Vinland Saga

>Vinland Saga gets an anime
What is even going on anymore

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sauce you faggot

Please be fake, I don't want vinland to be tainted with a shit anime

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Too late user. Only a matter of days till we get the first tumblerinas and facebookers.

>holy fuck it's REAL

I guess they'll animate the first part then. I can't even remember where it ended anymore. Was is the king's death?

I'm probably one of the few that isn't excited for this. I feel like the anime adaptation won't do the manga justice. Same with Vagabond.

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>it's real

At least it's by WIT (Attack on Titan, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, The Ancient Magus' Bride), so it'll probably be as good looking. I'm guessing 2 cours covering the "prologue" arc

It's unreal. And by WIT studios of all things. It's like suddenly Japan decided to do all the anime that's usually on fake seasonal charts, like Index S3, Vinland Saga, FMP S3, more FKMT.

Vagabond, S&W S3 and Biscuit Hammer when?

Such a fucking bait and switch if it really does end at the prologue.

>will be shittily animated
>nigs will make "black thorfinn" edits on deviantart
>fags will spam gayporn of vinland saga


Who do you hope voices Thorfinn?

I can't hear anyone but Namikawa Daisuke doing him.

I hurt myself today

>more FKMT
Did I miss something?

somehow I now have complete confidence that Otoyomegatari will get an anime adaption too at some point

Kaiji spin-off about Tonegawa getting an anime.

Well it's been fun lads. In the end, everything is inevitably ruined.

Let us pray. Pray that they do a Farmland adaptation with the prologue only covered in flashbacks.

Oh, you're right. I completely forgot about that because the manga's by a different author.

My most wanted realistic adaptations, ignoring obvious continuations, right now are Gundam The Origin (past the prequels), Dungeon Meshi, and a Zatch Bell reboot. There's been so many old manga being adapted that it feels possible.

at least the good part will be adapted

So childish.

>>nigs will make "black thorfinn" edits on deviantart
Don't tell me they do this to other series'

It will get the Altair treatment

They do it mostly for the series with quirky unique characters they can latch onto like Jojo, BnHA and Houseki no Kuni. VS is too edgy and serious for that usual crowd, if anything it's shounentards and casuals who like Vikings (the TV show) that'll shit the threads up.

This is not the kind of anime that attracts those subhumans I hope

Who cares? Why are you replying to a post made exclusively to shit up the thread?

This'll definitely get a lot of attention from the getgo.
>unusual historical setting
>starts strong with a lot of action and land-boats
>action only lets up for Thorfinn's past
>his past is amazing
Even though I liked farming and the current arc, the prologue is truly great from start to finish, unless they do some weird CG shit or rush it, this will be big.

>unless they do some weird CG shit
Oh god, I can already imagine the horrible CG vikings in the background during battles.

My only worry is the music. An anime about vikings can't just get generic BGM and a j-rock OP/ED or anything like that.

I hope Varg Vikernes comments on it, he thinks Vikings (the series) is shit


It will be English dub only with Drunken Sailor BGM

I don't think it'll be bad. SnK's second season had more CG, but it was only jarring when it was the Colossal Titan.
The OP/ED barely really, but I trust the music will be good. Every WIT anime I've watched has great music, even if they went with Sawano he can make great themed music like he did for NnT.

I just want to come out and say that I disliked this manga with its cringy edgelord self insert and devil fruit powers before it got an anime and that Wit studio has a shit track record and only one competent director: its AoT director but even then he sucks at originals like Kabaneri.

Can't wait.

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Are you implying Susumu Hirasawa was bad in Berserk?

I can already see how it will go
>Anime ends just before Farmland Saga
>Anime only fans complain and begs for more
>S2 comes
>board fills with neverending shitposts

Watch it be fully CGI like that godawful Ajin adaptation.

Do you think Yuki Kaji will do a good job as Thorfinn?

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I am trying to find black edits, all I can find are these weird black OC characters made by a German kid

all adaptations by WIT have been at least decent. They even made SNK watchable. I have a lot of hope.

> edgelord self insert
Did you even read past the first arc? How can you miss the point so much?
>and devil fruit powers
Now you really lost me.

That was Polygon, which does CG anime. WIT is known for good animation, unless it's outsourced or a joint project it should be really good.

>did you even read past the first arc
Yes. He turns into a homosexual that burns down his farm saga just so his crush can horny up some slave they've only met once.

It's just poorly written dreck dude.

>now you've really lost me
So you're a speedreader then. That just proves nobody that's an actual fan of this trashy series actually reads it. I'm just going to assume its fans are all rabid teenagers that are new to literature.

There's nothing unusual about it, there's plenty of historical manga that aren't set in Japan, not like newfags ever heard of them.

I really hope they put allein duinn as ED and when throfinn dad dies.

meant for

To see if I still feel

>hurrdurr I'm retarded
Historical manga almost never get adapted, much less good adaptations. This is different from the usual weeby anime, and it'll cater to wider audiences: the crowd that doesn't read manga.

Poor bait.

>fags will spam gayporn of vinland saga
but we already had Thorfinn x Canute porn back when the prologue was still ongoing

You clearly just hate this series and aren't here to talk. I won't even argue with you, just leave the threads and have fun instead of whining about the things you don't like.

I like Duinn something like that would be fucking awesome for such scenes.

>all these people bitching because they don't want their secret manga to be tainted by normalfags

Fuck off. If you were fans of the series you should want the author's hard work to be rewarded with a good anime and more recognition.

He's not going to get a good anime you fucking retard.

You mean like two? Stop shitposting.

Fuck. Off.

I actually reckon it would be really poetic between seasons. With such an epic finisher at the end of a first season, a bleak depressing setting at a farm would just look so cool as a season 2 first episode. It would confuse so many anime-onlys but in a good way.

I think most people are just expecting a shit adaptation because that's not uncommon. I'm not someone who reads Vinland Saga but I've read plenty of manga that get shit adaptations and then that's all that's ever talked about and you have people judging an entire work by a shit adaptation because they don't like reading manga.

Anyone that thinks that VS is "secret" clearly doesn't read a lot of manga. It's one of the most recommended ones everywhere, just like Shingeki was before the anime.

Jojo got that and look what happened. Just fuck off already.

this statement has absolutely no basis in anything but your pessimism. Brighten up your life, friend.

Jojo threads were always Sup Forums central even before the anime because of the Dreamcast game.

>he doesn't want to watch a full cour of mostly farming
You're afaggot.

The farm is seriously underrated. The wait is what made it painful, but it was great in its own way. It set up all that we needed for the proper Vinland Saga that the manga is about.

At the very least, it can't possibly be worst than CLANGserk.

The Jojo anime is still great, just ignore the retarded normalfags

I didn't really like the manga,maybe the anime will be ok.

Jojo threads were full of secondaries anyways, everyone acted like they read the manga when they'd only watched the OVAs. A lot of people didn't want to read Part 4 because of Duwang, and many skipped parts.

Don't get me wrong, the fanbase is absolute ass nowadays, but it was never really good. Maybe the ASB generals on /vg/ before the game released, but that's it.

Read my post again. It's not the farm saga I'm against, it's the only showing the prologue in flashback form that would look dumb.

I'm holding my judgement until I see a few episodes, but I know where you are coming from.

My comment wasn't supposed to go against what you said.

No it wouldn't, it'd perfect since the viewer could self insert as Einar.

Vagabond couldn't work because the action is too detailed and every movement counts, so a lot would be lost in movement. The art is also too detailed, and it's full of internal monologues. VS is much more straightforward, especially the prologue, all it needs is good animators which WIT has.

You are just full of bad ideas, aren't you.

>Devilfruit powers.

What? At worst we get Kingdom tiers of OP, where did you pull devil fruits from?But JoJo was a pretty much a 1:1 adaptation with no CG, what was wrong with it?

Just admit you just want to watch the Prologue and nothing else.

>JoJo was a pretty much a 1:1 adaptation with no CG
The art and animation were shit.

Can't wait for the inevitable live-action adaptation with an all Japanese cast.

"Good" anime.

I hope so. The last time Yukimura's work got adapted it was fucking shat on by the director. Hope there's a competent director who doesn't think that there needs a stupid joke every 2 minutes.

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Vinland Saga is already very popular

>But JoJo was a pretty much a 1:1 adaptation with no CG, what was wrong with it?
That guy was probably talking about the new fanbase, but what you said is a load of shit. The character design isn't very faithful and tries something different in the first two parts, minor scenes are removed for censoring or pacing (the first two parts were kind of rushed), and part 3 added a lot of new scenes, which was great. Part 4 also had new scenes, changed arcs around and mixed them in the same episodes by the end. It's an accurate adaptation, but compared to others which are basically the same as the manga, I wouldn't call it 1:1.

I liked the farmland saga but you can't deny one of the reasons it was so good was because it was such a drastic impact from the action that was season 1. And taking that away via flashback or whatever would be awful.

>Vinland Saga is already very popular

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>more manga gets adapted into anime
>less manga I have to actually read
Great. Take your shit, outdated medium and give people what they actually want.

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>CG ships being carried down CG hills by CG vikings
>hand-drawn dialogue scenes, CG action scenes
>all the background soldiers/vikings are identical copy/pastes

C-can't fucking wait haHAa

I hope the farthest they is Askeladden dying and after that just stopping. Maybe some OVAs of Farmland Saga, but that is it.

>no CG
The Chariot Battle was ruined because the awful CG.

>Farmland saga will be adapted in your lifetime

Nah, need at least some Canute's more batshit moments for some fun.

How does it feel that you only experience stories through shitty adaptations that butcher the original source material more often than not.

Farmland saga was OK. But everything after that was utter shit.

>Maybe some OVAs of Farmland Saga
What's with the eternal OVA meme? There's barely any big OVAs anymore, and they are almost always standalone. Why not a second season, why is it always OVAs?

So what's Thorfinn's general opinion of Canute?

The only way they do Farmland is if this shit is 50+ episodes long or they absolutely murder the pacing.

OVAs tend to have higher budgets but like you said they're not that common anymore unless you count stream originals like Devilman Crybaby as OVAs. Wikipedia calls them ONAs, original net animations.

And get to see Farmland Saga? Hell no. It literally turned to shit after Askeladd's death.

He respects him enough to leave the old world in his hands.

He fucking hates him but is too apathetic to actually do anything about it.