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How long is it acceptable to make a guest sleep on the couch?

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Is anyone still watching this?

There's a few people. You'd think it would be a bit more popular but oh well.

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I thought the first three episodes were awful so I didn't bother.

4 was one of the bet episodes.

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I was going to, but it turned out to be some kind of action show instead of a Trap romance

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Oh it's still a trap romance.

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Yeah, but unless it's like 85% Trap romance, I don't care.

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Yes, find us on airing days.

>How long is it acceptable to make a guest sleep on the couch?
According to Banba, about a year.

Maybe he wanted Lin to leave.

Maybe he wanted Lin to welcome him home ;_;

Say "welcome home" and get a trip to IKEA for a bed.

I'd watch an episode of them going to IKEA to buy a double bed.

OVA of bed shopping trip and assembly fucking when?

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Maybe not an OVA but I could always write a fanfic about it.

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do it

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It's bad but I like it anyway. Honestly only show this season I look forward to. Just want my homosexual ramen dose already.
Why would Lin need a bed when he has Banba's?

>Why would Lin need a bed when he has Banba's?
They should throw away Banba's current bed and buy a bigger bed for the two of them.

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Bunk beds, arm wrestle over top bunk.

Lin would win.

Remove the ladder in the night.

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How is Lin so pretty when he gets punched in the face all the time?

Either he secretly has superpowers or he's getting patched up by cosmetic surgery guy.

You'd think he'd have lost a tooth or broken his nose by now.

Superior Chinese genes. Face stay cute no matter how much you beat.

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Here's the question: will not-Karma attempt to rape him before or after beating the living shit out of Lin?

It's a shame that this show won't probably get a S2. I was starting to love it.

You mean not-Akashi, surely.

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I'm sure everything was just a terrible misunderstanding!

Don't look

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douijns when

Lin topping doujin when?

Your reverse psychology won't work on me

Are you claiming you didn't look?

That's exactly what I'm claiming

What a gentleman.

Why is there a crossdressing blond-haired Chinese man in my Japanese cartoon?

>a guest
Especially BEST GIRL.

A childhood of being punched in the face toughened him up. It's like kickboxers strengthening their shins.

Then he should already have a crooked nose and boxer face. It's magic.

>Thought this anime seemed super cool/interesting when I read the synopsis
>Everyone seems to not care/dislike/hate it
Should I even bother...

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Yes, I need someone to talk to when the new episodes come out

>Everyone seems to not care/dislike/hate it

I don't think anyone hates it. Some people enjoy it and others just don't watch it.

I'm enjoying it

It's neither cool nor interesting but it is somehow entertainment. It's more like 50% homoerotica 30% baseball 10% hacking 10% kuroshi-ing.

I love it. Season two fucking when.

The threads when a new episode is released are slow, but generally pretty positive.

Hasn't this show sold like 12 units?

Maybe it sold a lot of books

It's really good and the characters really make the show too. I've loved it since the first ep.

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Why does Banba still have a shitty flip phone? Surely the Niwaka Samurai makes enough to afford a smartphone

Maybe he has to keep replacing them. The fighting life is surely rough on phones. You want one of those tough ones.

>calling each other darling
Damn, now I want this


I want it too

If it doesn't get a S2. I hope it at least gets an OVA if the crossover with durarara

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Weird thing, there seems to be no ramen on this menu.

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Unless this sad pasta counts

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It's not that much of a crossover so much as it is a normal Hakata novel in Ikebukuro. Mikado and Shizuo are the only Durarara!! characters who even have lines.

Were the cowboy characters all OCs? I've never read Durarara.

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Yeah, cowboys were entirely original. The Awakusu and Medei groups mentioned are from drrr though.

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I'm sad we didn't get to see the shopping for the bath nor installation.

Yeah I feel cheated somehow. Or when Banba installed the camera in the bath.

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Can asians even have crooked noses?

He may be a bad enough host that he makes his guest sleep on the couch but surely he is not that low!

Might be a spider up there though.

I'm mad that Lin always has the same outfit. It's not even that great.

Yeah I guess it would cost more to do extra designs but come on.

In the novel/manga he stole it from that chick he killed.

“I said I didn’t like killing women that much, but let’s take a step back on that. Lin considered as he looked through the room’s closet. This woman had fairly good tastes in clothing. He stuffed many of the clothes he liked into a branded bag that he also took. If he killed a woman, he gets to take their clothes. It was killing two birds with one stone.” Volume 1, First Inning

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Why is Lin so god damn cute?

The first three episodes were alright but as soon as the fourth episode happened, I was sold. It's been fun since then but I imagine most dropped it after being dissuaded by the first three episodes.

It's like Vatican Miracle Examiners in that it takes 4 episodes to reveal it's true potential.

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I finally got who the person on the right is.
Also, Banba is a pretty handsome dude.

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When that scene happened I realised the twist. It's really true that in anime hair is the key to design.

He's so damn happy.

Free clothes! Sure they may be haunted, but free clothes!

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The novel bits seem to imply looking pretty is some form of therapy for him

It's also like Vatican miracle examiners in that it was one of my favourite shows of the season that came out of nowhere and it will never get a season 2, probably.

There will be an oval in April at least.

Makes sense. Can't control anything else, control your looks.

Currently watching this with my boyfriend. It's good. Posting best couple.

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Probably was to deal with the emotional trauma of separation from his sister.

It doesn't seem like it all comes down to the sister, but also the deprivation, the training and all that.