Ichigo is

aesthetic [ɛsˈθɛtɪk]

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What a handsome guy. Orihime is so lucky.

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Aesthetics were always Kubo's strong point.

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Bleach is an Abe approved anime. Mostly because it had 10/10 bitches

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What is your favorite Bleach girl, Abe-Sama?

Yoruichi, Abe likes delicious brown

Good taste, but I'm more of a Halibel guy myself.

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Abe loves all the Bleach girls. They're all beautiful in his eye

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Abe only fucks 3D girls.

Abe is distraught that user does not trust him

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Abe is a lolicon?

No, Abe likes big booty bitches

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So then he lied?

The jpg is Yoruichi

Huh? So then abe is a lolicon?

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That was the only thing Kubo was good at. He should have either done porn or a fashion show

I'm glad Orihime is happy.

I ain't gay, but I would grate cheese on that nigga's abs.