Baki Dou 196

The new Big Bad has come; he is the one who will surpass Yuujiro.

The only question that is left to us to ask is this:
What's in a name?

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something something "isn't that the greatest sacrifice of them all?"

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They're discussing the plausibility of Yuujiro's turning coal into a diamond here.

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Is it really something that's possible? Is it just a myth, a legend?

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>Tokugawa: This is no legend.
>T: This is a diamond...
>T: Created by Sukune.

End chapter.

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Now, who is Sukune? Two possibilities.


Nomi is the most likely candidate. But, there is also:


Takenouchi is nebulously immortal, and exploded a stone by using magic to summon lightning down from the sky. This could be a reinterpretation of that stone story.

Or, this could be about the sheer physical power of Nomi - the progenitor of sumo, and *a man who is also known as "unrivaled under heaven"*. Pic is purportedly Nomi stomping on some guy.

What do you think, dear friends?

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Fuck you Tokugawa, don't you dare revive yet another faggot.

Maybe it'll be a combination of both. The immortal guy eventually became a sumo man unrivaled under heaven.

Who knows really, i was expecting things to wrap up and for a hiatus until the next series so i got no idea what the fuck could happen.

I don't know that much about japanesse folklore but wouldn't this figure be underwhelming after having dealt with Musashi?

Or is this Sukune guy more popular than him over there?

What if Itagaki wasn't a faggot?

A lot of Baki's charm is in him seemingly having no boundaries on what he's willing to do to show the beauty of strenght.

If you mean faggot in a non faggy way then i agree. But him being a faggot in a faggy way is essential for Baki.

>Or is this Sukune guy more popular than him over there?
There is no figure in history more well known to the Japanese than Miyamoto Musashi. You would be absolutely terrified to know just how far their obsession with the man goes. There are actual, real published reinterpretations and skeleton's keys of the Book of Five Rings meant for businessmen; they seek to justify and explain, line-by-line, how phrases like 'strike with your shoulder when the opponent's knee moves back' translate into the worlds of business, economics, realty, and so forth.

>The immortal guy eventually became a sumo man unrivaled under heaven.
Takenouchi was born around 100 years after the death of Nomi. I mean, anything is possible with Itagaki, but that would be quite a longshot.

he was the founder of Sumo aparently he killed a guy in two kicked broke his ribs with one and his back with another

That's kind of cool, is there a book on Musashi you would recommend? for someone that is mostly unfamiliar with the whole deal, something of an introduction.

Maybe Itagaki is butthurt from all the Musashi circle jerk and will use Baki to highlight his pet historic warrior and have him be better than Musashi.

Kind of like how a kid would make a fanfic about the Blue Power Ranger killing the Red Power Ranger or some shit like that.

>is there a book on Musashi you would recommend? for someone that is mostly unfamiliar with the whole deal
Well, elaborate on "unfamiliar with the whole deal".

If you read Eiji Yoshikawa's "Musashi", you might find yourself with a specific and somewhat fictional understanding of Miyamoto Musashi's personality, and also be left with the impression that Musashi was a man who shook up the foundations of Japanese society.
If you read Musashi's actual writings, you'll find that he never thought much of himself. You'll see that he writes virtually *nothing* about his life's history. In some of the passages in which he writes his theories of 'strategy', he flatly states that a reader will gain nothing from his telling them through a book how to do [thing], and that they should just try to figure it out on their own. And you'll realize that, ultimately, he was much happier as a person once he became a devout Buddhist convert. In his last writings, he tells the readers to be indifferent to all things; to have no wants, and to regret nothing done.

The divide between the real Musashi and the currently perceived Musashi is staggering. Point is - what would you like to know about Musashi? The myths and stories, or the rather shallow truths?

Why would Itagaki be upset about something that he did of his own accord?

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>Why would Itagaki be upset about something that he did of his own accord?
I mean general Musashi culture circlejerk, this would be only the prologue of his Sukune>Musashi fanfic.

If this is seriously going for another completely random GLORIOUS ANCIENT NIPPON arc, I will stop reading.

It feels like Itagaki has lost literally all direction and inspiration, and is just throwing random shit at the wall at this point. Musashi arc had absolutely no payoff and went nowhere, and now we get to sit through that shit again?

Just why? Why would he abort the first arc with a lame, inconclusive, unsatisfying non-ending, only to do the same shit again? This feels like a trainwreck.

Wow you are making this whole Musashi thing sound like an actual religion, up to the misinterpretations and all. That's fun.

I guess i'd prefer to know about the actual Musashi first and eventually drift into all the propaganda surrounding him for shit and giggles.

Wtf end this monstrosity of a manga. And time skip to bakis kid becoming a monster.

>And time skip to bakis kid becoming a monster.

>"My dad loves me and is so over bearing about it that i just want to beat him up, but i can't!"
Make it happen.

>The next boss isn't Guan Yu or Lu Bu

>I guess i'd prefer to know about the actual Musashi first
Then, I'd say read the Dokkoudou, read a few randomly selected pages from the Book of Five Rings (or rifle through the whole thing, if you care), and then pick up a piece or two of non-fiction exegetical literature of your own choosing. Of the exegetical literature, perhaps "Miyamoto Musashi: His Life and Writings" would be good for you. I absolutely can't attest to its being entirely accurate, but there is very little written that isn't tainted by the aforementioned biases and legends, speculation and half-truths.

The Dokkoudou is probably the most important text to read in order to accurately understand who Miyamoto Musashi was as a person.

Here's the Dokkoudou.

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>Giving a shit about anything but the Eiji's books

I wanted to post this a long time ago

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This reads like some NEET's redpill rant about how he's so far past the rat race all the wagecucks go through.

I guess technically he actually was a NEET for the most part. It was just more culturally acceptable to take a sword and stab a bitch back then.

Thanks a lot pal, gonna save this post and give it a go in the future. Also looking around it seems that most available versions of the Book of Five rings have less than a 100 pages so will read it too since it's short a fuck.

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Did you just not read the chain of conversation, or

2 of 3

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Pulling the chair out is an old troupe

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So are the next few arcs going to be cherry picking dead people from history to revive so they can fight glorious nippon fighters? Is this Itagaki's version of Fate Stay?

God that would be terrible, Musashi was a mistake.

Poor girl.

By extension, Baki Dou was a mistake. Literally no reason to do it. Everything worth wrapping up was already wrapped up in Ogre. Baki resolved things with his dad and all. We already got an ending.

I mean, even if someone thinks there needed to be more, Baki Dou has touched absolutely none of it. It's a completely random plot that doesn't have anything to do with anything, and doesn't really go anywhere.

For the most part, Baki wasn't even involved. I still can't find any reason, other than money, that Baki Dou even exists.

Well, there has always been this line from volume 4.

>Everyone is trying to determine the strongest [being] in human history!!!

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where is the tank that the new Retsu is growing in?

Would Itagaki's Musashi beat Fate's Kojiro?

>People being literally brought back from ancient bone scraps with satanic voodoo magic and SCIENCE
>Retsu still won't return

Absolutely not. Kojirou is far beyond anything seen in the Baki universe as-of-yet.

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do you think they'll do anything with this?

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I mean he could have made other stuff, lile continue Garouden or something. There's going to be a payoff somewhere, probably a retarded one but still.

Maybe, Yuujiro got hurt enough at the end of Son of Ogre so someone might've gotten a proper DNA sample there. Also there was a huge around so why not. why not.

why not.

>continue Garouden
I don't think that he wants to do that. To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing stopping him from doing it. Itagaki simply hasn't put out a chapter in years.

>why not
Because it wouldn't work. Remember how Dou started? They'd just end up with a braindead body.

This is just obscene. Absolutely pathetic. Even worse than Ippo or dragonball super at this point.

>Even worse than Ippo or dragonball super at this point.
Hey. Watch your language.

didn't itagaki and the author have a disagreement?

Put inside him the soul of Hitler or some shit, hell put inside a bunch of evil souls at the same time so we have an Evil Crazy Yuujiro Clone arc.

It's really annoying that he brought Baki back just to make it basically a spin off of itself. While Baki has always had seemingly random shit interrupting the main Baki/Yuujiro narrative for some reason this feels different.

That was Itagaki and RIN, who worked together on Dogesen. They had a creative conflict concerning the meaning/nature of dogeza. You can't tell what the conflict was unless you've read both Dogesen and Shaman, but RIN was/is a fucking lunatic. There's a chapter of Dogesen that he wrote in which the protagonist refuses to help a kid standing on a rooftop screaming that he's going to kill himself, and tells the kid that it's his fault that he was bullied.

Itagaki moved on by creating Shaman, and RIN created Dogesen R. Dogesen R isn't even scanned and has extremely poor ratings, so you can guess who was correct on that one.

Anyway - if there was, at some point, a conflict between Itagaki and the author of Garouden, it's not written up anywhere easily accessible. All that's written on the relationship between the two of them is that the magazines in which Itagaki's Garouden was published were repeatedly canceled, so he seems to have given up.

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Wait, did Garouden get cancelled multitple times or the magazine itself got cancelled multiple times?

what if baki gets to fight another son from a more low-profile but equally powerful family of monsters?

Ogre is only world famous because he loves extravaganza.

it would be bullshit unless there's literally an underground civilization of sumo mole men that kept their traditions intact after escaping from the western imperialism

so yes it could happen considering the crazy shit that has already happened

The magazines themselves failed. Have a gander.餓狼伝#板垣恵介版

>Serialization begins in "Comic Bars", in 1996
>Parent company goes bankrupt in 1999; Garouden picked up by "Young Magazine Uppers"
>For the sake of publishing "Garouden Boy", "Garouden" is put on indefinite hiatus starting in December, 2003
>"Garouden" serialization resumed with the end of "Garouden Boy" in August, 2004
>"Young Magazine Uppers" is put on hold in October, 2004
>Publication is moved to "Evening" in February, 2005
>"Garouden" goes on [unexplained] hiatus in October, 2010
>Yet another magazine move; "Weekly Shounen Champion" publishes two chapters from March to April, 2011; "Garouden" returns to hiatus

To me, this says that Itagaki doesn't really care anymore.

Yeah it seems fairly obvious to me as well that it's up to him at this point but is there a reason why he didn't just run it alongside BAKI on whatever magazine it is released from the beggining?

Why have it on another magazine? Itagaki must have enough clout on his main magazine to do basically whatever the fuck he wants at this point right?

Weekly Shounen Champion is his 'main magazine'. That is why I say that, presumably, he doesn't want to do Garouden.

I see.

I mean, there might be other reasons, too - Itagaki does tons of public appearances and talks and whatnot, so perhaps that eats up his time. We'll never know unless he actually says something about it.

>There's a chapter of Dogesen that he wrote in which the protagonist refuses to help a kid standing on a rooftop screaming that he's going to kill himself, and tells the kid that it's his fault that he was bullied.
Don't see the problem.

>Don't see the problem.
Oh, okay.

Then, the kid declares that he'll show the whole world what the bully really is like, by planning to kill himself by jumping off the roof but framing the bully as he goes. He begins his plan by pretending to have an obsessive, stalking love for the bully and fulfills the bully's every desire, which utterly terrifies the boy. He's there when the bully is picking on other kids, asking with puppy eyes if this means that he's not enough; he's there when the bully notices that the bathroom stall has run out of toilet paper. Eventually, he lures the bully to the rooftop and jumps, screaming that this is what [bully's name] made him do. The bully grabs the scruff of his jacket to save him, and gets slammed into the rails along the roof's edge in a vertical dogeza pose. The protagonist shows up, and smiles knowingly. End story.

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>protagonist shows up, and smiles knowing

Sounds like a fun story to be honest.

It's a fever dream and you know it.

Thank you OP.

baki bump

>not wanting a tournament with all the legendary warriors
>Genghis Khan vs Bruce Lee
>Yujiro vs Beowulf
>Jack vs Leonidas

what is this gay manga?
just a RiPoFF of kengan asura?

>Genghis Khan vs Bruce Lee
>Yujiro vs Beowulf
>Jack vs Leonidas

It's going to be a bunch of Sengoku shitters and various other elevens and you know it.

Sounds like Sakamoto desu ga? played completely straight.

>Sounds like Sakamoto desu ga? played completely straight
That's a rather roundabout way of parsing it, but yes.

Musashi had the worst ending ever, Itagaki is way too biased about some characters and just refuses to have them lose

What was shaman even about anyway

It's just Itagaki's independent version of Dogesen, just as Dogesen R is RIN's independent version of Dogesen.

I won't lie; Shaman's best chapters aren't nearly as good as the best chapters of the original Dogesen, but it's not bad.

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>we finally get rid of the villain who trashed the story with his presence
>now we're reviving another figure to force them to fight as well
Taking bets on who dies next? Retsu can't be the only casualty here? I'm putting my money on Biscuit.

Shibukawa or Doppo

Here, this is what I was thinking of as the best chapter of Dogesen.

>This apology, in the bitter frost of winter, needs not spoken word.
>The blizzard, that weight upon his back - this sight; it speaks countless words!

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Why don't they revive Yujiro's father? I want to see what exactly he can do.

I remember some guys on a past thread theorizing that he might still be alive, i don't remember what was their evidence but they had some.

Yuichiro was probably surpassed by Yujiro long time ago. There wouldn't be a point to bring him back.

It was the other way around. When Yuujiro shouts at Yuuichiro, the words he uses are「迷ったか範馬勇一郎」- "Are you/is your soul lost, Hanma Yuuichiro!?"

He's pretty certainly dead, unless there's some unusual twist or technicality.

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Speaking of Garouden. Isn't Baku working on Shin Garouden?
I just saw the first chapter, and someone that looks just like Mitsuyo Maeda defeats a violent black man.

I don't know a thing about Garouden; I just looked into some of the basic facts when people started asking questions.

Oh ok.

Okay. I'm fucking done with this. For real. Fuck this.

See you next week i dint read ou for like 2 years yet i still come in the threads.

I want to get off of Tokugawa's Wild Ride.