Please tell me you've seen at least 300

Please tell me you've seen at least 300

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Don't worry


Manga is more important

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I've stopped counting 6 years ago. But definitely above 300

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Probably read over 10k manga chaps
Over 500 eps

Sitting in the mid 500s, but I spend more time reading manga now.

>500 eps
So 40 shows then.

Completed? Over 700. Including stuff i partially watched that clocks in at over 1000.

Stop worrying about that, your e-pen will always be small unless you're some old man with over 3K anime on their list.

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anime yes
tv no
binge watching netflix and movie box

where is this from?

Don't worry. I've dropped alone around 1k.

Retard. Why would I watch crap just for epeen? Shit like this is retarded.



>dropped 1K
You don't even like anime what's the point.

Actually just broke the 300th barrier a few days ago.
SAO2 was my 300th anime, I'm not proud of it

Made it to 200

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I've finished 588, I'm an expert on shit anime.

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>you don't like anime
Logical fallacies retard. Learn how they work.

Don't think that quantity makes you special.

Watching the Big 3 doesn't make you an anime fan.

17x in backlog, these days i watch 5 episodes of an anime then put them on hold forever

You don't need to be an old man to have watched a lot of series. I'm in my early 20s and have been watching anime for around 9 years. I mostly stick with seasonal shows now and rarely ever work on my backlog. I have dropped around 400 shows. I don't consider my list to be big considering how long I been in this hobby. It can easily be twice that if I had actively worked on my backlog. You also need to remember that your MAL list can easily get inflated if you watch lots of OVA/Specials.

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I just finished my 500th series a few days ago which is also my new favourite anime. (Pic related)

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Double-J is a masterpiece.

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By the time you get to 3K you will be an old man so I guess I was right after all.

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probably, i dont keep track though

i dont really know how many, i just know the nmber of episodes
pic related

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if you haven't watched at least 50 anime with 200 or more episodes you don't even qualify as a human being I bet all the fags on here watched every 13 episode Anime they could find or are even counting OVA pathetic

I prefer to measure by days watched rather than completed entries. There are so many shorts and ovas that amount to just a single episode. I just pasted 300 days, it's going to take many years to reach 400 but I'm only in my mid 20s, so I'll get there eventually.

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>rewatched: 0
but, why? you didn't even rewatch your favorite shows?

I've watched about 700, but i dropped all of them. Does that count?

Never felt like it when I can just watch something I haven't instead.