The Zabuza arc was Naruto at its absolute peak, it all went downhill after that

the Zabuza arc was Naruto at its absolute peak, it all went downhill after that.

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Literally one of the weaker arcs.

zabuza a gay

Naruto was a top tier shonen through all of the first series and a very enjoyable anime all the way up to the defeat of Pain.

Imagine peaking at your first fucking arc what the hell Kishimoto

Pain arc was cool though.

Right until it ended. I remember Sup Forums caring about Naruto during that arc when any discussion prior would be spammed to death to stave off the malignant Gaia menace.

Overrated by people that didn't watch the entire series or that want to get cool points by pretending to hate the rest.
If you skip filler the only part in pre-timeskip Naruto that was worse than the Zabusa arc is the arc where they go searching for Tsunade everything else is better.

Pain arc is the best.

I've watched entire series and still liked Pain arc the most. I guess I just like villains like Pain, Dr. Doom etc.

Pretty much this.

Shonen might be known for going downhill after a while, but I've never seen one where it's first arc is it's best one.

I always thought the Chunin exams were great.

Ah never mind. I mistaken (OP) for (You)

name one (1) arc better than Zabuza's, the Chunnin Exams is the only contender, the rest of them are literal power-creeped shit.


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Naruto was fun to watch until filler episode became normal

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Unironically this.

The best era of Naruto we had was around the Pain arc. You know, when basically every plot point the series had built up for was finished and executed in rapid succession, one after another. Of course, I'm talking about Sasuke vs. Itachi, Jiraiya vs. Pain, how Naruto finally stops being useless and defeats Pain with two new techniques he only recently learned.

Not to mention it had some golden stuff prior to that too; Asuma dying, followed up with Shikamaru winning one on one against Hidan -- Shikamaru was the only side character that ever did have such an important fight and won it.

Not to mention stuff like Naruto learning that he's the son of the fourth hokage and all that.

Shit was so fucking good and you're honestly fucking gay if you think the Zabuza arc was better than any of all that.

Soul Society was better than the early stuff. And even if that wasn't true, the best of those arcs was the one with Ishida, the last one.

I agree with what you're saying overall, but

>Not to mention stuff like Naruto learning that he's the son of the fourth hokage and all that.

Come on that was so predictable and obvious it hurts.

that wasn't an arc, that was a clusterfucked saga.

How many arc does Naruto have?
Zabusa, chunnin, search for the 5th and Sasuke's retrieval.
If chunnin doesn't count then the only one left is Sasuke's retrieval and that one doesn't have power creeped shit, it was better than Zabusa's with every character being hard countered and ended in the best fight of part 1 Naruto. You're probably blinded by nostalgia.

is this a fucking joke?
it has that whiny kid
whiny sakura
whiny sasuke
whiny naruto
it has 2-3 nice episodes, and a greath death scene. that's it.
peak naruto is sarutobi vs oro and the 2 kages or kakashi and shikamaru vs hidan and kakuzu

It was so good that kishi ran out of plot points to keep the story going without being the trainwreck that was the great ninja war arc

you forgot the Shippuden ones.

Why does sarutobi get no love?

The climax of the chuunin exams arc was straight kino. Seeing the sand ninja get absolutely btfo by everyone, the hokage fight, and naruto's ninja handbook was all well done and beyond hype.

I don't like him because he knew Naruto was the Fourth Hokage's son but didn't do shit to help him.

Naruto really dropped off after the episode where he stole the shadow clone scroll.

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