Viz - Ziga

Since VizAnon is busy I'll dump Ziga.

Quality won't be as good since I'm just lazily ripping it straight from the site using SnagIt.

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Ty too bad the manga is complete shit

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You again?
What´s up with your hateboner for this chink comic?

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thanks for the dumping user
in other news, the shonenshit is strong in this one...

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how many chapters until it gets the axe?

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I'll wager 15

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Thanks user. So far it feels like nothing but one gigantic infodump.

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kek, I fucked that page up with the flash overlay. thanks for not much snagit

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like im the only one that dislikes it?fuck off

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Can ypu put this into a zippyshare at the end? Please

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Yeah, I'll fix the one page I fucked up before I do though.

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It has my interest. I just hope it goes somewhere with it.

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RIP mom

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And that's that.

Really I was expecting disaster survival, with the disaster being a Kaiju but eh. Lot of death for an opening chapter.

Fixing a page then I'll upload a zip.

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>biomatter cannon that only kills biomatter
>destroyed buildings
>dead bitch's arm left behind

yeah ok this is bad


well, at least he can fap with it...

Are you fucking stupid?

if you mean stupid enough to realize this is an awful kaiju manga that won't last, then yes


I think she just got smushed under the falling debris from the skyscraper Ziga knocked over.

janpu raizingu PV

Not bad, but I liked the other two PVs better.

Bannou is cool at least

10 chapters tops before axe

It's going to be a fakeout and she'll still be alive, count on it

Thanks not viz user

>expected Ziga > Noah > Jujutsu
>got Noah > Jujutsu > Ziga instead
So far the characters in this series are the most boring of the three. At least the Kaiju looks cool.

I couldn't even finish the chapter

i like it for now, altough a surprising amount of deaths
next chapters will tell if it lives or not

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what the fuck

Guess Jump wants a violent and grim series to hook that particular audience.

Beats Ibitsu no Amalgam's first chapter and the art style is ok, I'll follow the next two releases at least. If it goes on for a long run then these will probably be the only deaths,
assuming it's not a fake-out for attention. Thanks for dumping, OP.

No, you're stupid because you don't realize that she was crushed by a building that was toppled by the monster BEFORE it fired the biomnatter cannon.

Next time, read properly before you try to act like a smart ass and complain. Smug dumbfuck.

I'm wondering if this is a fakeout or something because the chick that got crushed is in the fucking promo images.


Okay, let's check the pages.

Nope, no buildings or concrete materials whatsoever getting damaged and all the destruction that killed the girl was done by the kaiju's physical strength.

Wasn't expecting them to go there. Interesting. So did she get crushed or vaporized?

Bait and switch in promotional material is pretty common.

Crushed to death.

I thought it read pretty clear myself. He agrees to meet her at the large skyscraper that Ziga knocks over here:

Like there she is, where Ziga knocks the building over. That's why when the MC has his vision of the building he freaks out- that's where she's going to be. He goes to save her and finds her crushed corpse in the rubble.

I think the mangaka maybe was too coy about it- he should've shown rubble falling directly at her. I think it'd still have been surprising because it's the first chapter and she clearly comes off as the love interest.

I hope that grumpy cunt soldier won't be the new love interest.

That bottom right face of pure rage is great

so why the hell was everyone just fucking standing around?

They didn't know what kind of light that is.

Well Godzilla just came out of the ocean like 30 seconds ago and knocked a building across the skyline so I assume they were at least mildly interested in that. Presumably they figured they were safe due to their distance from the monster, not expecting it also had death beam hands.

I was hoping at least his girlfriend would survive but kind of assumed she wouldn't make it after they made it so obvious they were practically already a couple. I just hope there's not too much angst

It left me with nothing, I don’t feel hyped at all. Noah’s Notes is really the only good one of the three.

Watch this turn into World Trigger but with deaths and Miwa as the protagonist.

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>Right hand
>Left hand
Looks like author made a mistake there or that isn't her arm. Leaning towards the latter.

I was going to say this. The girl's safe.

Doesn't seem like anything special yet. It was glaringly obvious his girl was going to die from the moment she was introduced and it didn't do one thing that wasn't a predictable plot point.