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So what will Deku’s new support item do for him?

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Is this the best shounen of all time?


Too early for that


Fake thread
Real thread


We haven't seen his new technique yet. Maybe he's figured out a way to shoot pressurized air that doesn't involve flicking? Look at those finger hole things. They've gotta do something.

Instead of finding out who's the traitor why don't we figure out who isn't the traitor

Probably. That's the only thing I can think of. Isn't the whole dillema being that Deku lacks long range stuff?

No one reads this unironically

>baiting at the second post
sad that your bait thread didn't make it?

>deku will shot air bullets

What are you talking about? This thread is the bait thread just like literally every other bnha thread

Who's not the traitor
>All might

If Deku has long ranged attacks now, this changes everything power ranking wise
He'd stand a much better chance against the strongest students like Bakugou, Todoroki and long ranger fighters like Inasa
I'm hype

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>your age
>your favorite hero
>your least fav hero
>how old you think you'll be when the manga finally gets good again

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>Melee fighter with long ranged attacks

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No, but it's pretty good.

You're my sunshine

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>that's a tough question
>Hopefully soon I think the manga will end before I'm 30


>Can't choose one
>Can't remember, he's too forgetable
>over 35

Can't belive this guy was a pedo all along.

c'mon user like you would turn down a cute loli

>kids facing the VA
>suddenly someone is stabbed
>then another one
>at the back is a girl no one have ever seen before with a knife on her hand
>the shocking
>"don't you recognize me? it's me, hagakure!"
>invisibility was a quirk and not a mutation all along

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Am I the only one who thinks they look like Bakugou's gloves?

You mean without the grenades? I don’t really see it.

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This is terribly edgy, but gor some reason I enjoy it. Maybe not in the details but on some general level.

>All Might, Favorite student? Inasa or Mirio
>20, I'm optimistic for now but, I kinda like how comfy it is now honestly

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>Deku is getting his finger bang attacks back
I'm fucking hyped even though it won't be the Madman Finger Buster it'll still be insane to see him pull a close range Delaware in a fight again.

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Hagakure is a good girl, she won’t betray anyone

Is Aizawa going to be one of those teachers who's a hardass because he wants to prepare for the worst but dies to the very thing he was trying to prevent?

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No one in particular.
It's good.

Birthmark? don't Todoroki have that scar because her mom droped boiling water on him?

Don't associate Tanjirou with Todoroki you fag.

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Something like that, but I think he’s too popular to die, at least not anytime soon

>I don't have nobody
>I like it as it's right now

Pop Step
This Thursday

Tanjirou's is also a boiling water scar, it's fated

Todoroki a best.

That's Todo's scald scar you goof

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Link to the previous thread?

>None, maybe Kouda because he needs a better design
>I think it's already good

It's good as it is, but once the anime hits things will get more intense

>Mineta can't be the traitor
He has one of the most unheroic reasons to be there, and he should know by now he has no future as a hero. He couldn't have been a traitor at the time of USJ, but he could have been recruited afterwards.

Also Hori can break everyone's hearts by making it Shinso, who never wanted to be a villain but might be willing to do anything to even have a chance at becoming a hero, like being given a quirk or getting someone killed.

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depends on how many asspulls and if it drags on like others, I really like it more than the other shounens

All Might
Your favorite hero

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>who's a hardass
hes just a strict teacher

he hasnt even expelled anyone yet

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Stop trying to make your shitty manga relevant

>same age

Pop Step is a vigilante.

>not telling you my age FBI
>Dont have a least favorite for now
>I think its good but everyone has different opinions

not even she is an street idol

She is a vigilante.

>Implying being a vigilante makes you any less of a hero
Stain was right, the world of heroes is corrupt.
There would be a dead women in a burning bus if Koichi wasn't there.

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no she just tag alone with 2 of them

>Stain was right
Stopped reading here.

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Deku is objectively the worst battle shonen mc in years

>favourite hero
>least favourite hero
>favourite villain
>least favourite villain
The weird tranny guy
>How old you think you'll be when the manga finally gets good again

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A vigilante abuses his quirk while disregarding the law. She is a vigilante. She has no license yet acts like an idol, flying with her quirk and showing her ass to everyone in the city. That's illegal.

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>None. If I had to choose, Bakugo because he piss me off sometimes

Yes, by the universes definition of what a hero is being a vigilante doesn't make you a hero

>20 something
>this manga already gave me much more enjoyment than I ever expected desu

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Bakugo is not a hero

>a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.
yea she is a criminal but a not a vigilante

Spinner and Stain are the perfect example of what happens when one's ideals start to be followed. Spinner is a crazy nut that thinks he's doing the right thing where Stain only hunted shitty heroes, Spinner doesn't know that Deku is respected by Stain. What's worse is that I'm pretty sure Spinner wants All Might dead too, I might be wrong about that though.

Mineta's whole motivation is being a cool hero who gets the girl(s).
He can't be a hero if he's a villain.

She helps Koichi and Knuckleduster. She is part of their team: She is a vigilante.

>I think it’s getting good now

>only hunted shitty heroes
>except we don't know that
Stains a total nignogger. 'Hurrr, these heroes aren't like I want them to be, need to murder them all by sneak attacks because of mu-muh all might fetish!'.

Doesn't mean Spinner is wrong though.
But if you look at the VA as a whole it makes a lot of sense for them to hate All Might, however it doesn't make as much sense for them to hate Deku.

>shitty heroes
>Ingenium saved over thousand lives already
>but now he is crippled for his entire life, which almost turned an adolescent boy to a path of crime
>thanks to a deluded maniac with a katana
Fucking Stainfags, I swear to fucking god.

he punch good

What happened to the artwork recently?

>Spinner doesn't know that Deku is respected by Stain

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>favorite hero
Kaminari is a cool guy and I fucking love Amajiki's quirk so it is toss up between them
>least favorite hero
Bakugou, but I will say he is getting better.
>how old will you be when it gets good again.
I am actually enjoying this arc for the most part, but I could do without the gentle stuff.
So 22?

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>Deku but that might change by the end of the year
>Nighteye. Thank god he is rotting now
>21, but if it isn't good again by the time I'm 20 I'll probably drop the series.

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>Spinner doesn't know that Deku is respected by Stain
Spinner specifically prevented other villains from pursuing Deku at camp because he knew this, user.

>Spinner doesn't know that Deku is respected by Stain
Are you actually retarded? Why do you think he stopped Magne from attacking Deku?

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>Spinner doesn't know that Deku is respected by Stain
The absolute state of a Stainfaggots

shut up froppy

fuckin' I don't know, Mr. Brave or something

18, Aizawa, idk maybe the sand dude who got killed, 20

Ok that was my blunder. I've been meaning to reread the manga, it's clearly been a while.

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>Spinner doesn't know that Deku is respected by Stain.
He stopped Magne from attacking Deku. I think he knows.

>Disliking the Hulk Hogan looking Sandman.

He just didnt do much besides dying. He had a cool design tho, and now that I think about it that snake bitch who made Kendo and Momo whore themselves out is far worse

already more popluar and better ranking than this sht and it's also approved by based togashi

>All Might among the pros, Deku among the embryos
>after the shitshow that was Yakuza Arc, these last two arcs have been steps in the right direction

Please read Kimetsu no Yaiba!

Uwabami not so bad

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I mean, if not for Mr. Compress he would have been able to successfully defend Overhaul from the league. Not to mention, he was fighting what? 3 on 1?

>Started reading the manga when it was still a new 10 chapter series
>Enjoyed what would end up being season 1 but still wasn't totally sold
>Tournament and Stain arc sold me on it and made me a fan of the series
>By now waiting weekly in anticipation for new chapters instead of just checking back every 5 or so
>Forest lodge and Kamino were fucking masterpieces
>Pants full of cum, couldn't be more eager to keep reading
>License exam arc was kinda boring
>Overhaul arc was cancer, could not have been more uninteresting, asspull 100% bullshit, plot device loli
>Now filler slice of life
>Can't stop reading because I keep thinking it's gonna get better
>It probably never will
Did Horikoshi die and get replaced by a significantly shittier writer after AFO vs All Might?

I don't get it: how the fuck did Stain became viral? He is a fucking psychopath who killed dozens. What, his ideology is "heroes shouldn't be payed"? Why not? It's a job that was created to contain a menace that is quirk. They chose the wisest path instead of genocide or submission - they fucking merged with eachother, for in order to catch a criminal with a quirk one must also have a quirk. No persecution from one side towards another. Everyone, for once, is actually happy.
And then there's this weeb asshole comes along and screeches "THIS ISN'T LIKE MY DC\MARVEL COMICS! REEEEEEEEE!" and starts stabbing everything that is "corrupt". Streets are in panic, people die and this asshole claims himself to be "savior of heroism". I hope they still practice lobotomy in Tartarus, because this asshole needs a good brain scratching. Or a bullet in a skull.
In conclusion: Stain a deluded shit, his fans are deluded shits and need to rethink their lives.

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