Massive Crowds Gather To Watch Dragon Ball Super Together in Mexico

How did this happen Sup Forums?

Nothing like this happened before everywhere, how come Mexicans have such big passion and love for Dragon Ball?

Why is Mexico the most weeab/otaku country in Latin America?

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You failed to see the signs that were always in you face.
Many OVAs are fansubbed in Spanish before English
In south America, there isn't much stigma against anime and cartoons being considered geek, so people embrace it.
They give no fucks

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a taco in the other thread said that some form of dragonball has been airing on mexican tv for two hours a day every day for like over a decade or something, so that might explain it. When you have nothing to choose from beyond telenovelas, government propaganda, and dragonball, the choice is pretty clear.

we grew up with this shit, saint seiya and dragon ball and sailor moon were broadcasted to oblivion and beyond

basically, any adult under 40 watched this, many will deny it, but we all watched it, we all watched it and of course, their kids also watch it

>Why is Mexico the most weeab/otaku country in Latin America?
more like the most weeb country in the world

tacos have shitty taste.

This was also illegal

In some cities in Mexico, Toei allowed to stream it.

Telenovelas? They are pretty interesting.

That's your fault as a shitty chef

>Why is Mexico the most weeab/otaku country in Latin America?
They live in one of the worst countries in the world, they need escapism and power fantasies to cope with the possibility of being randomly killed by a cartel member.

There are far worse countries user, Mexico has problems but no way is one of the worst.

At least they have a good reason for wanting escapism, unlike you, born in a decent country sulking because daddy didn't love you enough.

Mexico isn't that bad. Cartels only murder cops and rival cartels.

Remember when we had those board merges for a day and Sup Forums discovered that all the DB threads were full of spics? Good times.

Not just DB. /spa/ proved Sup Forums is at least one third latin american


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Maybe if you like the taste of dick

I think the best part of /spa/ was finding out that every shitposter is fucking canadian.


He literally saved Dragon Ball Super in Mexico

Depends. Cartels still kill innocent people by accident all the time, be it they confused people or lost bullets in a shootout, or even close and distant relatives of people involved in the narco. Hell some months ago they murdered a whole family included the little children because the dad was in bad steps. Also I personally know an elderly couple who got kidnapped by accident in Veracruz because they confused them for others. They didn't get killed after their kidnappers realized they were the wrong people but if you don't luck out like this there also are a lot of narcos who say fuck it and will kill anyone even if they aren't the target, because the no impunity is not a meme and it's very real. You can get away with murder if you have 10-30k mexigold to give away, for that low authorities sell themselves especially in province.

I fucking knew anime would bring about World peace.

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Not him but quit projecting Paco, spics are notorious for abusing their kids.

Look at the good side user, as mexicans overtake the US population, at least anime and manga will be considered more normal than what it is today.

Peace? Nah nigga those toei jap jews are pissed the fuck off over México just not giving a fuck about their silly complaints and the jap embassy has been issuing warnings at least to a governor here to quit with that dragon ball shit

We going to behead some gooks over cartoons, this is how ww3 begins, let that sink in

>abusing their kids
But they don't. You soft American faggots who think talking to your kid is more effective than spanking are responsible for the rise of entitled soyboys in recent years.

You must have very bad luck if that happens, but again, in America innocent students get shot, so...

And burgers were the worst kind of shitposters along with the leafs by far

Niggas, niggas, why are you all being so uselessly angry? The Russians and the Chinese are superior to you amerigringos and mexigringos. You don't need to bash your heads against each another. Focus on your common enemies instead.
The Canadians, whose country name starts with the letter c, live in a country as cold as Russia, and literally have red as part of their flag's color.

>You soft American faggots who think talking to your kid is more effective than spanking are responsible for the rise of entitled soyboys in recent years.
No shit spanking isn't that bad, but spics abuse their kids like they are ex-girlfriends. My spic neighbors beat their kids so hard you can hear the kids screaming from across the neighborhood, shit is normal for all the other spics around my town too.

>The Russians and the Chinese are superior to you amerigringos and mexigringos.
kek you believe that? Maybe they aren't as pozzed culturally but the citizens on average are nothing special.

oh hey that mural improved.

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You mother had shitty genes

>Cartels still kill innocent people by accident all the time,
if those terms it is on par with the gang violence in the US with just blacks

Is TacosGoku any good?

not anime, but have you had actual tacos from a mexican restaurant?

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For some reason burgers are triggered by this and I seriously don't understand why.

They don't have TVs, where else would they watch it?

They are always triggered by everything

It's because they grew up thinking Dragon Ball was an edgy Japan Justice League, when it really wasn't.
They also prefer the literal shit american soundtrack over the original, that's how shit their taste is.


Why can't they gather to watch something actually good? Fucking low iq subhumans

I'd go for government propaganda

like the superbowl?

americans cringe because anime is seen as something shameful in their nation.


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not enough soy

Was it streamed with subs?

Beaners love dbz more then the fucking japs do its hardly weeb now never was

>fun thread
>turns into Sup Forums shit
fuck off crossboarding scum

It's Americans the ones that always ruin these threads

These guys are the ones that always fucked up parties and social gatherings

I wonder if anime companies made things like this official they could make a lot of money
Like showing 4 episodes back to back in a theatre before they air on tv and doing that every month
They could get movie theatres to go along with it just by offering them a bigger cut of ticket sales, movie studios give them nothing

They're 20% white, so the idea of some Mongoloid working hard and suddenly going full Aryan really hits them in the sweet spot.

San Luis Potosi:
Ciudad Juarez: (Estimated to be around 10k-30k people)
Morelia (According to the news anchor around 2k people)
Nuevo Laredo
Queretaro, Mexico
Nueva Leon, Mexico
Nogales, Sonora?
Jalisco, Mexico
Arica, Chile
Tocopilla , Chile
Puerto Montt, Chile
San Antonio, Chile
La Serena , Chile
Linares, Chile:
Coronel, Chile
Macul, Santiago de Chile
Goayaquil, Ecuador (Supposedly around 900 attendees):
Tena, Ecuador
Machala, Ecuador
Tacna, Perú
San Juan de Miraflores , Perú
Santiago del Estero, Argentina. (Thanks AmazonSilver)
Argentina (unkown location)

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Why are so many people here talking shit about mexico and mexicans for doing these? theres a big and dedicated fanbase for a show and such base organized to have public viewing parties big fucking deal, how is it any different to people cosplaying at harry potter or star wars screenings? Or going to any kind of convention being about comics, anime or anything else?, Or tailgaiting a football game?

Let them have their fun, i bet a lot of you ate into some shit that aint half as smart as you like to think yet is only objectable when is latinos showing love for anime and blacks dressing up for black panther

Based. I love this region. Pretty fucked up, but there isn't another part of the world where this could be possible.

At least they imbrace it, you’re just jealous

Burgers hate when someone else do cool things or have fun. Mental issues.

ITT wetbacks

They invented the ''hide your power level'' and don't realize that in different places anime is mainstream as fuck.

>Toei could have monetized the hell out of it

How do I become an Especialist de Anime?

Yeah this is cool as heck, I don't know why people are being so negative in here.

Move to mexico, get fat, watch a lot of anime

>Jealous of a a bunch of escapist Indio rape babies

I want to watch anime in a big crowd and be happy like this

>americans are so stupid they still fall for the soy meme

niponese are always by the book, they are the autist of the world.

In a fucking anime board no less, what suddenly all Sup Forums posters are chads that shit on anime and come here to standing thunder shits on jap toons?

Eat a dick haters, yeah we get to enjoy anime in public without getting wedgies, stay jelly

Americans are insecure. Don't worry about it man.

The homicide rate in Mexico exceeds even some places where there is active civil war.

Some of those cartel gore videos are worse than anything a radical 'jihadist' would even think of doing or been known to do.

There are numerous cases of innocent people (a bus load of students hit the news pretty big some time back) just being offed or disappearing in cartel territory or due to suspected cartel circumstances.

They (cartel) operate with total impunity against law and law officials and just being on the employed on the side of the law might make you and your family and your extended family a target.

People have and do look back with fondness under Stalins USSR, under Gaddafi's Libya, under Saddams Iraq but no-one would even look back and say it was (is) better with the cartel around.

It's a pretty big shithole and ranks certainly as one of the worst.

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Why are so many spics coming here with no clue whatsoever on how this place works? Fuck off back to r.eddit, everyone is nice there, they will pat your head and tell you you're right.

That is correct, you are.

Fuck man, those """people"""... A wall seems like the only solution.

>Let me tell you about your country.
I thought it was a meme, but burgers do are insecure

Much like you torrenting/streaming the episode and watching it yourself alone in your room, get off your high horse.

Unless you actually pay for Crunchyroll, in which case in addition to getting off said horse you should also suck it's dick, because you're a gigantic faggot.

>tfw you live in the part of México where nothing happens.

>tfw the jap embasador actually asked Mexico to stop watching fucking dragonball
That must have been kinda surreal

why do americans whine like pussies all the time?

I'm not. I think there are just a high number of spergs in our ranks though.

These people are normies, they don't share our hobby.
Super is poorly animated shonenshit for casuals.

Mexicans fucking love Dragonball. It really taps into their macho rip-out-a-man's-beating-heart-and-show-him Aztec spirit

>in one of the worst countries in the world
is this the american education I've heard so much about?

Holy shit. When I'm old I gotta eat one of those and die in peace.

Shut the fuck up, We're number 1 in the world and you fucking shithole countries keep arrogantly disrespecting us. Who owns the toughest and biggest military? Who has the most happy citizens? Who has the biggest chance of world domination? Who keeps demanding we take action when little shit countries get out of line? You people have no right to talk like this when the true facts are that Americans are overall better in every category. I hope Japan sues the entire country of Mexico for their illegal stream 2 days ago. Being poor does not excuse stealing.

Why are people getting mad when there is absolutely no reason to?

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they only like dragonball because they can relate to the illegal space monkey

they must not live past 30 there

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Most of the burgers here have been conditioned to hide their preferences for anime and pretend it's not a hobby so they can think that they're not like those serious cringebait weeaboos with terminal shit taste, or to be seen as one by their fellow burgers who might think anime is something only enjoyed by neckbeards. So it comes to no surprise that the burger recoils in disgust and anxiety when he sees such massive groups of people congregate in public to watch "overrated shonenshit" in total earnest and with honest excitement.

It completely goes against everything the burger is accustomed to, that watching anime and reading manga isn't something to be treated with shame and secrecy, but something that can be discussed in the open without anyone thinking you less for it, without anyone judging you for having shit taste, and something also done as a means of socializing and as a means of having something in common as a people and a culture, even if that social glue is fucking Dragon Ball Super.

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>All these buttmad burgers
I hope you faggots are keeping your CR accounts in check.

imagine being someone living in the CURRENT YEAR and still thinking you can stop piracy

This man has watched over 2000++ anime I bet.

i can imagine your obese autistic ass writing this in rage while screeching internally

>how is it any different to people cosplaying at harry potter or star wars screenings? Or going to any kind of convention being about comics, anime or anything else?
Why do you think these things don't receive the same treatment here?


they don't. star wars and harry potter are absolute normie shit.

That's a really roundabout way to come out of the closet and admit you have shit taste.

Gringos truly believe that Mexico isn't part of North America, their education is truly a sight to behold.

They also think that latino is a race instead of a demographic based on sharing the roots of their languages.