Is Sup Forums excited for the LOGH remake? I am not sure how I feel about the new designs...

Is Sup Forums excited for the LOGH remake? I am not sure how I feel about the new designs, but at the same time I am not sure what studio other than Prod. IG that I would like to be working on it. They aren't bad by any means, but they made Kircheis look so devious. That alone made me wonder if something like LOGH can be replicated in the modern day. I think it took about ten years to air and had over 2500 minutes of what I assume to be hand drawn animation. The new one however also looks like it has a lot of CGI, and I'm afraid it may skip the "boring parts" that made LOGH such a great anime.

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No, its going to suck horse cocks.

Also 1 season and 4 movies seems a bit short. It's going to be rushed and I can see a lot of subplots being taken out entirely. Characters like Mecklinger might be reduced to nonames.

I'm excited to see how badly they'll fuck it up so I guess that counts?

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At least they consistent in one important thing - Schoenkopf is always the most handsome man of all the cast.

There's no way what they've announced will cover the entire series. No one could be retarded enough to try to fit that much shit into just one season and a couple movies. It's a million times more likely it'll just go up to Kircheis dying.

What the fuck have they done? Mittermeyer looks like Ryuji from Persona 5.

I was thinking the same thing but if we found ourselves at the end of the battle of Vermillion at the end of that season would you really be surprised? I wouldn't.

The designs are awful.

Kircheis looks like he'd steal your wallet and try to sell it back to you I am really not sure what they are going for here.


I wish they were not even making it and I would rather just rewatch the original in all of its perfection

Who's ready for Sup Forums to suddenly start hating LOGH

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In the interview, when asked how much episodes he would like to make, new director said that ideally he'd like to make as much as the old show - about 110. So it's clear, they are testing water now, with these two seasons. If itll be popular, they'll milk it profoundly

I just finished the original when I heard about it and was very excited at first until I saw the trailer and these designs. I am probably just going to read the novels now and watch it just to see if it's good.

do you have a link to the interview? I am curious if they're bringing back any seiyuu's which I highly doubt.

New designs ruin it already for me and I'm almost certain the classical music for the space battles will be replaced by some synth garbage.

I know it's wrong to judge when only three pictures of him released, but new Yang feels very wrong for me, like he is a jerk, or even evil. For all of their faults, both Michihara's and Fujisaki's manga adaptations did him justice at least

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>do you have a link to the interview?

If anything the remake will solidify the enjoyment of the older series. Look how many people defend FMA 03 or HxH 99 for instance.

The new anime will bring unwanted attention to the old one and Sup Forums will start pretending it was never good

There already was a rise of contrarians lately

Except the examples I provided proved that the opposite happens more often.

Holy fucking shit. This is 1000 yen budget yaoi tier.
Person responsible for these designs should be executed by a firing squad.

They are going to hate the remake, not the original
I hope

That must be it, they want the fujo bucks.

except hes supposed to be a manly ladiesman and not an abercrombie model-fag

He is as manly as new style lets him. Not much, but at least he looks like someone who had sex with a woman at least once.

>He was involved in one of the worst Gaidens stories aka Reinhard&Kircheis being school detectives
I wish I didn't know this.

Is it just me, or did the new artist play Fire Emblem Awakening and think "GEE I REALLY NEED TO MAKE ALL MY CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE THIS!"

>Fire Emblem Awakening
Get the right franchise, retard.

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No for real dude, look at Reuental's face and tell me that isn't straight out of the My Unit character creator.

Anyone even watched it? Was it any good?

Maybe the mockery from the first reveal make them tweak some stuff but it's still the same style as knb.

Their hair looks a little similar, but the styling for the faces is very different.

Nah go read crossplay instead

They actually have three designers, who works on characters. Kikuchi does the main cast, some other dude does all old and middle-aged characters and third dude does all secondary young characters. So far it could be said Cazzelln done in different style

Ive said this before, but its one thing to have a show as gay as LOGH.

Its another thing entirely to design your every character with a chin so sharp its like it was designed to excavate prostate.

They all look like morally grey asshole fuck boys. Yang is supposed to look like a goof ball.

Is there a chance they will just cancel it? The closer it gets the more uncomfortable I feel, at first I thought that it would just flop and that would be that but its just really unsettling that it's even being made. Hopefully I can just sleep through it and once I wake up it will have vanished.

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>losing the chance to laugh at Berserk2016 of 2018 with us
You are not fun, user

>Director: I cannot spoil this yet to people who’s new to Gineiden, but I’ve always been thinking of how to do that scene. (laughs)
What did he mean by this?

It's not wrong to judge, user. He's going to be worse than anime Fan Hyulick in Tytania.

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fucking horrendous.

why doesnt kircheis have his curly hair and does they all look underage

reuental looks 20 years younger. WHY

Reminder they removed all the pink skin color and made them look more japanese.

aka more like faggots

Oberstien has to be the worst. A big subplot of the story is how no one trusts him and his of look drives it home visually. This new Fuck looks like a tortured Fuck boy.

Is Tytania worth reading? Does Fan Hyulick as great as Yang Wenli?

And the Twin Stars are supposed to be late 20's, they look a decade younger in the picture.

>Sup Forums will start pretending it was never good

I don't think so because it would mean giving the show a watch and LoGH is not something new Sup Forums can stand. At best you'll get the same old homo memes parroted.

the scene where Hilda pukes because she's pregnant

The scene where Reinhard and Kircheis roll around naked on a hill under the stars

I could see a board like Sup Forums pretending they always hated logh but I agree with that. The only ones saying it's always been shit or anything like that will be people who have never seen the old one.

Dude, think about what you just typed. How many people who shit on something watched a show to completion?

>The scene where Reinhard and Kircheis roll around naked on a hill under the stars
One word in your post is a lie, but only one.

I didn't read it, but I doubt it. I think a few anons tried some chapters whilst it was airing but nobody seemed too interested. The anime was so atrocious it probably put most people off. Fan wasn't likeable at all despite being voiced by Kamina.

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am I not allowed to make jokes about pregnant women vomiting because it happened in logh?

>Kamina's seiyuu

The new character designs a lot less expressive than the old ones. You really get a feel for Yang and Reinhardts personalities fro the old promo pictures.

One user said a long time we'll wish for Tytania level of quality when LoGH gets remade. It seems he's on track to be prove right.

I figured I'd fudge the story a little, see if I couldn't confuse people who hadn't watched in a while
Or maybe I'm actually just misremembering what happened

No they were naked it was a different time you could do shit like that.

Well, if it was this bad then not a single person would ever be able to say the remake was good.

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Is it physically impossible to draw older men in anime for this studio? Jesus christ.

>fucking Reuental

How do you completely miss the personality of Schenkopp in that promo shot? Not to mention he's clearly not middle-aged guy he's supposed to be.

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It should have been clear when they said they hired a different character designer for old people like Merkatz or Bucock.

Why do they all only have two skull shapes?

My b dude, misquote

The Empire guys don't even look like Nazis anymore

because fuck you, that's why. I am still amazed by what the old designer did compared cast is pretty much just wearing two military outfits and don't accessorize left and right. they actually had different faces.

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Reinhard's new design makes absolutely no sense, why is he a /fa/ twink wearing the standard uniform?

I wonder how they are going to do mecklinger. I always felt he looked out of place. 15 year old redesign when?

Neither they did before. They clearly supposed to be space Prussians

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Kircheis' creepy autistic smile and glazed stare is gone.


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>You better be doing the right thing Reinhard

Why did no one ever call Oberstein Paul?

I thought he also had cybernetic eyes for a while.

Jesus fucking Christ, why?

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Because he's in the military? no one calls each other by the first name unless they are close friends

What are the work histories of the designers? This feels like when they adapted Yukikaze. They hired the manga artist, a BL author, to do the designs for the anime, which is why everyone looks like they're in a gay soap opera.

Their main priority is obviously to cater to fujos, so it's gonna be fucking shit.