What is going on here?

What is going on here?

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>Sorry Guts, but my heart belongs to Griffith
>This is goodbye

shes thanking the girls for taking care of her while she was potato'd

She looks like a frog.

Clannad, everything was just a dream

Better a frog than a potato.

where the fuck is the other thread

Who the fuck is Farneze Shiruke Ibarera

fuck she looks scary as fuck

I am uncomfortable. She looks deformed, crazy and... sort of evil?

I don’t speak nip
She looks like a frog

>Nice to meet you. Farnese, Schierke, Ivarela. 'Elaine' has been taken care of for a long time
That’s what that whore girl called her when she was in her care

somebody saved the pic that showed the height of guts' penis?


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ayy lmao

Luca is not a whore

>I miss Griffith

>I know what you are thinking
>Yes, I did enjoy it
>Yeah sorry

>Hiatus until December, tune in next time

>whore girl

Luca's moved on to bigger and better things, running her own inn.


Luca is a whore. Her breath smells like old man semen.

Maybe Casca's frustrated dream is being a whore.


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Her nose looks weird but the dialogue seems pretty neutral. Wonder if she'll only go apeshit when Guts suggests leaving Griffith alone and living a comfy life in elf island.

Your moms breath smells like old man semen.

So.. when should the full raws be out?

This is the only leak we've had so far.

>yfw she remembers the rape and still has issues with Guts
>yfw we see ultra sad Guts

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You're a shithead. Keep loving a filthy whore. I guess it makes sense for a worm like you to like trash.

doesnt matter if shes tankfull, angry or extremely horny
guts will cry this episode like we dont see him doing in a long time

Your mother

Remember to upvote.

Remember those doujins where Guts dreams of fucking sane Casca again?

So he does remember the RPG party.

I wonder if meeting Isidro will mean the return of the ultra nagger. The thought almost makes me wish she got potato'd again.

I can't believe that shit actually worked


Grifith fetus possesed Caska.

>Nice to meet you. Farnese, Schierke, Ivarela. Now which of you has the Behelit?

like i could ever forget it

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Oh no, she's still a potato....slightly ching chong

You never see this shit on other threads. Why is there so much clinical retardation here?

I think she'll form the closest relationship with Isidro as he can benefit the most from her fighting style rather than Guts'. She'll be more likely to open up about their exploits with the Hawks as well.

>tfw the doujin has better art than the 2018 chapters

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nigga the fuck you talking about
Everything AFTER boat its been GOAT


explain this

>my theory about the anime being sacrificed to bring caska back was fucking REAL


just end me senpai

lel ask your mom how many bfs she had before you ruined her cock cravings. we're not puritans anymore, fucko, your mom will try before she buys

Will Isidro finally find out he's been fanboying about the 100-man killer right next to the guy himself or is the gag gonna keep rolling?

whats wrong with it?

I hope the gag keeps going.

Miura died but they don't want to break the news.

An intern is finishing the manga

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Isidro is exactly the same kind of brat that Guts was, Caska's gonna have a field day with him. Prepare for the return of no-fun-allowed.

Did I hurt your feelings? Was your mother a whore? It's okay user, we're here for you.

>same kind of brat
I don’t see the resemblance

Not the user you're responding to but the facial proportions are insane. For the "devolution" of the art see

>we're not puritans anymore
go back

or maybe miura is a old man who doesnt know how to use a tablet yet

>tfw you wake up after years long coma and now you're a frog

I dunno

>"Guts do this"
>"Farnesse do that"
>"Serpico do it my way"
>"Isidro stop doing that"
>"Elves quiet down and listen!"

You guys will be begging for another eclipse some chapters from now.

I can't look at this shit. Why is she so goddamn wide?

>"Guts go kill Griffith"

She's sacrificing all of Guts party members for Behelit power that way she can join Griffith.

This picture gives me weird feeling. As if I would've lost something.

Its slowly getting better
Dude is a old man, he doesnt know how to use a computer.

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Same kind of asshole kid that Guts was after he warmed up with the band of the hawk minus Caska/Corkus, a rude punk.

I like to imagine a literal bug person wrote this question

But he was drawing her fine right before Farnese and Schriek went into her mind.
Why does she look like evil now?
God, I've been waiting for this moment for 16 years.

It LITERALLY doesn't.

The art is still fantastic. Miura's style of drawing faces has just been changing.

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She's going to see Guts and cry, then he'll break down and cry too being careful as not to touch her with his metal arm.

I am now full waifu material

The middle one is unironically the best. Miura was slowly getting better and better at facial proportions over time until he went full retard in recent years.

Cant wait for nothing related to griffith to happen just so i can see tiny dick worshipers tears

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>it's getting better

Look at OP's Casca.

It's not

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she looks like the cheshire cat

>"Guts go kill Griffith and put your life and my life at risk even though you've done so much to get us to be in a safe place and together. Yes go kill him, and maybe die on the way"

What the fuck, is that actually from the new chapter?

she looks like a reptile not a bug

>everyone turned into elves for some reason

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Guts never raped her. There was that one time he almost did, though.

>someone spent time on this
Jesus, talk about insecure

>everyone looks normal

>fairy island
>everybody starts to look more childish and cartoony

>dreams land,
>mixture of fucked up and cartoony
>caska fucked memories
>everybody looks normal again

its like you people dont understand simbolism

>implying that Guts hasn't always had elf ears

>Miura doesn't know how to use the computer

He sure as fuck learned ctr+c, ctrl+v fast enough

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You know full well that Guts would do that in a heartbeat for her.
After a very long session of extreme passionate sex, of course.

math did nothing wrong
all he did was bite her tit, nothing out of the ordinary

>oh and also if you don't we'll both go to hell when we die no matter what because of our brands

Catsca revenge nyan.

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Doesn't make it any less retarded.

if it helps us to get a chapter a month, for 4 months, every 4 months im fine with it

>God, I've been waiting for this moment for 16 years.
Now I feel bad for only getting into Berserk 2 years ago

>all he did was bite her tit, nothing out of the ordinary
Eh. Guts's bite is strong enough that he held his very own huge dragonslayer sword with it.
Getting bitten by Guts hurts like Hell.

>when you are choking on Miura's cock so hard you explain away shit art as an artistic choice

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I hate you

Bit her titty

You can't even spell it.

That's been retconned though. Just like the idea of evil, and Void.

Abe is scared, anons. He's been waiting so long for this

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guts is a dicklet fags btfo.

I for one welcome our catty overlord.

>during battle
>resting in a island full of magic

they are becoming chestnut versions of thenselves thanks to island magic