Ask best witch anything

Ask best witch anything

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Why did Japan forget you?

Why did Trigger forget you?

Best which, which of your friends do you like more, Lotte or Sucy?

You fucking cunt

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Why aren't you answering the questions?

Stupid questions like those shouldn't be answered.

Can I be your chair?

Can I restore glorious Nippon Empire?

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Why would you be someone's chair?

Someone post THAT screencap.

Is your obsession with mushrooms and poisons due to you wanting to find the family who abandoned you?

Do we actually know anything about her family?

No you sick bastard.

Other than she was left in a crade with a bottle of poison, no

Why is she so into vore?

but she wouldn't be able to answer.

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May something

May 15.



How did you become a /d/egenerate?

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How does she get her teeth so sharp?

What is in that left eye you are hiding?

Finally someone posted the real best witch.

Her dick

Why aren't you Megumin?

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Show me your butt

I don't need to. My wife and I don't keep secrets from each other.

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This tbqh senpai

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Should I watch LWA? I'm a very busy NEET, so I'm not sure it's worth my time.