One Piece

What are the greatest hack moments in the series?

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I want to breed with Carrot!

We can all agree he's going to stage a coup against the WG, right?

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I can't believe Pell died

I want to eat Katakuri's penis and watch it grow back!


Fuck off

A lot of people have been giving Sanji shit lately for "his plan being dumb," but I remember when chapter 892 (I think that was the one) came out one of the two scanslations didn't say anything about him having a plan. What did VIZ say?

>accepting the arc ends in escape
Seriously? Has someone here ever doubted it?

Is Smoothie going to do ANYTHING?

Fucking time traveling thicfags I swear to god.

Daifuku's gonna throw her onto Cacao and she's gonna fight the Jermus Megazord


I really want a giant Smoothie vs Megazord.

>What are the greatest hack moments in the series?
The gas at Punk Hazard being non-lethal.

Potentially, the end of WCI if Oda forgets that Big Mom still has the resources and mentality to go after Zeff.

Through a sudden character development surge, by the end of the arc she will finally be able to open doors.

Same people that thought Luffy would lose.

it was germa that were on top of zeff tho

It was both of them. Big Mom gave Germa the information in the first place, and she has a history of going after family members.

>yfw Katakuri is stuck in the mirro world with Flambitch

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Besides fighting jinbei and maybe destroying part of the sunny

Knowing Oda the hack god she'll probably wake up and not remember seeing his mouth

Probably not :/

One day closer to snow lion

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Who /oven/ here?

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Does Haoshoku work like that?

Eh nah that's different. I honestly thought there was a possibility of that happening. Since the outcome if this fight didn't really matter unlike most boss fights. Lose or win, either way Pekoms would have carried Luffy outside the mirro world and Katakuri would have remained in the mirro world to take a nap.

no one dies on sky island.
enel didn't know how to count or kill.
reject clamb shell doesn't kill the user after repeated use (they were to afraid to try it)

Thank god, he will be safe from the buster call that will happen

haha, that's why he is called mad dog.

what do you think will set him off?

i want carrot to sit on my face

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>reject clamb shell doesn't kill the user after repeated use (they were to afraid to try it)

God damn I forgot how much that annoyed me. It was the "O MY STAMINA" of Pre-TS One Piece. Probably even worse since Wyper was an unlikable git.

Not that much, unless it end up as a drawn. There's no way Pekoms could do shit even against a injured Katakuri.

An earthquake.

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don't mind if i do

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Pekoms didn't need to fight Katakuri to retrieve Luffy. Had Katakuri won he would have had to negotiate with Pekoms to exit the mirro world and save his sister. "Bring Luffy to Cacao or I will kill Brulée" he would have had no choice.

the entire dressrosa arc

I fuckin hate furries dude

Senior Pink was pretty good.

OwO what’s this~
My friend who I’m going through the anime with likes implying that he’s a furry by commenting on how hot Wanda and Carrot are

She'll just justify it as being a bad dream

Why are you still friends with that person

Dials were a mess and a shitty idea
The only time they were used well was when Usopp used Luffy's attack against him and broke his arm

Who cares, neither of them can do anything and Brulee is free.

He just does it to bust balls
I’m gay and he’s not, so he just pretenfs to be really into the over-the-top fanservice the anime can have just to get a reaction out of me. When we got to Zou I joked that if he was a furry we would stop being friends so now he won’t stop talking about Carrot and how she’s joining the crew

>commenting on how hot Wanda and Carrot are
I mean, he's not wrong, exactly.

Oh, we're going to have fun then, newmeat.

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gamma knife not doing anything.
doffy using parasite throughout his presence in one piece, and yet used it once on luffy.
fucking birdcage having enough stopping power to stop meteors
doffy's string was enough to cut off oar jr's leg.
law's room going from op, to being shit when faced with doffy and vergo.

I know that its probably going to suck but lets say that it wont and thats going to have a decent budget to do cgi and stuff like that, what would you be hyped to see done in live action? What actors would be the the perfect choices for each SH? And what kind of changes do you think that it could actually help it so it doesnt become something like looney toons live action levels of goofy?

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>implying i know actor names
Who gives a shit. I already know everybody here's gonna complain that Nami isn't hot enough and that Usopp is too black anyways.

>Leaving out the facial hair on Sanji and Law
Fuck female artists

>And what kind of changes do you think that it could actually help it so it doesnt become something like looney toons live action levels of goofy?

-Make Chopper's big form his default one.
-Tone down Luffy's stretchyness. He can still show that he's a rubber man in other ways.
-Less toilet humor
-Cut down on the cheap survivals. An adaptation can also fix what didn't work.

That's all I can think of.

Also, I know it won't make it that far, I have have no idea how a live action version of WCI could even work. Big Mom alone seems impossible.

Whenever they decided to make it a neverending series of arcs and only pretending to getting closer to the goal, when in reality they're only getting closer to the next arc.

But they objectively this get closer to their goal during this arc since they found the Road Poneglyph.

But it's about the journeyyyyy not the destination~

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>Thinking Big Mom is going to do anything but love Sanji after she finds out he made that cake.

>make Choppers big form his normal one
Why? If they can just pull off some good CGI like Rocket Racoon from gotg it'll look fine

I think some of their gags should be toned down, like sanji's reactiona to women would be.....a little controversial. And Nami being a bitch all the time in the live action would make people hate her so i would tone down this too

You're kidding yourself. It's what now? nearly 90 tanks? The first chapters getting released in 1997. People Born on the same day as one piece can drink now in the US. People reading One Piece as kids now have kids of their own.
Sure there will ALWAYS be something that SUGGEST that they are closer,
>them getting a ship
>and then a new ship
>and the compass stuff
>and he new world compass stuff
>and some death
>and a time skip
>and a phone glyph
In truth, none of this has or will get them to the goal. it is just another red herring to chase before the next thing they need leads them into the next arc, and the next arc and the next arc.
I mean, enjoying one piece for the humor and the action scenes is fine I guess.. But at this point this is Detective Conan. Long past giving a shit of the original goal and only wanting to keep the characters running the treadmill as long as it brings in money.

And it's one heck of a long journey.

She would still hate Luffy and Brook for smashing the photo.

Sanji's reaction to women are just way too cartoony to translate into live action, they'd have to include it with giant heart eyes and swaying body motions, it'd just look sloppy and cartoonish if they'd attempt it with ccgi and cringy if they attempted it without.

>We finally get all 4 poneglyphs
>Track down Raftel
>We get to the place the One Piece is
>It's an underground chamber with a locked door
>"lol you need 4 keys scattered around all of the Blues in random places to get in sorry"

I watched videos of the french dub on youtube recently and it surprised me how mean, cold, and bitchy Nami comes off as. There's probably some culture gap at work here, indeed.

>way too cartoony to translate into live action
That's the entire series and they did it anyway

What kind of dress is that?
Have you seriously ever seen anyone but literal whores wearing this shit?

Nami's not a bitch ALL THE TIME. She even humors Sanji sometimes and lets him think he has a chance even though she's taken by Luffy. She's nice.

Smoothie realized that you can't be a jobber if you do nothing.

in real life? no, most of the minks are pretty slutty however

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Decks of the world, Katakuri trapped in the mirror edition when?

This shit made me laugh really hard
>Orlumbus arc ends
>"Oh boy what's the next coverpage gonna be"
>Next chapter
>Katakuri still knocked the fuck out in mirror world, nothing's changed

>Flampe is stuck for another couple of hours in the mirror world with an ugly, lame pelican eel
Man I wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemy.

There are some pretty damn slutty red carpet dresses out there, maybe not that lewd but close.

Do you really think that whatever the studio that brought the rights is wasnt already planning on making huge changes? Hollywood makes changes in all their adaptations, i just hope that this tune they make good changes
There are a lot of thingd that in live action wouldnt work, i would say that even luffy, if he acts 100% like he does in the manga and anime, would be hated for being to annoying. And one thing that makes me worry are characters like mr 2 that would be extremely offensive to mainstream media.

I know she is, and it comes off naturally in japanese, but not in french.

Or something like that. It'll be easy enough to send them on a wild goose chase over and over again.
Also: At this point, there has been so much going on that there's NO WAY the One Piece is actually worth all that fucking effort. No matter how big that treasure is, or what it is there is just no chance in hell.
I mean, not a big issue for Luffy as he just wants to be pirate king and couldn't give a fuck about treasure but still.
And considering how high some of those bounties are (500mil, oh boy) I'm honestly surprised at how many fruit users are pirates rather than becoming straight up bounty hunters. Seems more lucrative.Specially for the ones that are just greedy fucks in the first place.

Bounties are probably taxed 40% if it's anything like the real world.
Which is still a decent amount of money but with the emphasis on freedom in One Piece I think most people would rather choose to live life free as a pirate than have to bow down to the government and repeatedly give up a large part of a bounty to the WG

>seems more lucrative
Not when most of these high bounties belong to monsters that have bounties these high cause not even the marines are able to take them down without one of their admirals, and since they only got three of those that dont give a fuck about hunting pirates most of the time....yeah, not worth it. Though i would love if green bull was an actual bounty bunter and together with akainu and fujitora they end the shichibukai system and turn it into a bounty hunters system, where to maintain their titles, the current shichibulai have to capture at least 100 milion berries worth of pirates, and to everyone that wants to be part of this system gets stuff like a DF if they capture really important pirates or some vegapunk tech


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The moment where it is revealed that Monet is alive.


carrot doesn't need another special power

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Eh, I'm not sure. considering some of the bounties, I'd say even if they take 70% you could still make a really decent living taking down some Pirates. If we assume their money is one to one with yen, (which seems reasonable given what they pay for different items in the manga) 500mil would translate to almost 5mil dollar. But taking down a 500mil bounty target is unrealistic, even for many of the other high powered pirates.

Yeah, that's why I speculated that at least some fruit users would become bounty hunters. They could often easily take down the bounties between 15m to 100m, which would translate in bounties between 140k to almost 950k USD. That is not a bad sum, for which amounts to pirates that are largely first and second arc bosses, and later henchenmen at best.
Surely difficult for your average bounty hunter, but some of the fruit users could easily pull it off. Hell some of the pirate groups would make great mercenary pirate hunter groups.

No. You.

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>virjinbes scared of chadrot

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>The Adventures of the Self-Proclaimed Strawhat Grand Fleet: Orlumbus arc: Chapter 3: Meeting a strange bird woman.

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The more the better. Or are you implying that you wouldnt like Carrot making every day a snow day so her, luffy, choppe and usopp can play in the snow?

Take your retarded rabbit somewhere else. This is Jinbe's territory.

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Hancock and Robin are WAY too young looking.

Jinbe is already dead.

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Always a good thing.


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She already has electric powers and a transformation, no need to partly resurrect Monet

fat fish sucks

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We're likely getting Jimbei, Carrot and even Zues joining the crew this arc, pipe down.

Carrotbros unite!

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I would tolerate Carrotfags if they didn't all hate Jinbe

Accuracy would be nicer

I have met some 40 year old women that look like the Robin in that image. It's rare, but some of them just age incredibly well. And the Hancock does look way younger than her age but hey, she's the most beautiful woman on the fucking planet, so cut her some slack