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Our guys just delivered.

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Never change MC, never change.

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Sniping is not cool.

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Credit page at least.

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Why are you guys reading this? everything is awful, art is atrocious and the sex are just overdone and plain boring. Go play Rance series or something if you want better everything.

Only what is awfull is your taste.

watch your Code Gayass faggot

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What about the new volume?

Chapter 34 is already out you retard

Nobody here care about reddit shit. If you do, then get out.

See you next thread.

When you are talking about it, we have special chapter, that just fit into content of current chapter.
Dump now.

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Nobody shits on your cute girl trash anime so fuck off faggot.

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Were they this competent before?

What follows is just cruel. One can't read current chapters without bitter taste now, knowing that this is happening in first city meanwhile.

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It was already established that, they are able to beat Kalls, if they are not outnumbered by them.

Something bad happened ?


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Chapter end.

Essentially girls are locked in state where they have urge to constantly masturbate, but no matter what they try, they never came. So they just writhing in beds and howling for Youta's return. Misaki and Lilia are already on edge of breakdown. So is very likely that once we return to first city, they will be already semi-crazy.

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I really wonder where Okamoto is going with this whole story. I'm still a frim believer of the theory that Youta's mind trapped in a h-game which was programmed by his dad.

>I really wonder where Okamoto is going with this whole story.
Probably something that would end up killing like 90% of the cast

everyone will die horribly. Dude's still a huge edgelord on top of being a pervert.

So long as they're not caught by surprised and surrounded they're fine.

>would end up killing like 90% of the cast
Dude, he never did something like that. Reread things again.


What? You mean a sadist right? And it's reserved for when he's having sex. He's otherwise really concerned for the state of the world itself.

>What? You mean a sadist right? And it's reserved for when he's having sex. He's otherwise really concerned for the state of the world itself.

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Both Elfen Lied killed just one character at the end. So that's very far from killing everyone. Also this mostly derives from Kimi wa Midara which had super happy ending. So...

I wonder how broken momo is that they didn't even show her
>my dick sense is tingling
>nah it's probably just this slut sucking

>I felt great disturbance in the force.

So is the dolphin just a lying sack of shit, or is he telling the truth and the god is really dead? Glasses makes it seem like he's still around.

So are they actually or orgasming, or just getting a giant urge to fuck, that they can't satiate?

The latter.

Oh wow, chupa means suck in spanish too.

Well, at very least, Okamoto just blatantly revealed, that fucking girls is not option, and Youta is doing great mistake if he keep continuing fucking more and more girls, as they are becoming absolutely dependent on him, and without him their state slowly becoming worse than death.

wtf what chapter is this

Who knows?

Special chapter from tankoubon released yesterday. There is more of stuff inside, but our guys provided only this side chapter as preview.

>Youta will need to start wearing a hazmat

>Well, at very least, Okamoto just blatantly revealed, that fucking girls is not option

Did he? Unless I missed something. all that was revealed is that the dolphin god said the jealousy god is already dead and that it didn't lift the curse. There's still no evidence that mating doesn't lift the curse. The mc didn't ask about that either. It does clearly do something, with those collars appearing on some of the girls.

>Believing dolphins
They're cunning lying bastards.

Just like real life then, nobody fucks like widows and divorcees who haven't dated in a while.

You can almost taste their desperation.

I know that.
I was talking about the extra pages he usually changes some pages of the released chapters.


Nigga, we're already in the 30's.

Think about it. Fucking girls makes them into state where they need constantly fuck with you. If you don't fuck them they stuck in state described above. Which is truly not state for properly functional live. If he continue to fuck more and more girls, he eventually get to point where he will be completely unable to satisfy them all. And more and more girls gets stuck in this state. Clearly dead end route. He either must stay with couple of girls and and keep them satisfied for rest of his life, or break curse if that's even possible, or find solution how get more men into that world.

See This is currently only proper translation.

I was told, that Lilia's cry run in chapter 21 got little expanded. Several chapters got "one page" kind of expansion, but nothing important beyond expansion of portrayal some scenes. Infamous gangbang in 24 got little alternate end that shows much more fluids and how much they "dirtied room/bed". But nothing really additional. Content of special edition was just full-colored pages of some scenes from older chapters and above posted special chapter.

Does that theory explain what the spooky ghost is that threw him off the school building and did a "teleports behind you" shit?

>Infamous gangbang in 24 got little alternate end that shows much more fluids and how much they "dirtied room/bed".

He was already in the isekai h-game then.


Wait, I ask guy whether he provide something.

But no one saw the ghost throwing off Youta from the building.

As long as there's still the possibility that fucking lets them live past 20, then he should at least do the guardians, who all seem to be in the upper age brackets, so they'd die soon anyway. The side chapter showed they can still do duty, even if their spare time sucks.

He only fucks the guardians but there's a problem with logistics.

Ok, here is alternate end to gangbang as you wanted. What I was told, this two pages follows straight after this page:
and replace first two panels on next page. That's all. Rest of scene is same.

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COOL user This is why Volumes are better

I wonder what the bedroom smells like after the girls unloaded their juices all over.

I don't know about that. The evil older chick clearly got railed by some dude. And she's evil, but she's also functional.

Her collar mark is little different. More developed. Youta is likely doing something wrong.

The kid the others can't see is probably hers, so the mark may change after childbirth.

Citrus bacon.

Only problem is that loli already confirmed that her mother is locked in underwater shrine and she was already trying to free her over 100 years.

fruity + citric + meaty + fermented cheesy = ?

Just let me say UHG!

That doesn't sound half bad.

C-cooked meet? Because I will be fine with that too. Its basically what I do in a cook out.

I see this series come up all the time in moonrune blogs. What is that shit the girls are always leaking? It's way too much and too thick to be cum. (if it is cum, that's fucking gross)

It's them getting wet because they become instantly horny if MC makes even the slightest physical contact. The whole thing is just soft-core porn so it's whatever.

Thanks for the answer. But yeah, fucking gross. Not that it would've much been better if it was some kind of magic goo or something. (would have made more sense given that's not even remotely how females get "wet" but still)

It is magical goo basically. There's only women in that world, and all of the girls are somehow made to please man, and they bodies react SUPER strongly even to touch. The love juices leaking serve to entice the man too, and the smell alone can make the MC horny.

I find it hilarious that they talk about stuff like "being a wive" and whatnot in one of the chapters, when there hasn't been a man around for 3000 fucking years. That's a lot of time to remember such concepts, especially if you can't write nor read and don't get older than 20. Hell, even the concept that they had even males to begin with should be lost in time.

up to 34 is translated here:

>A full week to translate shit thats already translated.
>throw a shitfit everytime someone points it out.
youre not making a good case for yourself here.

Got more like this?