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Has everyone finally accepted this arc will end in an escape?

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900 will be the dramatic finale and then just some epilogue

So everyone besides the Straw Hats is getting left behind? Or will they escape on their own?

Pudding will shoot them down

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I dont thinits pudding related but I suspect Sanji will be taken away from the strawhats next chapter. Hopefuly we will get some nice Nami reactions.

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My 2nd husbando

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Who's the first?

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Who /oven/ here?

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You can't have more than one.

Will he ever smile again?

>Oven will never once again return to his loving waifu/twink husbando and kids after a chill day of baking bread with his younger siblings

what is 'an escape' if big mom is chasing after them 'to the ends of new world'.
Big mom can't demand from kaido that he turn over luffy. Shanks won't either. most likely the yonko will clash (something the world gov doesn't want.

The navy is already chasing luffy.

>no intro scene
>just randomly unshadowed in the opening after oven's debut

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Did you not read my file name?

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>'to the ends of new world'
That was said about the wedding cake chase. She's getting her cake soon.


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i doubt its about the cake anymore. big mom pirates have been slighted.
only way big mom will forgive them is if the strawhat make a deal (a wedding cake every month).

She'll get KOd by the cake and wake up when they're already gone.

>Having more than one husbando

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Thats incest as literally every chick on Smoothie's boat is her sister.

It's just siblings displaying affection.

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Almost all of Kata's younger sisters want to fuck him though

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Who wouldn't?

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Such as? Flampe just wanted headpats.

Surely in their rage to capture Luffy and make him pay for ruining Katakuri's honour, the Big Mom pirates will beat Germa right?

So who is the Alpha Stacy in the Charlottes that all the brother want to plow?

He's getting a black panther power up later?

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doujins fucking WHEN

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Joconde will off-screen them.

They parallel each other by age
>eldest triplet - Katakuri and Smoothie
>middle triplet - Daifuku and Citron
>youngest triplet - Oven and Cinnamom
Since both the eldest are sweet commanders, lets assume it's Smoothie who's also a female Katakuri in terms of popularity.

>trips confirm
I'd honestly be okay with this since it's a scenario that doesn't involve the Charlottes jobbing yet again.

Is he alive?

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probably. the cake will save them.

I don't want to kill myself so I will kill someone else if Perospero doesn't appear next chapter.

Next chapter has to focus on Mama, or else................!!

I wouldn't bet on it. It seems much more likely that the big focus of chapter 900 will Big Mom finally eating the cake. I would imagine next chapter is going to focus on setting up the scene at Cacao Island for Big Mom's reaction.

What are some nip twitters to follow for Charlotte family fanart?


You're probably right, but that has got to be the lamest "900 special" theory I've heard. Maybe I need to up my hack folder after all.

Where is Galette? Have we seen her after the Tea Party?

I believe the same, after all, Mama eating the cake is going to be a big ass event, all the souls she spread throughout the island might even go straight to heaven when she passes out.

I believe that BM Pirates will take a big hit right when the cake is eaten, and if they get too vulnerable, they might even become a target of the WG or other pirate crews, like BB or Kaido's.

Things will get interesting, that's for sure. I just want to get to Reverie already and see the Tenryuubito ready to kick some ass

I don't know man, her reaction to the cake is going to be a complete surprise; which is interesting in itself I think as you can contrast it with what characters think is going to happen. Most notably, Sanji's insistence that it'll definitely knock her out. That's one possibility, but given he has no clue what Big Mom's eating disorder is like, especially given her current state, it could produce something completely unexpected and impactful for the current narrative. Then, when you factor in all the potential outcomes that could arise from such an unexpected reaction, for enemies and allies alike and you could have one of the most impressive individual chapters in the manga.

I get all that, which is why I think this is the most likely scenario. That doesn't make it any less lame though. Odas playing the worst game of "red light, green light" in the world just to make BM eating a cake chapter 900? That shit goes off like a whoopie cushion for me man.

kinakotatu, Christing_Na, ovasayuri, panipani7320, betsuni0w0

Yeah, I really do love this arc, but it's hard to deny the idea that it's been unnecessarily drawn out by Oda for that very purpose. You'd think that after the events of Dressrosa, someone would have tried to highlight just how risky it can be to draw out a narrative for arbitrary reasons. It makes me wonder what role Oda's editors actually have in the final product, as that seems like one of the primary tasks that any manga editor would have to focus on.

Either way, I can largely let aggravations like that go if the other positives from this arc are maintained in the future.

We haven't seen her ever since she fell off the cake and Katakuri saved her.

It wouldn't even have been so bad if he would have flipped some things around. I think his main issue was not being sure how to stretch out the Kata fight and he couldn't be sure where they'd land with it.

It's whatevs. At least it's almost fucking over finally.


bah, still believe that the big ass event will happen in 899 due to how tankobons are nowdays published with 10 chapters per each and volume 88 ended with unknown mama landing on the sunny which was chapter 889

>due to how tankobons are nowdays published with 10 chapters per each
They have 11 quite frequently though. 82, 83, 86 most recently.

oototo, my bad. i thought that volume 80, which cointanted the latest x99-x00 combo, had 10 chapters but it has 11

I just want to see the aftermath for the BMP and katakuri more specifically.

im very much hoping oda shows katakuri being discovered and him waking up
i'd like to see what his waking thoughts are and how he reacts to the hat

Who should be the former user of the gomu-gomu no mi?

a porn star

Same here user, same here. I couldn't care less about the specifics of how Luffy and the SHs are gonna escape unscathed. Oda please, do you mind going back to open ended storylines? I'm kinda on the edge here.

Portgas D. Rouge.

Only a rubber woman could hold in a baby for two years, and it's understandable that Shanks would look after an heirloom from his Captain's dead wife.

Leave Germa to me.

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>Only a rubber woman could hold in a baby for two years
What the fuck am I reading.

Rouge held Ace in her womb for 20 months.

>attacking a group of people who're currently the designated saviours of the strawhats in order to allow the plot to continue
It's like you want to job

Ace was in her womb for more than 9 months to protect him. He probably had leg hair already when he was born.

Hold it right there, Kizaru!

i thought that the cacao plotline was the "closest" one in terms of development (germa arrives -> strawhats escape) but it looks like we're getting a not-so-predictable ending for it which will most probably tie in with linlin eating the cake. the entire arc is all coming down to that very moment, it's so strange but ultimately refreshing reading that the turn point for the heroes is not dictated by luffy this time

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**reposting it here because the other thread seems kinda dead**
I know that its probably going to suck but lets say that it wont and thats going to have a decent budget to do cgi and stuff like that, what would you be hyped to see done in live action? What actors would be the the perfect choices for each SH? And what kind of changes do you think that it could actually help it so it doesnt become something like looney toons live action levels of goofy?

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>"Great job, pelican eel! Now we're stuck in here!

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>what would you be hyped to see done in live action?
lord of the coast eating shanks's arm

Only say positive things about my series. Anything negative is NOT allowed.

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So? Big Mom could probably keep 5 kids inside her womb for 20 years, and she'd still have room to give them a car. It's not a matter of size or elasticity. It's just a mechanic of the female metabolism.

Is it pottery that he named a character Hack?

This way at least they might make up. Even if she's angry with him she'd probably still try to heal and stabilize him while waiting for help. I hope so at least.

It's gonna be Dragon Ball Evolution levels of bad, isn't it?

I doubt that it will have Luffy going to college and eating a rotten fruit and suddenly he is a rubber boi. But i doubt that it will be any good

Is there some live action in the works?

so we're bound to see a fantastic relationship deing developped, between a deformed brute and a little disbeliever girl who used to hate each other but now are forced to work together in order to survive? i'm not complaining

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Welcome to the one piece thread.

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yeah, that's definitely a better comparison i'd say

I-I-I really uh.. r-really like the Charlottes... p-please don't make them j-job anymore than they already h-have Goda!

Rank the sagas.
>East Blue
>Sky Island
>Water 7
>Thriller Bark
>Summit War
>Fishman Island

>Summit War
>Sky Island
>Alabasta (Alabasta itself is my favorite arc, but everything else besides Drum is bland and forgetable)
>Water 7
>Thriller Bark
>East Blue
>Fishman Island

Who're the retards that made two threads and decided to post in both rather than just sticking to one and letting the other die?

Crocodile played the tsundere rescue part like Germa now.

>Sky Island
>Thriller Bark
>Summit War
>Water 7
>Fishman Island

It's not that I hate or dislike the sagas near the bottom. I just think the ones on top are better personally.

you forgot east blue

Oh shit. Between Water 7 and Dressrosa, I guess. It had it's moments but I think we've had better ones along the way.

Im still hoping for the sunny to get damage so it canr sail anymore so they are forced to stay and fight the BMP(letting characters like Smoothie, Daifuku and Snack shine,finally) to lrotect luffy and this ends in a small war. If they just run away from that giant fleet and thats it it would be cery anti climatic

>carrotfags bumping the fucking hack thread

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How the fuck are half the strawhats expected to take on 3 high tier Big Mom subordinates, along with their underlings, and come out alive? That'd be more of an asspull.

At least the hacks have their containment space

I'm okay with that

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Any more of these? The females look so fuckable.

I just post in whichever thread has the best discussion.

Do you seriously expect the SH to stay and fight? Let it go user. The climax is behind us.

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The other one is nothing but shitposting so at least the cancer is somewhere else.