuate us immediately from combat" is probably a safer bet.

Nice retard, now go back to wiki and read AGAIN

>Posts "Age is just a number, baby" the servant

not an argument, a concession?