Ginko got so thoroughly and utterly BTFO this episode it's not even funny

Ginko got so thoroughly and utterly BTFO this episode it's not even funny.
>not a serious partner for romance
>not a serious partner for shogi
>too old
>bad personality
>stupid as fuck

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Ginko a shit

Blue Ai > Red Ai > Char > Megane > Fang > Future Ai > Keika > Shark > shit > Ginko

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One of the reasons volume 5 is so good.

Ginko is the thinking mans loli.

I want to fuck the cake. The christmas cake.

Ginko is going to fuck the Keika.

Keika? More like Cakeka!

More like cankle-ka.

>If I researched with you, my senses would just be dulled
>thinking man's loli
Clearly not.

Why all the bullying this episode?

well deserved revenge for all these episodes she ruined with her presence

Not as bullied as Blue Ai who has been bullied since episode 1, in her own show where she's supposed to be the heroine

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Most of that aren't true. Are you trying to bait LRD?

I can't say if he wanted to bait anyone, but he clearly baited you with a thread intended to shit on Ginko.
I recommend you to ignore this kind of threads instead of taking the bait like an idiot only to call whoever that replies to you a shitposter. This is clearly a thread not for you.

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But OP is baiting. Tailored to trigger LRD who will scream at everyone that the series is anti-loli and Ginko is going to win, how she gets everything and lolis don't, etc.

Your post didn't increase the IP count. Isn't it kind of ironic if you respond to me as if you were baited?

What's he thinking?

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>What the hell am I doing here?
>When do we start playing?
>My head hurts.
>tfw no cute loli disciple.

Not really. She is a serious contender with a lot of fanservice, to boot.
Yaichi was at fault for taking it out on Ginko who was trying to help and possibly could. It's the same for taking it out on Ai too.
Wrong. 14 middle schooler is still young enough.
False. She's endearing.
Only when she's being emotional driven my romantic feelings.
Yaichi under normal circumstances would disagree.

Your thinking man is an idiot.

He's happy to see Yaichi recover so that he'll come at him at full strength now.

>who was trying to help
She was trying to fuck him and that's not the kind of help he needed at that time. At all.
>14 middle schooler is still young enough.
Her birthday is September 9 and it's November at this point so she's 15 already. It's just nobody gave enough of a fuck about her to celebrate it during the main story.
>She's endearing.
If you like being punched and kicked, I guess.
>Only when she's being emotional driven my romantic feelings.
So always.

>why is a fully grown man marrying an elementary schoolgirl
>what the fuck is this some kind of wierd cult
>i wish I was at home playing shogi

Ginko deserves to win the dragonb owl.

Imagine seriously discussing poor writing of a dumbfuck 14yo teenager behaviour


Have to agree with that. Even 20 year old are fucking retarded in so many and sometimes completely irrational. Both men and women.

>that one retarded user last week who said Yaichi would only shit on Ai because he doesn't consider her as a "woman" unlike Ginko
Happy now you fucking retard.

I'm no Ginkofag but good on her for avenging Ai. Can Yaichi get anymore pathetic?
>on a losing streak
>kills his loli
>gets seriously beat up by a tiny girl

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>avenging Ai
>implying she cares about others
Bitch would be happy if Ai disappeared

I like the tipped over can of Red Bull positioned to make it look like a beer can in a movie about an alcoholic.


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>all that Ginko bullying
You may no like her but it was fucking disgusting.

all of you normies will pay for this insult

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>being this assblasted and out for blood to slander just because she triggers your muh bitch who hits MC autist
>would do the same thing to Red if roles were reversed
Sup THK.

>avenging Ai
no, she threw herself and got rejected

Neck yourself Ginkotard

The thing is Ai (red) is likable and even more mature than the white diarrhea

I bet all Ginkotards are also drawn to Ichigo from Darlifra. They simply gravitate to the shitty girls because they recognize a bit of their own shittyness in them and desperately want them to succeed. Sad, sad anons.

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Oh no

Fuck off

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I want to fuck Ai so bad

Me first

Now that they revived Ai, who gets to pick her up first?


>fellow Redfag who don't like underdog Ichigo
You're a disgrace. Don't tell me you like that Dinohag.

Oni and Miku are far superior to Ichigo.

Sorry, I want to fuck Blue Ai only, not you.

Ryuuou doesn't deserve Ginko.

You're no lolifag.

There are no lolis in that series.

He deserves fresh meat, not a rotten corpse

Ichigo is fun-sized and flat enough. She's the closest thing to one, plus she's sorta tsun-ish. Miku is fine, but Oni is NG. Trash.

Ichigo is still shit. Oni and Miku are the only entertaning girls there.

Faker. I bet you're really a Keifag+Onifag.

Yes, we get it OP, you're getting bullied by girls since you're such fucking pussy IRL. Now stop your sorry bitching and go back to cocksucking.

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>Oni is shit. Ichigo and Miku are the only cite and entertaining girls

You couldn't be any more stupid and wrong.

You just wrote a huge lie that nobody will believe, though.

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Jackass Ryuuou isn't good enough for Ginko. Let's look at his traits:

>blessed with incredible talent
>a superstar and legend at age 17
>surrounded by people who care about him (Ginko, Ai, Ai, Keika, his master, the yandere girl, other Shogi players who like him)
>decent looking guy
>women fall all over him
>starts feeling some pressure because he is competing against the best shogi player of all time
>immediately lashes out against everybody closest to him
>shuts himself away from everybody
>yells at a 9 year old girl who idolizes him
>makes her cry
>doesn't try to comfort her
>kicks her out on the street
>hot childhood friend comes over
>says she values him no matter what happens with shogi and wants to stay by his side forever
>offers to help him in any way she can
>he throws it in her face, belittles her, insults her, and tells her to get the fuck out
>gets specially made bento boxes every day with letters of encouragement
>ignores them
>happens to read one of the notes. thinks its from hot older woman'
>looks at hot older woman's shogi match
>pussy reminds him he was mean to 9 year old girl
>apologizes to her
>doesn't even think about apologizing to Ginko
>has a faux marriage ceremony with a 9 year old in front of Ginko

What an asshole

>Oni is shit
Truth. Not lies.

Ichigo is the only shit girl that most people hate, though.

Repeating a lie doesn't make it any more true. Keep telling yourself that your waifu isn't shit, sadly reality won't bend around that fact for you.

I won't be fooled by you, faker. You disgust me.

Tasteless Onifags aren't people.

Oni is shit. That's a fact.

>tfw reduced to a background character instead of doing live broadcast

>I don't agree with you so you're pretending!
Ginkotards are really brainless.

Ichigotards are exactly like flies. They are worthless and insignificant, but they bother everyone around with their buzzing. Literally no one cares about Shitchigo, but keep deluding yourself and shitposting the girl that carries the whole show if it makes you feel better.


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100% this. Ginkotards and Ichigofags swarm together like flies to the giant shit piles that these girls are. Sad.

I'm glad this cunt will lose the bowl.

>ctrl+F "tards"
>all results from posts that also mention Franxx, and specifically Ichigo
What a surprise

>THK is an Onifag and he hates Ichigo and Ginko
As expected.

Try forcing your shitty meme in one of the countless Franxx threads, especially in airing days. You'll be ignored and swept up by the flow like the worthless faggot you are.

Anal Ginko

Why are you so mad, THK? Touched a nerved, I bet.

Why would I be mad when I'm spot-on about you? Go back to whiteknight your Shitko in the other thread since attempting to do it with Ichigo is out of your league.

I want all Triggerfags to just die. Please die and never touch Sup Forums again thank you
The ones who liked Ninja Slayer can stay though as long as you have never made a retarded waifu wars level post

You're mad because I'm spot-on about you. Jokes on you, I don't even follow Franxx. Stay cancer sperging everywhere like you always do.

>I want all Triggerfags to just die. Please die and never touch Sup Forums again thank you
There's a cleaner in my group who browses Sup Forums and he claimed Franxxfags would endlessly spam their Trump generals. I went and checked and my god he was right. Just goes to show doesn't it

What a convenient excuse, you seem to care about my preferences in that series but forget that I'm a fan of both Ais (or excuse it aways as falseflagging). Good luck with that shit unpopular taste, faggot.

I know you to a fucking tee, THK. That's what happen when you'e a notorious autist and cancerous shitter. Your taste is always garbage, from Raildex to Inou to Rakudai to Saenai. It's clockwork.

You mean "Red Aitard" if you want to throw insults my way. Seeing your reactions and arguments as they are now, you aren't a fellow Red Aifag at all. You are that one residential shitposter who is seemingly a Blue Aifag. But even that is questionable considering your observable behavior as a shitposter feeding of shitstorms and fanbase war.

You're just posting your crazy ramblings that nobody else agrees with or sees, but okay. Keep pushing your boogeyman all by yourself, pathetic faggot.

Normally I cringe when I see a guy accuse another of being THK but your posts ITT are definitely trying to get a rise out of people and seem familiar

I love both Ais, but hate Ginko. This is a Ginko hate thread if you still haven't noticed. Stop being an obnoxious waifufag and fuck off.

>a fully grown man
i suppose if you meant strictly physically, then yeah you've got a point there

Good luck selling that to people who know you. Your cancerous autism and penchant using tards/shitters and forcing unclever nicks everywhere you go at fictional characters you hate more than death itself is your very own signature.

You're seeing things.

>people m-make fun out of my seasonal waifus and their names!
>they must be the same person!
Boo fucking hoo. Grow a thicker skin and stop being such a faggot, you fucking queer.

>This is a Ginko hate thread if you still haven't noticed
About a week back I made an appreciation/love thread for a character who shall not be named here and lo and behold, shitposters came flocking in to scream about how she's shit and the thread should be deleted (???)
They also do this in hate threads for the character, and normal threads that are intended for discussing the series she's in
I figure faggots who set up "hate threads" for any given character would do what they do in any setting. What's worse is that they also sound like Sup Forums while doing it

You sould like Sup Forums yourself.

Great retort Sup Forumsermin
At least you have the decency to sage and not give this garbage thread any more bumps

You're the one mentioning Sup Forums so you must come from there.

>i know you are but what am I
No more (You)s for you

Okay, my little Sup Forums-friend.

You cracked the code user. They, as well as every single salesfag or member of the current 100% forced waifu wars for any given show are literally Sup Forums.
Just be more careful about outing them, or else they'll use desperate NO U tactics as you can see.

Gimme a (You), faggot

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Whoever necrobumped this thread is a fucking nigger

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I wanna my favourite girl break down and cry. And she didn't fail to deliver,