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Black Clover's best basketball team - the Bulls

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>original thread not even archived
>not anime related image
>barely recognizable nipponese

Try searching for Black Clover in the catalog newfag-kun.


Deja vu

well next time at least use an image people will recognize as Black Clover

This is now a Yami thread

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Pierrot has their best animators working on their new masterpiece(Pic fucking related).

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I heard some Fate/Apocypha animators were being moved over as thanks to the director of BC for helping with Fate. That scene in the latest episode where Fuegoleon one-shot Alfred was done by Iwazawa Toru.

I actually copied it off the last thread

What will Magna do now that his boyfriend has been ELFED?

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2 threads ago Legolas was the OP pic

What the fuck is this aberration?


new popularity poll vote niggers

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They're just freelance animators, so they'll only be doing short cuts each ep. Kawakami did the best stuff in the first cour but he's now been poached to work on Franxx.

How many episodes is that cuckfest?


Well as long as Yami vs Patolli is animated well

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Are you ready for tomorrow, anons?

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You know I am

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When will we get the LN anons?

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Probably after the Third Eye is introduced but before Vetto's fight

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I'd like to think that SP wouldn't be retarded enough to go cheap for the Yami/Patolli fight.

don't overestimate them

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they already fucked up the Asta vs Mars fight. Don't get your hopes up.

Anyone think Asta's attraction to Sister Lily is just an excuse for him to pretend to have a love life?
His experience with women must have been shit given his pedigree so he goes after something impossible from the start.

Sister Lily is just there to make sure people don't think Asta and Yuno are gay. Of course, that didn't work at all.

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Mimosa a best!

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Every single moment of the anime was dumpster fire what makes you think they won't ruin that fight either?
The manga is wasted on this garbage studio. Such a shame.

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Shit fuck meant to reply to

Good taste

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I see based Gentle-poster is back

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Good to be back. I hope the thread doesn't turn to utter shit like the last one.

Is it Charmy's fight in the anime? I may need to tune in for cute midget and crippled Fuego.

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Hinata reject is not the best at anything

This. Noelle is superior in every way.

Mimosa is thiccer

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Was this the most hype moment of 2017?

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I did find it refreshing that he was actually a Black Bull all along. Just a neat little twist on a common trope.

Look at those tits, holy shiiet.

Mimosa looks like a very cute doll in that pic

Any theories on this guy? He's the one who created the child death match program of the Diamond Kingdom and the one who brainwashed Mars and Ladros.

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I'm actually really looking forward to when he's the main villain of the next Diamond Kingdom arc. I'm 100% all the mages he's worked on have just been practice for when he eventually modifies himself. He'll probably be really strong/durable physically, like Mars and Ladros, while also using multiple magic elements.

I just started reading the manga a month ago. The start is pretty weak and almost dropped it.
I like the female cast can actually do shit and shine.

>I just started reading the manga a month ago. The start is pretty weak and almost dropped it.
>I like the female cast can actually do shit and shine.
Pretty much the general consensus around here. Glad you're enjoying it enough to be here though.
I feel like he might get involved pretty soon. A guy like Morris would so want to brainwash an elf.

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I can't wait for the next Diamond Kingdom encounter. I want to see the new generals in action.

Daily reminder the anime is shit and Pierrot don't give a fuck about it.
Stick to the manga

He's gonna end up like pic related, except less of a jobber

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My theory is that he copied ancient elf magic for his current militar usage


Speaking of the anime, why Asta's voice is so fucking horrible? He sounded fine in the freaking OVA.

>He sounded fine in the freaking OVA.
He freaking sucked in the OVA.

just watch it dubbed

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Both versions are horrible. Asta's TV show and OVA voice are attrocious.

Good team, I'm rooting for them

Shit. Are these guys really dead? I'm gonna miss the dumbass trio. I liked them a lot.

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I don't like their odds
They've got zombie magic on their side.

Seeing someone like Valtos who's always cool and composed like this really hurt my heart. I'm gonna miss him and Rades. Don't care for harem member #4

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I'll be sad if they're all dead for good, but I don't think Tabata would be able to bring them back without the whole thing resulting in some really shitty writing.

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Guy vs Madara, one of the most hyped fights in naruto got absolutely shitted on.

what was shit about it?

honestly the onlything that ruined that fight was the cheap CGI Pierrot used

After the elf travesty is over, will Fuegoleon ever get his captain position back? His sis is a way better leader and teacher.
As sad as it is, he is kind of unneeded.

I still dont know why he is so hyped, he did nothing

If Leona steps down I'm pretty sure Fuego is the only one strong enough to take up that position. Leopold is still too young and inexperienced, Forte and Ben both jobbed within seconds during the tournament arc, and Ruben is surrounded by 3 ELFED allies who will most likely kill him next chapter. No one else really can do it unless Tabata introduces another Crimson Lion.

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They like burned, then crumbled, and their souls or whatever were all visibly sucked up to power the spell. They appear to be super dead.

>except not really because Rades secretly used his soul corpse magic to save the trio before they fully disintegrated and then hid
>mfw this actually happens

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He's the reason Noelle stopped being such a huge useless pussy.

>Leona Magic Empress

Noelle protected the villagers in Sosshi which allowed Magna and Asta to turn their attention to Heath and beat him since they didn't have to worry. She was never useless.

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Fine with me but she says she doesn't like political shit so I can't see it working out. Yami/Nozel is our best bet.

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Nozelle wouldnt accept the position unless he beats Licht himself and avenges Fuego, and Yami is Yami

He was the first captain/noble that wasn't a douche.

you called Kara Boga?

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Well who should it be? All of the captains are autistic to some degree (thanks Julius)

Is black clover really that popular like bcfag say? What a change its become the pillar of shonen jump?

Are you okay?

No one ever said it was popular. Its nowhere near being a pillar of shonen jump. People can just talk about it now without having their opinions drowned out in a sea of negativity.

No Captain with self respect would accept the position since they got BTFO by elves, obvious bet would be the one who beats most elves during their rampage

It's getting all this attention because the last two chapters were hype as fuck, with the Tabata revealing things that were foreshadowed over a hundred chapters ago.

Vote Silva for Magic Emperor

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I wonder when we're going to meet Noelle's father.

maybe this cunt will actually wake the fuck up and show us what she can do

unless she got ELFED

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>Is black clover really that popular
No, just nigger Academia is going down the shitter since the past 2 arcs.

wow amazing we really can't go one thread without someone throwing shit at MHA, huh?

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I dislike that Nozel is the only sibling who has more to him than just "stuck up asshole who despises Noelle". I mean, Nozel has that too, but he has a little more to him, including his friendship with Fuegoleon.

what else could Solid and Nebra really be except plot devices for Noelle's development though?

He also recognized the Black Bulls, Asta specifically

So we are back to Red Lioness again?

>all the shitposters are gone

Have you people learned nothing 24/7 threads only lead to ruin

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>archive soon
It was a nice chain of threads. See you lads Friday morning. Sage'd

Yeah, after 4 threads,i think we've discuussed and shitposted all what we could. See ya.

And reminder the anime is shit

I hope Tabata actually has the balls to let the elves conquer Clover and have the cast escape to Heart. It would be weird if the elves just went into hiding considering how strong they are right now. Clover has lost Julius, William, Rill and probably Charlotte as well and the elves have three 4-leafs along with the best squad in the kingdom. The magic knights are outmatched.

honestly first 2 threads were pretty comfy. least the julius avatarfag is actually contributing instead of just posting an image of naruto

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Who's that?

Her name is Mariella. She's an assassin from the Diamond Kingdom who was hired to bring Fanzell and Dominante back to the kingdom but Asta used talk-no-jutsu on her and she became friend. Fanzell, Dominante, and Mariella are all LN characters who later re-appeared in the Witch's Forest arc.

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She's 15?