You received 1 billion dollars, but you can only spend it bankrolling anime and manga production

You received 1 billion dollars, but you can only spend it bankrolling anime and manga production.
How do you save the anime industry? What do you produce and publish?

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I buy out all anime studios and stop all production saving the world from the plague that is anime.

K-on season 3

I spend 999million dollars on turning myself into an eternal loli, and 1 million dollars to make an anime documentary of the process.

Slice of Life about Gil's Babylonia reign
Adventure about Gil's adventures with Enkidu
FSN 4rth route in which Gil wins HGW and Saber's heart
How to kill mongrels in 1000 ways book.
Mobile Gacha Game where you grind monsters with Gilgamesh and roll for different outfits
3 new mangas with battle royals in which Gilgamesh wins all 3

You can thank me later.

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Anno as director.
Script: oshii
KyoAni as studio.

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1 billion isn't going to buy even close to all anime studios lol

Sorry, but the lolification process costs 1.001 billion dollars

Haruhi s3 and maybe even s4 if i play my cards right, id be a fucking millionaire.

I'd probably make an honest effort to create anime appealing to adults because I'm in my late 20s myself and it's not lost on me that most anime features teens in some sort of high school.
I don't mind. Obviously I still watch a lot of anime. I'd just like to see more quality attempts at creating shows with adult casts. Ideally across multiple genres. There have been a couple, but like there could be more too.

Gritty war series about lolis in Vietnam.

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lucifer and the biscuit hammer anime, drown in money until I die

I would force anno to stop ruining Eva with the Rebuilds

How do you know? Do you have 1 billion dollars? No? Thought so.

>How do you know?
simple math.

bribe politicans till anime gets banned everywhere

I'd buy a bunch of crappy Magic the Gathering rares from an older set. I'd go real deep on them. Practically buy them out.

Then I'd make the most polished and well made magic the gathering anime, in which the main character uses a deck consisting of all these cards I've specced hard into.

Then I'd sell all of my cards into the hype and live happily ever after.

I would literally pick completed manga at random and make start to end adaptations. Tell a random studio they have double the normal time and budget and be as true to source as possible. And they can't license to streamers unless they get paid out the ass to do so. Crunchyroll gets fucked overnight.
Save anime? Maybe. A billion dollars combined with sales and merchandise and some fresh content would probably keep the industry going for decades alone, but the real shot in the arm is the concept of abandoning traditional anime production: waifus, pandering, copy & paste characters, and yet more isekai.


Give ufotable half of that and distribute the rest to other studios

Adaptation of Hayate X Blade
Renewal of Nichijou

Then I'm good.

1 billion seasons of Kill Me Baby.

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I'd do the "Elric" series by Michael Moorcock, it's begging for some kind of adaptation. An anime version has been discussed but nothing came of it. I'd be banking on it's popularity with both Western and SEA audiences.

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donate it all to anime charity

If it's a simple math, then you will not have problems counting how many anime studios I will be able to buy on my $1 billion and how many of them will be left.

10 cours WH40k anime with as much budget needed

I commission a cheap manga detailing my escapades of doing a billion dollars worth of hookers and blow

>do research on the top 10 waifus with the largest fanbase of autists
>use money to license the rights to use the characters in a weird crossover ecchi series full of fanservice
>make billions of dollars
I know working out the logistics behind such a crossover would be difficult, but lets be real, no one has ever thought about dumping a billion dollars on such an autistic crossover idea so of course there's no precedence for it.

If you buy 90% of the companies that doesn't stop anything it creates a monopoly.

I'd flip through Sup Forums's most autistic anime plot ideas and bankroll turning them into an anime. The more autistic the idea the better.

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A 1 Billion dollar adaption of a random battle harem

unable to confess

We got a real tough-guy here, better not fuck with him he's real edgy!

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i kill myself on the spot

I'd produce a 130 episode adaptation of Boku no Pico creating the longest running hentai series in history. Other hentai studios will surely follow suit and long running hentai series as a concept will explode into popularity.

I’d make a poll here on Sup Forums to choose which anime I should invest in since this board has exquisite animu taste

>Look at me I use words I do not know meaning of

Revive Satoshi Kon from the dead and make ABe write his own anime again instead of being attached at the hip to Chiaki Konaka.

Don't have any interest in funding anything anime related but I don't know how you would go about investing in manga in any way. Maybe fund translations for manga that have never been translated.

>find random anime series
>bankroll Scarlett Johansson, Dakota Fanning, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale and other Hollywood A listers to be the voice actors
>not talking about just as English voice actors, but as the Japanese voice actors as well
>A list celebrities will read their lines in Japanese
>also no one will coach them on proper pronunciation or anything like that and they won't be allowed to study Japanese in their own free time

scrap the LotGH project and instead remake the original completely with better designs and directing
spice and wolf sequel
3 more seasons of konosuba
pay that man who is translating amagami a million
hyouka sequels, but on the condition that something happens
gundam 79 remake - but adding more depth, and better directing. plus no CG
idolmaster slice of life/comedy but full-length
adapt all of rokujouma
continue the working!! spinoff
a few manga adaptations here and there
make sure symphogear 5 turns out good
endless strike witches spinoffs
speed up yamato remake production

give me a billion dollars

Red Eyes
No Gun Life
Gunka no Baltzar

Milk shouneneshit and get rich as fuck.

>implying most memesters who post on here about how "ANIME IS A PLAGUE KILL URSELF!!!11!!" aren't edgy crossboarders or normies in their teen years who think it's funny to waste posts on that sort of thing

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Band of Brothers/Saving Private Ryan type anime, but with cute girls to. Also probably a hentai if my fetish.

Kyoani hentai

A faithful Akira adaptation with the same quality animation as the movie.

Interactive anime plot with Sup Forums, based on dub posting. It'd be all hand drawn.

I would buy rights to Yotsuba and make a super high budget hentai of it

What kind of hentai

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>find out the perfect girls, according to Sup Forums
>make a CGDCT anime with a large ensemble cast of 20 or so female characters
>each character psychologically designed in a way to make them the perfect waifu bait and have enough characters to cover the wide spectrum of Sup Forums's taste in girls
>make Sup Forums fall in love with the show and the girls
>last episode is all the girls getting mindbroken and impregnated by bald faceless men

wholesome with lots of handholding.
then the last episode involves rape, scat and guro

Don't forget ntr


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Revive Sunrise S8

thicc shortstacks incest

High quality hentai of all my favorite series.

I'd force an anime adaptation of then end of ww2 against the Japs. With the final scene being the bombs being dropped with ride of the valkryes being played.

>not portraying the Japs as noble and heroic and tricking them into believing the anime is from their point of view and then ending it with the bombs from out of nowhere once you've gained their trust

Hire assassins to murder everyone involved with creating CG.

see This edgy "lel WW2 Japan got nuked so funny! so shocking!" bullshit is annoying. it's not original, funny, or interesting in any way.


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Found the jap

Evangelion 2 but focused purely on awesome mech fights with big cool explosions

I would make sure to make one terrible shitposting fuel anime at least once a year. Extremely stupid plotlines, edgy characters, terrible dialogue, QUALITY. If possible using an already existing IP with many fans

Black Time as a bonus ova.

Fund Pop Team Epic seasons until the money runs out.

Aku no Hana season 2

I'd be using 2ch if I were Japanese, since there's probably less unfunny memesters like you there.

>Adapt all 90+ chapters of Gakuen Babysitters
>Give it a great budget so all aspects of it have the best possible workers
>Heavily promote the series
>Increase Japanese birthrates as a result of the shows success
>Be awarded Order of the Paulownia Flowers
as a thanks for saving the nation
>Marry Ritsu Tainaka

>no fun allowed
Kill yourself,faggot.

Yasuna is a cute.

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I hire some animators and artists to make good stories and give them absolute creative freedom.

If the last episode involves one of the girls on the toilet pooping, when someone barges in while she's in the middle of it, and kills her, then you have some good taste user.

Definitely more Haruhi. Definitely.

Ninja Slayer S2
Ninja Slayer S3
Ninja Slayer puppet musical
Full adaptation of Cat Shit One

Code Geass. But with yuri. No harem shit. Eva style mechs. And fully complete the plot, expanding on a Geass actually is, where they came from, and expand on the thought elevator.

The whole 1 billion would go into and have an amazing production values for 50 episodes.

Ilya season 5

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Hire Shigesato Itoi to make anime. He already made games and all sorts of textual writing, how hard can it be?

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Since no one has posted it yet I will. I'd fund a Berserk anime that's as close as possible to the manga and I'd lock up Miura in a dungeon and wouldn't let him out until he finishes Berserk. also I'd tease him by playing idolmaster in front of him

Nothing in the OP said you get any of the proceeds from these anime.

but what about the rest of the money? An anime doesn't cost nearly 1 billion dollars.

I'd bankroll Kyoani for Nichijou S2, just for my personal joy. Then I guess I'd bring Shaft, IG, and Trigger together to animate a $700 million adaptation of PunPun that would take 10 years to make. I don't really care for PunPun personally, but the adaptation would probably end anime altogether, because no one would be able to watch regular anime again after that.

Manga isn't perfect you idiot, there's always room for improvement. I kind of agree with you though, creating high quality shit may not be the safest way to make money but it'll definitely save anime.

user's post doesn't have any words with more than two syllables. How could he not understand what he wrote?

And he proves my point once again.

Horus Heresy is the superior setting anyway.

Hiroyuki Imaishi, get back to work.

I doubt this will save the industry but
>Remake Claymore, Fist of the North Star, and Original Dragon Ball anime
>Fund more sexy magical girl shows like Kill la Kill and Cutie Honey
>Fund more Shonen/Seinen series with hypermasculine protagonists
>Fund more Josei/Shoujo series with sexually frustrated Office Lady protagonists
The Tojo's will probably hate it and it will probably crash the industry but we'd be getting good stuff for a least a few months.

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Will this be the glorious revival of a 2-course Keit-ai series

I like MTG too, user.

What does the anime industry need saving from?

Because he clinically retarded newfag, that's how.

What studio would you give it to?
Is there any studio that could pull of a perfect Beserk adaptation?

From itself

Commission an OVA entirely in POV in where my wife is lovey-dovey towards me while calling me by name. I'll keep the one sole BD copy with me at all times and have multiple digital backups.
The rest should be plenty enough to fund even more OVA or S2 of her franchise as well, as it's a good franchise and the more content there is the more saved the industry will become. My exclusive waifu OVA is necessary to save anime because if it isn't made I will not make funds for future content available.

High school setting.
Lack of anime originals.
David Productions