Saki: Tanoshii

Saki 187 translation is out.
Lesbians who don't actually do anything this chapter on the front page.

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Keep trying, little one.

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Just as planned.

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Kyouko thinking tenpai will save her.

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Untoned evil Ryuuka.

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Ritz's priorities are clear.

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How will himematsufags ever recover?

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Evil Ryuuka, bonus round.

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Infodump on Limitless Heaven.

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Kyouko despairing.

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Kyouko's lesbian delusions are intensifying to the point where Ritz might not be able to contain herself.

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Probably get dressed.

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Don't get your hopes up, Kyouko, Limitless Heaven overcame monkey magic.

Next chapter, in two and a half weeks.

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thanks for the dump.


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next time, the sergeant.

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Kyouko's secret magic power power will be naked nanoyo tulpa.


Is Kyouko the magical girl of love and courage who will defeat monsters?

Kyouko. Stop it. Please don't tell me we're going to see naked Yuuko next chapter. Yuuko isn't for lewding.

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Wait till you see Kyouko calling up a naked Saki Tulpa

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I mean, it is the future, so surely they've learned to improve their drop safety. Or just drive the prices down so much that it's no big deal.

Is that Kei? Who's the glasses girl?

Any new lewds?

And you know what drops prices of common items real quick? Making over half of the males dissappear. Also explains the lesbianism.

I think it's a flashback to the Spring (?) tournament where Senriyama got second seed going into Nationals.

How many more chapters of loser hen?

Kyyouko is finally going to win one match right? pls?

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one or at most two, plus the interlude, but I think that it will be pretty short.

bonuses for the 24th March manga releases

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That Hatsumi-Kasumi one might be Ritz's finest work yet.

Saya art will be greatly missed. It would be cool if she could release an odd Biyori or Saki artbook in the future.

Do we have any full size yet?

RIP tanoshii

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Just a few upsized thumbnails with "SAMPLE" across them, or poorly edited out.
No quality scans until after the release date, 3/24.

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Isn't Nodoka's shirt a bit short? Even if she grew a size or two, it should still reach to the skirt.

Why does Ritz have an obsession with cowtits?

Nodoka is a growing girl.
The shirt hasn't changed.

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mahjong is an illogical piece of shit

That's a different shirt, though? Short vs. long sleeves.

Summer shirt has the same problem.
I don't think Nodoka can tuck in any of her tops.

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>evolution of Nodoboobs
This is fascinating (pic = ch 126)


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ball rack at a bowling alley (ch 132)

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If Nodokas shirts are too short, Mayayas are just impossible. Boob pockets, dammit Ritz.

142: return to a wide bottom hem

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At a certain point, it becomes impossible to wear normal shirts without expensive custom tailoring or going all spandex.
Just cover the nipples and go, since there are no men in the Sakiverse to look anyway.

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Looks like she pulled the skirt up.

149: Are her boobs shrinking?
Ritz lost her mojo.

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Tell that to flatsumi. She doesn't give a hoot.

151: bigger boob bullying

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Why is there no underwear in the Saki universe?

155: Nodoka's waist is smaller than Saki's, but you wouldn't know it because Nodoka's shirts puff out at the bottom.

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There is, it's just limited to males and old people. Most females wear the photon barrier instead.

161: She shrank again.

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Ritz just ran out of boob ink, look how rough the page is.

164: bigger again.
It seems to be related to the intensity of her emotional state.
Very happy or very angry = big
Worried or nonchalant = small

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165: filling up the tanks.

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166: battle ready
How does she fit her arm between them?

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We actually discussed that in the ch.166 release threads. It's easily doable.

172: down a little

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I wonder if this variance can be chalked up to inhaling and exhaling deeply.

That makes sense.
Either that or some weird tidal / gravitational effect.
She needs to go to the beach so we can study it in detail.

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There's also theories that she's a cyborg.

6 million yen boobs. We have the technology.

She didn't ask for any of it.

Nodoka's boobs are the perfect cure for a bad Monday.

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You can tell when the shirts get wet and clingy.

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It's actually tuesday already over here, but I'll take this plentiful mondays bounty anyway.

Nodoka's boobs should be a major at the University of Nagano, if it exists.

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Advanced boobology.

>Suzu and 4 flatties (Toki, Kei, Teru & Saki)
Ritz needs to upgrade her World team.

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Toki won't be able to play.

Is Shinohayu's new chapter coming out this week?

I just want to see Shino fight Chihiro already. Shinohayu is doing something Saki cant: make me excited about mahjong.

Dont worry she only gets naked for her dad.

replace Toki with Shizu and you got it.


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No monkeys or other animals allowed. That might exclude Teru as well, seeing as she's a tiger.

Saki is a very thinly veiled yuri manga with mahjong undertones, so that's hardly surprising.

There's no rule in mahjong that says the dead can't play!

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That's not why. She's too busy sending Ryuukas memories back in time because her body gets fatally damaged in the catfight that ensued after losing the 5th place match.

>Nodoka = quiet, mild, peaceful, tranquil
That actually makes sense. Did Ritz plan it that way?
Agitate peaceful, tranquil Nodoka to increase breast size. That could be the basis of a new mahjong superpower!
I'm ready to write a master's thesis in Nodoboobs.

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Didn't she already get that powerup after Saki beat her in the first chapters and the running in the rain?

>長閑 /= 和
different kanji

Fujita-pro still beat Nodoka right after that.
But she did get the Nodocchi powerup later.

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I wonder why Ritz always draws them together. Maybe she has some sort of ulterior motive in mind.

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Shino power-up incoming.

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anime when?

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>master's thesis in Nodoboobs.
could be a difficult dissertation defense

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>Shizuno = 穏乃 = calm, silent
It's like they were meant to be together.

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Richardson past omake when?

Kousuke + Nana?

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