Nanatsu no Taizai

Chapter 259 translation is out!

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That's a big fucking wave!

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I really like Deathpierces power.

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such lame buffs
white mages were a mistake

Wew lad, rest in pieces albion.
Remember when King struggled hard just to take down one of these albion giants? Look at him now.

Our boy has grown.

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I hope Estarossa doesn't kill best couple.

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Wonder if the Archangels are immune to Commandments like Merlin. Cause that'd be a bummer with Estarossa.

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Here they are! Finally!
>Mon giving Deri gentle hairstrokes
Cute as shit.

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Will he be able to protect this smile?

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>that's the final page.
>pray for these two cinnamon rolls

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why are you type like a fucking autist? just post the chapter and shut the fuck up. no one wants to read your ebin reactions, you fucking faggot.

Who hurt you, user?


Looks like someone had a shitty day.

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>getting triggered this badly by someone's enjoyment of something else
Reddit is to your left.

They've been fucking the whole time right?

>i fucking LOVE youtube tier fake reactions during chapter dumps
What the fuck is wrong with nu-Sup Forums?

although you have a point you dont have to sperg out that much either, this is a christian board after all

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Yes user, you sound very badass and edgy. I wish I could be as cool as you.

Why the fuck should I give a single crap about what happens to Derriere and Monspiet? They're assholes.

Guys, don't worry. Estarossa is becoming interested in Elizabeth and will clearly understand the meaning of love. There's no way he will kill the cutest couple is there?
Am I right or am I right?

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How about you fuck off and be a dick for no reason somewhere else?

You heartless monster. They're pure. PURE!

>Reddit is to your left.
Funny, when you consider this is exactly how redditors type.

Yes you got me I'm actually a /r/edditor lmao arrest me Sup Forums police. XD XD XD

>although you have a point
you are clearly samefagging, just fuck off back to Sup Forums

Cute af

Nah, fuck you, they might be reformed but that's still not enough for me to actually care about them, considering all the shit they did before. If they live, good for them, if they die, nothing of value. They're not even helping the humans.

waifufags are the fucking worst

Tips fedora

This thread got off to a very shitty start.

Overreactions have been a fucking part of this Nepalese yak trading forum's culture for years. That's why we use literal reaction images.

>it's CULTUUUURE therefore it's fucking great
This is LITERALLY, by all means of the word, Sup Forums mindset.

Objective shit taste.

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But it's true, retard.

We fucking overreact when someone gets two matching digits. If you don't like all of that, reddit might be more your speed.

I completely agree, obnoxious storytimers are a major reasons as to why I avoid certains types of threads, like that manga about fit girls.

I don't mind the occasionnal comment here and there, and when something is truly hype then it's ok, but generally speaking posting something nearly every page for no good reason (like pointing out a particular term that was complicated to translate or whatever) is not great.

Plus, unless you take extra care (and you shouldn't have to), you're going to see what the guy posted before the page loads, since it's the same spot and your eyes obviously wander, so you might get spoiled some good effects. Yeah it's Sup Forums and storytimes are valuables but turning them into your one man show isn't really a good call.

>we are getting triggered by lines of text next to an image now
Is this the power of nu-Sup Forums?

>Objective shit taste.
>Said the guy who likes two assholes demons because the girl has abs.

I'd take Matrona instead and laugh at you from up there.

>samefagging this hard
Just fuck off

Loving that upper battle panel.

Dat cleavage shot.

Sadly, I guess this page seals the fate for the both of them. Might as well have said "We're 3 days away from retirement". Dicktarossa will kill them both, even if they give up their commandments willingly.

Do I have to bother taking a screencap so you can pretend I cheated or can we both agree you're a faggot.

That reminds me, when's the last time we saw her anyway?

You can already tell how this will go down
>Derriere and Monspiet will put up a good fight
>Their human friend will show up at the worst possible time and allow Estarossa to gain the upper hand by exploiting their compassion

Which one is pure and which one is silent?

Both of them will be silent soon

I doubt they would put up any fight. Even if they want to.

Well it was nice knowing them

We already know which commandment is Derieri's, speedreader-kun.

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Estarossa needs those 2 commandmenst if he wants to face Meliodas so those 2 are as good as dead

Just a wild guess here, but Silence might be the guy with no mouth.

Tbh derriere and mospiet haven t redeemed themselves yet. Sure derriere is cute and all but remember that she killed humans and destroyed many lives


No big losses.

Fuck you too. It's been a while since those two had their last depute.

Nah Zeldris will kick Anija's ass.

cute dork

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What became of her in the manga, anyway? I don't remember the last time she showed up.

Imagine you were a holy knight squire, and witnessed this. How would you react?

Guila is a dyke?

Last we saw she was fighting demons.

fucking this, no commentary track.

>Ban still hasn't gotten his Sacred Treasure back
What the fuck? I know he'll be pretty powerful after his trip back from purgatory, but without his Sacred Treasure he won't be able to do much

I hope Zeldris save Merascylla from his fucking brother

fought some demons. archangels appeared and saved her and guila.

Based Estarossa executing the deserters. Waifufied Derri a shit anyways.

Your taste is a shit, my friend.

Why are some of you niggers so triggered by someone's commentary anyway?

Give me a delinquent Derriere spinoff

I dont get it, kill Derriere but keep Mera alive, who was a someone with no redeeming qualities..

Elizabeth is perfection, best girl and top tier waifu. Literally flawless. I love Elizabeth.

her transformation into bland waifu is already complete though

Estarossa I swear to fucking god

You seem upset

She's just tired of war. Nothing wrong with that.

Don't do it Estarossa please!!

She hasn't even been in it. She wanted to kill Elizabeth for no good reason got her fucking ass kicked and then gave up


>for no good reason
>Angels kill your sister
>Transform into Indura to take them down
>Elizabeth stops you because muh no fighting
I'll be upset too

escanor will fuck up estarossa for good

Maybe angels wouldn't have killed her Sister if demons weren't such assholes.

Elizabeth was the one trying to save her sister and properly end the war nigger

>Angels literally were the ones who started the war
>b-but muh demons

angels = americnas
demons = vietnam

Demons have yet to show any kindness both sides are fucking asshole glad human bros win in the end

Why is she talking like nornal? What happened?

So? Angels are cunts but demons are way worse. At least angels don't immediatly try to exterminate mankind whenever they set foot on Britannia.

Theres nothing that implies tha the demons tried to exterminate other races before the war started. For all we know they were probably just chilling in their own realm