Dragon Ball Super

So was the point of this show to make me hate my favorite character? Because now I do

Vegeta has been my favorite character since the saiyan saga basically because he was the badass anti-hero guy, and even though his purpose was solely to get fucked up by the villains that Goku would defeat next, at least he got to still be a strong badass.

What we got in Super was the ultimate cuck. The show started with him getting humiliated, dancing wearing a fucking skirt. He then proceeds to watch his wife get slapped by the guy would later on step on his head, call him a good pet and frequently tell him Goku was way better than him. Do not forget the most humiliating scene in history of Dragon Ball where Bulma tells Trunks that Goku would protect then, and if even he couldn't beat Black, then all hope would be lost. While Vegeta listened, nearly crying, like the cuckold he became.

Finally, the ToP would be his comeback, of course the damage was irreparable, but at least he was expected to do some cool shit. What did we got? Hints of ultra instinct, a fucking blue kawaii sparkling new form and, again, Vegeta getting fucked up by the villain Goku would later on defeat.

As a Vegetafag, I hated Super more than GT.
Gohanfags should relate, although no one got more humiliated in Super than Vegeta.

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17chads win again

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>As a Vegetafag, I hated Super more than GT.
What did Vegeta achieve in GT besides getting possessed (again)?

Killing Nappa again? Jobbing as SS4?

The fuck are you talking about? DBS is all about stroking Vegeta's dick that it's annoying

They even gave Vegeta much more wins than Goku ever got in the show

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I should also add this fucker didn't even make to top3, he fell before piccolo's bitch, the robot park ranger.

Also, why the fuck do they make him taller every saga?? Turbo manlet vegeta was the best vegeta

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>no backstory
>still more likeable than half the cast
How does she do it?

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I didn't believe it at first, but now I'm certain there is a huge 17 cocksucker behind Toei writing

At least he wasn't a cuck in GT, he was just the beta earth turned him into

wins? what fucking win did this dipshit get?
Only important guy he would defeat was Freeza and, again, fucked up and Goku got the win.
Vegeta is now a cheerleader, riding kakarot's cock whenever he can. He did it in the BoG, Black saga, and everytime he can in ToP. Mega cuck

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>oh no, my fav character ruined because "m-muh Super boogeyman"
>Super allowed character to get at least some spot light.
Not even a big fan of Super and even I can appreciate that.

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IN GT , vegeta didn't even get ssj3 despite being 15 years after fucking Buu arc and needed bulma to help him get ssj4.

In super, vegeta got ssg and ssb within 1 year of training with whis

Vegeta beat the shit out of goku black, beat the fuck out of toppo, surpassed goku in kaioken. Became a great family man

>watching Super in the first place
There's your problem.

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>he had 2 stacies wanting his D
>this guy ended Z as the strongest unfused warrior

he now is a fucking teacher, probably only stronger than the humans and went back to the role of getting saved by Goku everytime, like he did when he was 5

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Super has done more justice to vegeta than z or gt ever did. In super he's more or less been equal to goku in the same forms since the start. IN z , goku in the same forms was always stronger outside of babidi boost

Hell in Z, vegeta wasn't even second fiddle, he was more like 3rd fiddle behind goku and gohan.

>In super, vegeta got ssg and ssb within 1 year of training with whis
who would have thought, super has asspulls. Is this shitty show anything but asspulls?
>infinite stamina ToP goku
>hakai goku vs immortal zamasu (manga)
>trunks super saiyan rage(?) with genkidama sword(anime)

oh, vegeta beat sidekicks and the main guy before his final form was achieved. That's new.
Also, everyone roots for the best dad, I watch dragon ball to get inspired by rolemodels

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I want to kiss Cauli.

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how is that an asspull you idiot? he trained with an angel.

Vegeta didn't beat anymains in z or gt so why is super worse?

Only if it is on the cheek

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We're free!

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>who would have thought, super has asspulls. Is this shitty show anything but asspulls?
Who would have thought, Dragon Ball in general has asspulls.
Listen, I like the franchise because I like people fighting and the characters, but Toriyama was never a good writer. He just does the asspulls for the sake of "wouldn't that be cool?"

>As a Vegetafag, I hated Super more than GT.Gohanfags should relate, although no one got more humiliated in Super than Vegeta.
Bro...this pic is fucking sin.only spic-gohanfags love DBS.because OH MY GOD ULTIMATE GOHAN AND WHITE HAIR MEME.

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>muh training
then why would they need that fucking ritual?

Goku arriving at namek stronger than Giniyu after 1 week of gravity training is an asspull.

Vegeta going from SS2 to SSB in a lapse of episodes is a super saiyan asspull

in Z Vegeta was a main villain, beat 2nd form cell and had his honor. In super he's justa cuck, as written in OP

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I see all you plastic faggots who only started liking 17 because of Super.

Come at me.

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GOKU NEEDED the ritual not vegeta

Goku black and toppo > 2nd form cell

Misconception 1:
> The DBS manga is the main canon

Wrong. The DBS manga is just a promotional vehicle for the DBS anime:
> It was announced AFTER the anime
> Released in a promotional magazine
> Released before the anime to promote it
> Skipped around BoG, and completely skipped RoF, to promote the new post-movie material ahead of the anime
> Toyotaro called it a "comicalization"
> DBS Manga has little to no representation in merch/games

Misconception 2:
> Toyotaro was handpicked as Toriyama's successor

Wrong. He was simply hired by Shueisha (not Toriyama), after Toyotaro himself applied for the job

Source: animeclick.it/news/64770-napoli-comicon-2017-reportage-dellincontro-con-toyotaro

Misconception 3:
> Toriyama isn't involved (or is barely involved) with the anime

Wrong. Toriyama IS involved with the DBS anime, and much more than we previously thought or knew

Toshio via Twitter on May 3rd 2017
> I got a new shirt for this meeting
> Meeting regarding future of series?
> We met to discuss the new episode
> Was Toriyama involved?
> Of course Master Toriyama is involved!

Source: twitter.com/toshio916/status/859668635656126464?s=19

Spring 2017 interview:
> I've heard Toriyama has a direct role into your work, right?
> Not only mine: he supervises every storyboard related to the Dragon Ball universe.

Source: pastebin.com/K7FGtFfp

March 2018 interview:
> Toei works closely with Toriyama
> Toriyama reviewed Toei's initial Jiren, and didn't approve it. Toei then re-worked it.
> Toei created all the Pride Troopers except Toppo, Dypso, and Jiren. The same designs that Toyotaro has to use.
> Toei created Kale, and then Toriyama (in response to Toei's initiative) created Caulifla. Both have been added to the original outline

Source: kanzenshuu.com/translations/dragon-ball-official-site-the-artisans-who-made-the-universe-survival-arc/

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ss rage is stronger than ssb already tho

What are you talking about? These threads have been dead with 17posting post episode 127 until now. 17 has nothing but fair-weathered fans

Character development? What the fuck is that?

But what if he combines ssrage with vegeta's ssb evolution form? would that make him above GoD tier?

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>then why would they need that fucking ritual?
Ritual is only temporal, even in the original movie with that retarded "SSG absorbed into base" thing Goku transformed himself into God WITHOUT ritual at the end. Goku and Vegeta just learned how to go God without retarded cheats, which makes sense since they trained with an angel.

>Vegeta going from SS2 to SSB
Stop reading here.
You just need SS and SSG to go SSB, SS2 has nothing to do with this. Goku and Vegeta going God after training with an angel makes perfect sense and after that going Blue is just combining both


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He'd rape jiren

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thoughts on last episode?

i thought it was ok

>Doesn't even spell check
>doesn't know Toshio barely understands English so he uses Twitter's translation option which is dogshit
come on now

Toyocucks on suicide watch

Doesn't help that this last chapter was shit

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> Super cucked Vegeta

Its not like he became atleast low GoD tier in power or anything

Exactly. this is why he isn't in the tournament he'll be a big threat if he stayed and receives God training from either his father or from Whis.

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thats a tiencuck who got cucked again.

people forget shit easily. Like he beat GoD Toppo and somehow thats nothing today.

vados-kun 100% real no fake forma verdadera

Why doesn't the anime team tell us exactly how Toriyama is involved with them? Instead of letting us know little by little?


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I could see trunks becoming a GoD in the timeline he went too

>People thought the anime's ToP would be shit and the manga's ToP would be better
>Instead the anime's ToP ended up being a masterpiece and the manga's ToP ended up being rushed shit

Apologize to Toei
come on

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Retards only care if someone is the strongest.

But the manga ToP is already better than the anime

the anime's version is better so far but it ain't no masterpiece. Don't get blinded by the last two episodes


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The manga could still get better after the fodder are gone, but yeah so far it's not as good

>a character is good because he's powerful

beerus must be your favourite

>Goku has 0 eliminations so far even though he's the protagonist
>Frost getting eliminated in a single chapter even though the anime made him last several episodes and got a dignified defeat
>Trio de Dangers being just random fighters who get defeated by Frieza, instead of badass SSB-tier legendary fighters

>not as good
it has done everything better than the anime so far except for krillin and tenshinham getting owned so quickly

>receives God training from either his father or from Whis.
which kind of happens in heroes instead

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That's not Gohan.

thats not what i said. The OP said super cucked vegeta but super treated vegeta better in all areas than z and certainly GT

in Z vegeta wasn't even stronger than gohan, here only jiren and goku among non fused mortals are above him

Gohan is a jobber

Hello my fellow ningen.

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vadoskun forma trapito cuando?

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so, what's this guy's purpose on the story now?
He fought goku with the lamest justification ever, triggered his god form and introduced him to Whis to train. Ok, why is he important today?

>doesn't train anyone
>sleeps all day
>can't fight bad guys because it's against the rules
>burocrat, needed to watch the future burning to kill 1 irrelevant zamasu
>already surpassed by Goku, soon to be overpowered by Vegeta
>5 year old mentality

how much untill he becomes tien tier of relevance?

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Vegeta became a true family man, mentored a saiyan kid from another universe, connected with his future son and became ridiculously strong.

> Super cucked vegeta

> Freeza's recruitment was skipped
> Gohan getting Mystic back was skipped
> Katopesla out of the ToP immediately without doing anything
> U7 dominating even more than the anime
> Krillin and Tien out in the same chapter.
> Frost is out. No Freeza x Gohan or Vegeta x Roshi teamwork
> Brianne de Chateau (cute Ribrianne) is toei-exclusive
> UI (omen) Goku might be Toei-exclusive
> Same for Kefla

Not a good start for the manga's Universe Survival arc

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Toyotaro is getting worse as the manga goes on, wtf?
His fight scenes are getting lazier and lazier, nothing has matched Goku vs Frost or Goku vs Merged Zamasu
Every fight now is samey and uses the same poses and panels he's been using before

Bad enough most of the anime fights suck but now the manga fights are sucking too. Fuck it sucks being a DB fan trying to be hyped for DBS

>Instead the anime's ToP ended up being a masterpiece

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My boy is going to end up back in the cuckcoon isn't he, now that 17 and goku are still in

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Apparently MistareFusion hated Episode 130.

As a Vegeta fan, I don't see what's wrong with Vegeta having comedic moments at his expense.

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As if it already wasn't obvious that it's in V-Jump.

The manga is supplemental material at best.

it is the best tournament arc of all time and that's saying a lot because there's tons of good tournament arcs, like the dark tournament in YYH, but this one is far superior

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He's still going to show up right bros?

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ok, so he's tanner and angrier

forma trapito appears once every thousand years… a vados-kun who overcomes the fist in their ass which no warrior, no matter how gifted, can overcome

made me laugh mate

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> episodic trash full of 1v1 fights.
>every team waits in line to fight U7
>Goku dominates every episode
>Freeza/Frost leads to nothing

>Actually feels like a battle royal
>hectic, fast pace
>Everyone interfering in every fight
>Other universes actually doing stuff, eliminations are happening independent of U7
>Freeza/Frost relationship actually has a big impact on the ToP
>Not just focused on Goku

Manga is vastly superior, and it's only been 2 chapters toeicuck

I don't know about all-time, but compared to other DB tournaments? Sure

>Gohanfags should relate
I got super hyped when Gohan and Piccalo started talking about him unlocking a form that didn't require SSJ. I was looking forward to him being passed the torch he should have been given after the Cell saga. Instead I watched him use tag-team tricks and fight like a bitch.

I want Goku to die and stay dead. Other character would benefit from his permanent death. Everyone would be forced to stay on their A-game without Goku around. Gohan would stop being a beta, Vageta could finally shine, and the other warriors would have to push beyond their human limits.

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See: I liked the manga's Trunks arc. But Toyo is dropping the ball here

>Actually feels like a battle royal
That's the problem, who ever thought a battle royale was a good idea should kill himself.
Probably Toriyama, and him fucking off from DB is long overdue since, after 3 years, hasn't been able to come up with any interesting stories.
Fucking retard is so creatively bankrupt that we now have an unironical white haired form.

With this one simple change Toyotaro would have the the chapter amazing, but he just has to keep disappointing us with his "logical" edgy fanfiction.

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>goku, the same guy that was pissed he had to use others to attain super saiyen God is now a "muh nakami" goi that believes his power comes from fwiendship
>Jiren who's a true pure hearted hero starts spewing this garbage about how trust, fighting for others and sacrifice mean nothing, that it's "pathetic"
You're joking right?

Also Buu never got a fight in the entire manga. The anime gave him two.

>Freeza/Frost relationship actually has a big impact on the ToP
What impact, some filler universe getting eliminated?
Literally no one, not Toriyama, not Toyotaro or Toei, or any DB fan gives a shit about anyone but Goku and Jiren, and we all know they are the only people that matter.

>Not just focused on Goku
It will soon, since the entire arc is about him, somehow, mastering Ultra Asspull in 48 minutes despite the fact that Beerus hasn't been able to in thousands of years.


That post always gets me. I hope someone screencapped it from the other day

Freeza is gonna get brutalized and unconscious again, then 17 and Goku are gonna fight Jiren, Jiren eliminates 17 and almost Goku but thanks to the opening they created a pummeled Freeza death beams him. Freeza is disqualified for killing Jiren and Goku wins.

Screencap this

I saved this from another thread and honestly I'm holding out hope that he WILL be revived he may not able to use the Super Dragon Balls for himself but Goku will revive him.

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Now suddenly a battle royal is bad
Toeishills are just embarrassing

What did 18 mean by this?!

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Beerus stopped being relevant the moment he became Bulma's bitch. Everyone lost any respect they had for him and the only good moment he's gotten since then is deleting Zamasu.

The Tournament of Power is not a masterpiece no matter which medium you're looking at.


i am yet to see whats so bad about that

I hope the manga's Goku vs Jiren is as good as Goku vs Merged Zamasu

But the anime set the bar pretty high there

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She can't help herself she gets horny around strong men.....

She was probably think of Teen Gohan when she and Krillin conceived their daughter I mean Gohan WAS the one who saved her from cell.

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hahahahahahaha oh my sides boy

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It always was, it was fucking obvious from the start that an 80 fighter battle royale would consist of shitty fights full of jobbers and only one fighter would matter: whoever was Goku's rival.

If Toriyama dares make one more tournament arc i'll be done with this dying franchise.
That would be a start, the other would be actually delivering a decent villain that wasn't either trash, or a rehash from Z.

>Screencap this

hopefully we'll see vegeta murder him for all the bullying he suffered

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