When did it start going wrong?

When did it start going wrong?

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When the jews entered the picture.

only in the final arc

The fanalis should have been the MCs.

Are you black?

Huh? I'm not sure what my race has to do with anything, but no I'm not. Just found them more interesting. Plus Morgiana would have gotten more focus that way.

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Right after magnostadt.

is the manga better? I dropped the anime at episode because I was bored out of my mind. I don't need action to be entertained but I didn't even really like the characters except Morgiana

>A-1 anime
No shit the manga is better. Anime was a trainwreck except for the godly soundtrack.

I wouldnt call it "going wrong", but it sure did start getting long in the tooth after magnostadt
I did enjoy alibabas adventures in capitalism though

When barbeque man and shindobaddo were teleporting behind eachother.

This. Alibaba's marriage was also forced for no good reason. And honestly I've never seen a good timeskip, this was no exception.

Should i post the "everything wrong with Magi" pasta? or somebody screencapped it? because that's your answer.

Sudden flash back arc happened. Too much tldr shit mind fuck and too much focus on new characters of no interest.

>Alibaba's marriage was also forced for no good reason.
Hm, someone seems bitter that their preferred pairing didn't happen.

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post it

Smells like a fishfag in here.

should have focused on adventure and let the plot, politics and history take a back seat but she ruined it on focusing on her mary sue husbando

I stopped reading after Alibaba and Hakuryuu's fight (as in when those chapters came out). Haven't been able to get myself to finish since.

The flashback arc.

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but the followup with hakuryuu's revenge and the civil war arc was god tier

Oh boy, i can name many:
>Aladdin was a nice protagonist at first since he is the drive force that allow us to know about the world, Alibaba at the other hand is a generic shounen main characer that swallow more screentime that he should, if he had a more interesting personality it could have worked better.
>This manga sure like to push the "slavery is bad" message, i mean, yeah, slavery is pretty fucked up, but it ended more being preachy, considering the setting no one should have a problem with slavery since that is part of their culture, but everytime it is adressed everyone talk about how awful it is, i mean, i think the message could be stronger if Alibaba was fine and casual while explaining what slavery is when they first encounter Morgiana but Aladdin is the one having problems with that kind of system, Alibaba don't understand Aladin's problem, after all, it have been part of their culture since the very begining, but after the first dungeon arc, knowing Morgiana better and with the treat of his country becoming a slave exporting country he realize the real evil of the system giving him a reason to change the world for the better and *gasp* also giving him actual character development. Also is there any need to push the exact same message for like 50 or so chapters in a row?
>in the kouga clan arc there was this general who was treating the natives really bad, was pushing an offensive aproach and was a really asshole dude, what shoul Hakuei do? letting him in charge of the entire army of course! what a brilliant idea!, also in the same arc, the same dude captured a bunch of girls to make them slaves, but he had the oh so great idea of keeping them to make her give birth to many babies they could sell, what was exactly his plan? to put the girls in kou's militar camp where Hakuei could find the girls and recognize them putting in risk that guy's position in the military or outright punishing him to death.

>So this guy managed to capture Morgiana, for some reason he think the most logical option is to put her in the same cell that the loli, fine, i'm ok with that, the loli get sick and Fatima decide that the better option would be straight up killing her (remember we are giving a message) but acurately sick slaves were still sold but with a sign that say that they were sick, of course she would cost less, but she could cost something, that guy is actually losing money by getting rid of her, you might argue that he didn't want to expose her to the other slaves and infect them too, but if that's the case he could put Nadja in an empty quarantine cell until she get better or die, at least with this option there is the possibility that she survives and he can make a profit, but ok, i'm still okay with that, with what i'm not okay with is that when he was going to kill the loli he had the oh so great idea to drag Morgiana and make her see how the loli is killed, you may make the argument that Fatima was being cocky and never expected Morgiana to get loose of her chains, but when you think about it, there was no need at all, he could just get the loli out, kill her and keep Morgiana prisioner, fuck, i'm a better slave trader than this guy and i'm just a fat neet who read manga and watches anime all day, and even when Morgiana defeat everyone he could call his hawk and surprise attack her again, but that requires having at least two neurons to think about that, remember, slavery is bad and all slave traders are cartoonish evil idiots we have to tell you this message... for the third time in a row.
>ok, i'm in the middle of Balbadd arc and... there is actually nothing bad with... GOD DAMNIT again with the same thing!?, we get it Ohtaka slavery is bad, want to make us reflect in another theme? maybe, i don't know, homosexuality, misoginy, racism or something like that?

>the Magnostadt arc is good, just good, but it have the fatal flaw of compromising the development of the rest of the MAIN characters, Alibaba got his new transformation off screen and Morgiana (remember her motivation of returning to her home and meet her family again?) got axed for a nonsensical world building, if it were for me i would remove the whole great rift thing and make a round robin arc that changes perspectives between Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana, Aladdin arc would remain the same, Alibaba would have a training arc and Morgiana could have her reunion arc she deserves, she find a village of fanalis that captures and kill anyone who pass nearby, at first she is captured, but then she discover that the leader is... her father!, yay she found her family, she got her happy ending... or did she? at first she is happy, but then she discover the bloody truth of the fanalis tribe she used to belong (because you are seriously telling me that there were only one tribe of Fanalis in the entire world?) it result that the tribe is a warrior tribe who killed many people and other fanalis from other tribes, then she discover who her mother is when another fanalis tribe atack the village leadered by... Morgiana's mother herself, it result that Morg's father destroyed the village when her mother used to live, then he captured her, raped her and force her to give birth to Morgiana and take the baby, Morgiana's mother filled with hate asked for help to Reim's soldiers in Katarg ot knowing that that would be the thing that sparked the fanalis hunt that made Morgiana into a slave in the first place, now Morgiana's father want to declare war to Reim, and Morgiana decide to stop him, because, you know, war is bad, and that they should not resot to violence and they shouldn't do to them the same thing they did to the Fanalis and all that stuff, after that Morgiana realize that her entire family is fucked up and she decide that ...

>her real family is Alibaba and Aladdin and she go to Magnostadt for the final fight against the medium. HOLY SHIT i wrote a better arc for Morgiana that what we actually got, is not perfect, but again, is even better that what we got.
>the Alma Toran arc was fairly long, but we still didn't got the development that we needed
>Arba should have been the final Villian, David is not interesting at all, and since the begining the focus was put in Arba, defeating her was the real objective, the Alma Toran Arc should have developed her better instead of presenting David, or at least he could have been the mini villain of that arc with the purpose of foreshadowing Arba's terrific powers and insanity, i mean, she can hear god's voice telling her what to do, wouldn't that be the same as David clarividence? she could have been the driving force of the assault to the sacred palace... BTW what was the voice that Arba was hearing? it was never explained
>Hakuuryu's redemption was rushed as hell and Alibaba's fake death removed all tension of the manga, why should we care? no main character is going to die anyways
>Why is Ohtaka pushing the narrative that the white rukh is bad whe the entire manga is dedicated to show us that everyone who fell into depravity were evil assholes with the capacity to destroy the world, that narrative would have worked better if during the manga we were presented with heroic fallen people, people who fell into depravity but they were still good guys who helped Aladdin and the crew, that could be the thing that convinces Aladdin that black rukh is not evil by default and the system of the sacred palace is actually corrupted and it has to be destroyed.
>the entire final fight in the sacred palace and outside the sacred palace
>the ending was rushed and incomplete

and at last but not least:
>the implications of the ending, instead of questioning the consequences of a new world or system, it tell us that everything is going to be fine just because the MC says so, without the metal vessels they will no longer have the power to maintain a country? "nah, everything is going to be fine", but without the Magi system how can we manage our contry like we were doing in Reim for...? "Nope, were are going to be fine", at least do you know what would happen if we merge with the dark continent with all those huge creatures capable to eat us with ease? "I SAID THAT WERE WILL BE FINE! NOW SHUT UP!". Great, now we live in a world with vicious creature who can eat us, we have to start from zero, now without Sinbad to regulate the rules of global market, we are now defenseless and, oh boy, Arba is still alive, now she is free to ruin the world in another oportunity, have a nice day!... oh and Wahid and Tess never reunited with Falan and the magician of Alma Toran were forgotten and what will happen to the souls of those who die in the new world, what happened with the souls who died in the old world? were they set to oblivion? they migrated to the rukh of the new world? it is never explained.

Am I supposed to read all that?

Don't worry, i screencapped it

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That is some autism.

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When it stopped being about dungeons.
Also, when it was clear we would never get to see Morgiana's butt.

Why would you want to see Morgiana's butt user?

that big empire that I can't remember anyone's name of. everything else was good or at least interesting enough

Because she is sexy, and her figure was perfect, specially her lower body. The fact that it was always covered bummed me out. I like feet but she was only feet service.

i think there was one page in chapter 29 where her butt is exposed.

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After jew arc

When Sinbad sucked the life out of everything. Everything went to shit once all the focus shifted on him.