Ryuuou no Oshigoto

This is my wife

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I want to fuck your wife


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a shit

Blue Ai > Red Ai > Char > Megane > Fang > Future Ai > Keika > Shark > shit > Ginko

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Well congratulations, now tell me the superior Ai aka red Ai is.

Man I can barely sympathize with Ginko. Yeah Yaichi could have told her to fuck off in a nicer way but he was right that she was being useless.

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Ginko > Blue Ai > Red Ai > Char > the rest.

She doesn't see it that way though. Her reaction would have you believe that she believed they could grow stronger if they were together, like growing and up playing over 50, 0000 shogi matches and being each other's rival.

Ai tried the same thing to help him, but he told her off and to move out, mind you. So he was already in a bad state/mood. In the end, he realize he was wrong to push them out the way that he did.

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I want to murder Yaichi.


Lolicon status: TAMED

Impossible, you can't marry an elementary schooler.

Says fucking who?

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Is it still full drama? I am scared of watching.

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When do blue ai and red ai fuck?

Your wife is shit, give me Ginko

But Ginko is the epitome of shit.

I have shit taste then

shit taste

dumb angry womanlet

silver fuggo a shit

Just glad top tier onee-san finally achieved her dream.

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but belldandy already achieved her dream... of sucking cocks

How do you get out of this?

They scissor every night.

She totally knows what the ceremony is about.

How come lolis fucking love mahjong?

Your WAife?

Yaichi recovered from his angst by watching a cake beat a literal old hag, and then he got married to Ai right before the fourth match against the Meijin.

Your wife is pretty cute.

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I don't get it why do they have those weird shogi ceremonies? Japanese autism?

Your wife is a slut and she lets me fuck her for free

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Ai-chan is pure. Stop your slander.

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Maybe I'm retarded, but I didn't get the ending at all. How was he "sold out" by the president? How does him marrying best girl "secure accommodations for future matches, even on days that are a bit inconvenient"? What does that even mean?

yeah, she's pure bliss when she's riding my cock

The Hinatsuru family is loaded, so marrying Yaichi to the Hinatsuru heir means that the location for future events it's assured even if the association isn't doing well economically

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It means Ai's family are happy with them and will let them use their inn.

Thanks. It sounded a lot more nefarious than that

Says the police

Best girl. Ais are fine too though.

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Why does Yaichi even wear glasses??? his two Ai's are perfect

I don't like the police.

Bitch, if you were actually nice to him maybe he'd treat you better!

Fucking tsunderes, man. "I'll treat him like garbage! He'll definitely like me then!"

Even sadder is that it usually works.

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Good thing she will lose like a bitch this time.

her lips is so sexual. I bet her tongue is cute too.

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I love how the age of tsundere is over and they keep losing.

I don't believe you. Why would she ride your cock?

I want to stick my erect penis in between them. Imagine how great a blowjob from Ginko must be, especially if she stares menacingly at you while doing it.

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She's addicted to it

Explain further.

You have to become the alpha loli.

Ai's mom ensuring that, one way or another, she ends up with Yaichi.

Red Ai is a tsundere but does it in a very nice way, not like Ginko.

I'm a gentleman, I can't talk about that. Everything that happens in a bed is a secret matter, without gentlemen there's no ladies.

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How stupid can this anime get?
>Ginko is his sister in shogi
>Literally known her for years
>She basically confessed to him twice
>She comes to help, spergs out on her
>Not a word of apology
>Not a single "I'm sorry"
>Not even a look
I get that Ai is supposed to be the main girl, which is another bad thing, though unrelated, but how the fuck can a character get ignored so fucking hard? Does the author still remember she is in the story or did his pedo side gotten to him?

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Ginko best girl

Maybe it's just me but for once that's actually pretty realistic? When you're this pissed off you just shit on everyone, especially the ones that are trying to calm you down.

She's a raging cunt that doesn't deserve to be loved.

Ginko a shit

>Ai is supposed to be the main girl, which is another bad thing
The story is about Yaichi making of Ai the stronger female shogi player, and somehow Ai being the heroine in a story about Yaichi and her is a bad thing. And now whoever likes Ai is a shitposter. Kill yourself, shiteater

Nonsense, the police have their own loli breeding program.

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He going out on her is fine. My problem is that, despite growing a conscience out of nowhere (Keika's speech literally justified everything he did and basically told him to do it even more), he goes to apologize to Ai, but doesn't give a shit to someone who he should care, at least, as much as he cares for Keika. As much as I like Ginko, I'm not asking for him to choose the girl that was set up to loose from the get go, I'm just saying that the way they just forget her existence and bring her only when convenient is one of the worst points in the show.

Not asking for Yaichi to love her, but the two are said to be really close. My problem is simply that despite setting them up as that, this connection only comes up when they find it convenient. But when it would make sense for it to come into play they just put her aside and give more screen time to the lolis.

> And now whoever likes Ai is a shitposter
Never said that, and if finish reading that line I said it is unrelated to my issue with this episode.
>somehow Ai being the heroine in a story about Yaichi and her is a bad thing
Being the heroine is one thing, being the main love interest of the protagonist is another. It simply doesn't make sense for the two to hook up (which is going to happen, we all know it), and it's even weird because technically they are supposed to have a father-daughter relationship.
So, either the author is going with the obvious and forcing a weird relation because she is the heroine and needs to win Yaichi bowl and muh loli, or he isn't and all the set up until now will just be bait. One way or the other, it's a bad move.

>he goes to apologize to Ai, but doesn't give a shit to someone who he should care
Probably because what he did to Ai was much worse than Ginko and he thought of her before anyone else for that reason? Maybe because Ai is still a kid after all and she needs to be reassured meanwhile Ginko is fucking 14 and should understand the reason behind what he did better than Ai.

He did go
> oh fuck I forgot to apologize to anedeshi
at the end of the episode.

Sorry, I didn't realize that when you apologize to one person, you're immediately excluded from apologizing to anyone else. Even if you're going to take a train together, you literally can't even just shout a "I'm sorry" in their general direction. Specially if you did something worse to someone else, then whatever you did to them is just meaningless, because why would they feel bad when someone had it worse, am I right?

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He literally just forgot about Ginko that's all, why are you being so fucking autistic about it?

Just because you'd like Ginko to marry him, that doesn't make Ai a bad choice. If you take everything into account, Ai is more suitable for a wife than any of the others.

Her eyes look weird. They should have kissed in this scene.

>another bad thing
That would be Stinko.

Yeah, I expected her to be BTFO this episode but I didn't expect Yaichi to forget about her afterwards. I know she gets her own volume afterwards, but Is she about to get eternally BTFO as far as the anime goes?

Because it's fucking stupid writing. How the fuck does one forget to apologize? They took a fucking train together, it's not like she showed up in the ceremony and he didn't had a chance. Fucking hell he even took a punch from her, how do you fucking forget a beating from one or two days ago?
It's basically what I've been saying, it wasn't convenient for the author to have that situation resolve, or to he do anything. It's better to wait until everyone forgets and keep pushing lolis in the meantime.

>Just because you'd like Ginko to marry him
Never claimed that. I said I like Ginko, not that I want him to marry her. Stop trying to make up stuff from my replies.
>Ai is more suitable for a wife than any of the others
By her merits? Yes. But it doesn't make sense contextually.
>Ai is almost half of his age
>Since he is the master, they are supposed to have a father-daughter relationship
>Trying to build a romance between a 14y/o teenager and a 9y/o kid
>He is supposed to make her a professional so he doesn't have to marry her
The author set up everything in a way that simply makes it weird for the two to have a romance, yet he is pushing down this line.

AHEGAO side profile

how did Ai get promoted when she lost in the tournament?

It wasn't a single elimination tournament. Did you forget that Keika also lost at one point?

But user, you're saying that you're fucking someonelse's wife. At least let me watch!

Why didn't Red Ai get promoted if she was waiting for Blue Ai to do it first?


You have some fucking stamina, do you even ever sleep? Are you not tired of ironically claiming you're a "super lolicon" on those thread every minutes of the day?

Man, that guy is long gone and you come here 45 minutes later only to keep shitposting? God, you guys are hilarious

>only one (You)

Try again, Ginkofag. This may surprise you, but there is more than one person who hates your waifu.

I hate ginko but I didn't get any (You) from him

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man ginko got btfo in this episode, "youre useless to me" way too harsh even for shitko when she was being genuinely nice for once
and ai got a full on wedding "in sickness and in health". Thats got to fucking hurt
Also, if you watch the video of the hug, ais lips purse as the hug goes in, she thought it was a kiss

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Can i watch this show expecting good shogi matches?

Because she's CUTE

Not really.
First episodes were about the gang of lolis playing shogi. Then it started focusing on the hags and their jealousy towards the lolis and it became a dramafest. You can watch it if you like ginko, there's fanservice of her in almost every episode if you're into femdom

I know, I also feel bad when that happens.

If I were to recommend this show to someone, I would tell them to stop watching at episode 9. This shoehorned drama actually makes the show worse if you wanted to have a good time.

Try telling them to stop at episode 2, after that it became shit.

I would tell them to keep watching because Yaichi realizing he's a retard leading into his absolute confusion at the totally not a marriage was great. Next episode looks like it's going to be fun as well.

but then you wouldnt get Keikas heartwarming win, and Yaichi apologizing to Ai and going in for the hug, and the endless spoiling of Ai and the "wedding"
this episode was great

Best girl did nothing wrong.

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There's three threads up and he has spammed in all of them. That's nothing new for shitposter-kun at all. Might as well leave this to get it out of this system.

Shitposter checklist:
>fuck off
>loli hater
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>old hag
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>I'd rather this cow
>shitters, everyone
>sudden appearance Blue and Red Ai false flags
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>muh boogeyman
>random instances of multiquotes to imply he's a meme
>worst girl
>remove Ginko
>throw rocks
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>best girl

Don't forget

>this is an antilolicon show
He says as Ginko gets btfo so hard even her ancestors felt it

>ctrl+f stinko, shitko
>total results 14
Imagine the thought process that goes through his mind. BTFO should be on there. It's now become his second most favorite buzzword with 13 results.

The more vocal outcry Ginko gets from contrarians, the more I love and want to head pat her.

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