Komi-san wa komyushou desu chapter 132 Korean scans

It's out

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I like this gal
What the fuck is Yamai doing there?!
Is she stealing gyaru's spot as a retaliation for sitting next to Komi?

aww shit, poor girl

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Fuck, that's just too sad

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Gyaru eyes are that big or is just the make up ?

She really looks like a bug,

I want to hug her

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Fuck me, I just coudln't wait for OP and I went to see the chapter
holy shit, I'm surpised

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here we go

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pls author lets us see gyaruchan without her make up, pls.

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Oh my god, Komi's actually doing the healing.
Holy shit.
I'm so fucking proud of her.

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is this gonna be like nyan koi? removing makeup turns her into new best girl?

She had to do it. If she has left tadano Gyaru would have fallen in love with him instantly.

It happened with Katai.

And that's the last page

Don't underestimate based Oda.

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She spoke to someone other than Tadano!

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oh god, she's cute as fuck
Komi is very cute here too

love this fuckin manga

Poor gyaru-chan needed it

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HNNNNNGGGG, thank fuck. I hated the gyaru trash. Literally new best girl.

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Oh no, she's cute!

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kinda wish she had kept the hair though


she would be considered gyaru now. She was more manba style previously.

Where did the unicorn go?

She is now basic Gyaru, not Manba

Hope she remains a gyaru

Fuck you guys, from this point im gonna pair gyaruchan with Katai.

a cute

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Fuck that nigga, Katai is for Shogi.

No, it was trash. Just looking at it made me mad.

Komi's introduced some competition for best girl.

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from ganguro to gyaru, god bless amen

They're all cute user, that's the secret!

With the exception of Yamai

did she threw up?

i think it would've been fun to see it change every chapter. like maybe there's a toy train running around it one day, or dinosaurs and then ufos or w/e

>That Komi "is gonna be daijobu" smile

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Yes, but am confused as to why

I think it's just make-up leaking onto the ground.

Stress and despair

i think she says something like BLLEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH though

They can compete, Maeby seeing Katai showing some attetion to gyaru would make shogi try to change her nerd appearance for a more sexy one.

That can be a chapter. THINK about the posibilities.

Cuter than even Komi

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Never cried so much and so hard? I did it once when I was a little kid and I was so damn sad, I puked a little back then

Real Yamai maybe, tsundere waifu Yamai is cute too

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I want to give this Mamba a hug.

She was purified from a freak manba to a cute as fuck base gyaru.
She's probably one of the cutest girl from the school, along with Komi (see the class's reactions)

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That's impossible

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>Mamba stops wearing her makeup.
>Shes the cutest.
>Never wears her makeup again.

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How Sad
Oh no! she's cute!
I want to protect her

Katai is a fucking mountain jesus

Maybe it's hard for her to leave her old habits so Komi and co. has to help her

the only thing that makes me vomit nowadays is a migraine, i can usually just tough it out or chew some gum other times

Waait! if Rumiko is becoming pure, maybe Yamai will turn into a ganguro yandere lesbian? Can she become worse?

I guess it was way too much stress, anxiety and sadness. I can clearly see why it happened that to gyaru-chan

Everything went better than expected, and I expected only heartwarming stuff.

i will never, ever get tired of this meme

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We'll see
I thought she had blue eyes

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>Komi Chan is now a big sister


she got a boring design now

Who the fuck wants to be friends with these shallow assholes anyway?

new best girl?
new best girl (and I feel that she will be like that for a long time)

With all that makeup you didn't expect colored contacts as well?

I need translations

Kinda wish she kept those.

I see Roy Lichtenstein in this page

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I don't think that she's completely purified tho

paging korean user

And just like that i ship Katai and Gyaru girl.

So how far are we into highschool? A year, two years?

Why the fuck isn't their a collage of Komi yet?

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The 2nd year started like two chapters ago user

First day os second year.

So 2 more years until senior year? Any idea on the chapter count the authors thinking of making? (100 chapters left/200 chapters?)

Isn't highschool three years in japan?

Pretty hard to estimate but since
>it sells really well
>Komi's goal of achieving 100 friends isn't even close to be accomplished
>two years left of HS
>doesn't have an anime YET

I would bet we're not even halfway. +250 chapters.


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Yea thats what kind of gets me, to get to 100 friends the authors gonna have to either start bunching characters together as "friend packages" or write a lot more chapters (most likely one, so im happy)

some other user was saying it is selling like shit


He was lying and retards lik you fell for it.

I don't think she will accomplish that goal. I think she will realize you don't need 100 friends. You just need some really good ones.

That's bait retard. It has +1.3 million sells.

>to get to 100 friends the authors gonna have to either start bunching characters together as "friend packages"
He kinda does that already. The kids from the snow fight are probably part of the 100 friends already, just like the cat.

>spend 4 hours every morning doing your makup/hair so people will like you
>people still don't like you

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that was bait, my friend
it's one of the most popular mangas in that magazine

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