Trigger will save anime yet again

Trigger will save anime yet again.

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I honestly have more hope for Gridman since I think Keichi Hasegawa is a great writer. Nakashima disappointed with KLK and Imaishi disappointed with Luluco so I won't expect much from Promare and if it does turn out good I'll be surprised.

Why do all Trigger shows take a noticeable dive in quality after the first episode? The only trigger shows I've ever finished are Luluco and Inferno Cop.

Stop dropping so much anime you massive fucking faggot.

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>disappointed with Kill la Kill
Sorry you need an attention span to watch big boy anime.
If you can't understand the underlying themes it's not our fault you're dumb.

But most of it does suck though.

ah yes, thanks for your valuable and always important insight!

I’m legit hyped for Promare from what i’ve read, hope it turns out good.

I can't wait for another trigger show that is heavily reliant on referencing superior works without bringing anything original or interesting to the table

Your welcome.

Just more Gridman

Kill la Kill was alright, and I can see why someone could be disappointed with the anime. Being disappointed just means it didn't reach their expectation.

>Trigger will save anime
>T-this time for real guys

Can someone explain to me what it means to be saving anime? Isn't there already always at least one good anime every season, so what is there to be saving?

What are the premises for these two

Luluco is literally the best Trigger anime you plebeian

>Trigger's been saving anime for few years now
>Sup Forums still don't see it
oh you blind men of little faith


I have no doubt they'll both be good. Amemiya's stuff always has great shitposting potential.

I don't trust Trigger with anime that are longer than 10 minutes per episode.


I have no more faith in Trigger.
KLK was watchable and enjoyable at parts, but thats the only series. Everything else has been a fucking crash and burn or at best a mediocre snooze-fest.

Both of these sounded way more interesting than fucking Franxx

Why bring Franxx to a trigger thread? Franxx is an A1 show.

Trigger Anime are always the same stupid shit.

tfw actual Gainax recovers and starts making quality anime and everyone forgets about Trigger

I hope Promare is more like PSG and less like TTGL.

This thread is as pitiful as franxx sales

It's just a meme that started when some director at trigger said that they were going to "save anime" with KLK, as anime was becoming a moe wasteland. It was just criticism in line with Miyazaki's "anime was a mistake" or Anno's constant bashing of the moe market, but for some reason it sticked like Kyoani's "Kyoani will find a way" as both are studios that at least try to make something unique and refreshing from a rather stale industry.

How can you be hyped about a show we know literally nothing of?

>trigger will save anime
>next time for sure
If one of those two doesn't blow me away, I'll stop watching their shows. They had more than enough time to justify the "succesors of gainax" title everyone assigns to them.

>The only trigger shows I've ever finished are Luluco and Inferno Cop.
>Inferno Cop

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I'll surely watch them. Kill la Kill, Sex and Violence, Luluco, Inferno Cop and LWA were great, the rest was so-so to ok, but you can always trust in Imaishi.

Promare looks like an instant classic.

Thinking about these two pains me after what happened to FranXX. Should have been a blast to watch with Sup Forums but with how Sup Forums is now it's not possible anymore. Anything made by a studio as big as trigger is bound to bring tha most cancerous threads on the board the whole time it's airing.
Even if they turn out good, they'll just be the main victim for shitposters, salesfags, studio war, and all kinds of crossboarding scum.
We can't have nice things anymore.

I'm only excited for Gridman because toku is kino.

>Both of these will be dude protagonists
>People who liked Kill la Kill, Luluco and Little Witch Academia won't like it.

Bye bye wafu shitters, No Ryuukos or Akkos allowed!

Stop speaking the truth

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remember that they made it with cooperation from a-1 so its expected to be a shitty flop

>yet again
But they didn't manage that once?

>F-Franxx sucks because of A-1

>Thought Franxx would be the weaker one because they had A1 and Promare has Imaishi.
Damn this will be interesting.

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This better be more robot focused.
As much as I don't mind the collab for A-1, or Franxx itself, I want more robot.

The evil Kilokahn lives inside computer circuits! With the help of Malcom Frink, he creates megavirus monsters to attack electronic systems.

Guaranteed ironic weeb favorites. Can't wait for the flop.

I thought it started with Yamakan and Fractale.

You are right, if Franxx had aired in 2012 we would have had a lot of fun, it’s the kind of show for that. Nowadays the board is full of spergs that hate fun

FranXX is great thanks to A-1. Trigger is holding them back.

That's our man Yamakan and his very famous show Fractale you're thinking of. It saved anime so hard people were measuring the sales of other anime in Fractales for a time.


It could have been good. The last 4 episodes were complete garbage made to pander to just about every meme posted on Sup Forums and it was fucking trash.

>FranXX is great

They better, because they fucking ruined it again with Little Witch Academia.

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I think even back in 2012 Franxx would still lose to Aquarion.


The Ultraman spin-off? The one that got adapted into Samurai Syber Squad in America?

I'd say it gets nice things from Trigger, like charadesign, creative character animation and expressions, and good things from A-1, like nonbullshit plot

yup, they did a short for nihon animator mihochi a few years back, the collection which included ME!ME!ME!

Wait, fuck, seriously? They used Gridman of all things?

That's pretty awesome.

Agreed, most other Trigger anime is fucking bad. KLK is trashy, Kiznaiver sucks, basically everything they made but SPL has sucked a lot.

>Kiznaiver sucks
Fuck you.

Franxx is just not that good.

You're still able to enjoy it, but just have the grace to say 'There's a legitimate reason people don't like it but that doesn't stop me being able to' instead of sitting and stewing in a sea of bitterness over all of these imagined reasons you came up with for why it should have been universally loved but wasn't.

Bad news, Trigger has said it's going to be like "KLK meets TTGL" i.e. a trainwreck in the making.

Just let Promare be good. Even if Sup Forums hates it.

It did, but even he didn't actually say anything about saving anime. It was just a joke people made that got out of control.

I like Franxx in a "what will happen next" sense but we all know it's being carried almost entirely by 02

Yep. None of the characters matter at ALL except for her. It basically will ride or die off what happens to her.

Pretty much. There should be no shame in enjoying it but at the end of the day it's a show with ugly girl mechs piloted by a cookie-cutter cast of underdeveloped side-characters fighting monstrous farming-equipment. 02's really all it's got going for it.

Kind of worried since her "character development" seems like it'll be happening for the next few weeks.

They're even calling the new anime SSSS.Gridman to make sure Americans recognize it
Here's a pv
And here the short with some shitty subs
The short was an anniversary project or something, they probably used it to gauge public interest in a gridman anime

It's not about if it's good or not, it's just that it's the kind of show that back in the day, when we were fewer people here, would have got memed in a fun way, there's so much hate and shitposting today that it's really hard to enjoy things like we used to.

It does get '''memed in a fun way'''. It's one of the most popular ongoing series at the moment. You have 24/7 threads about it, often with multiple ones up at the same time. And you're still finding a way to complain?

Nothing is universally liked here, even TTGL would have got some hate back in the day but people didn't feel the need to be huge divas about it.

That's an exageration, franxx threads are still the ones with most activity and has lots of greats user there.

It's mostly butthurt kyoanus drones that are angry because trigger has cucked them again of the aots trophy.

Was that Optimus Prime fighting Gridman? When did this happen?

>Shits on LWA while posting an even bigger trainwreck.

Case in point, pushing studiowar silliness

>character designs

The SSSS Gridman PV will be revealed in 2 days at Anime Japan.

Honestly, chest flamethrowers make life better in every way

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Both were great shows, a lot of fun and shit, there is notting bad with not being the next evangelion faggot

What does the third S stand for?

Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad


TTGL makes /m/ more butthurt than anything in existence. KLK was the biggest shitstorm on Sup Forums in recent memory. It should be entertaining.

What, are they finally working on Paswg season 2 with Gainax?

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You and I both know that we'd simply trade VEG skirmishing for EVOL skirmishing.

It would have been more entertaining though.

>They're even calling the new anime SSSS.Gridman to make sure Americans recognize it
That's nice, but I doubt that many people, even weeaboos, remember Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. And if they do it's not exactly a great association.

That's Zenon, a combiner robot that can also turn into a suit of armor for Gridman. I had the toy when I was a kid.

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Trigger can't even save anime now. Promare is just going to be a poor man's Gurren Lagann.

Luluco is just Trigger jerking off to themselves about how great they are.

Gridman is just a poor man's Ultraman.
but then again Gainax/Trigger has made poor man's Ultraman before and people ate it up.

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That's the point. Just like Luluco initially seeks to be normal before embracing her individuality by the end, the show itself is Trigger's declaration that they will not be a "normal" studio and will do things their own way.

That's Khara though.

Meta garbage isn't creative or clever

I refuse to let anyone forget Trigger's greatest blunder.
Cool character designs and Top-tier OP couldn't save this melodrama shitshow

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I've never seen an Ultraman show, what is it that makes these animators so nuts over it, especially compared to other tokusatsu?

I haven't watched enough Ultraman myself to say exactly why it's so important, but it's 52 years old and a pioneer in japanese sci-fi and special effects as a whole.
If I wanna guess it's because it's iconic enough to Japanese science fiction as old pulp sci-fi novels are to the west, that it kind of becomes the standard base for anything not going out of its way to be something really different.
Like EVA is the obvious one people pick up on, because there's a lot, but you could definitely find bits and pieces of Ultraman in other anime if you look hard enough.
As for compared to other toku that's a bit of a loaded question. Kamen rider has a decent amount of influence with the basic idea of the hero being a failed monster (Tekkaman Blade comes to mind), but after the original it kinda petered out in terms of impact and innovation until around maybe Kuuga or Ryuki started doing different takes on the formula in the 2000s.

>And if they do it's not exactly a great association.

Not the best, no. But it will bring at least some in on Nostalgia. I know it did me when I first saw the Gridman anime short. Having the sword and shield toy from that show feels so odd. I loved it, despite how campy the various episodes were. I have it to thank for my love of Cyberspace and Mecha. So supporting this anime is right up my alley.

I wonder if they will go with the canceled story sequel and this will follow Sigma's story.

I genuinely enjoyed this show despite it's faults and I think it gets a lot more hate than it deserves. It wasn't a 10/10 but it was entertaining and engaging.

Nico was best girl, hands down.