> Female

>> Female
>> 30+
>> No job, no friends
>> Unmarried, no children

Abe says it's fine just

>> Ganbatte
>> copulate

If this isn''t propaganda...

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All according to Keikaku

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Why is there so much Abe posting? That shit stopped being funny a long time ago.

I would mori mori Mori's moris

Memes. Youngsters love that shit.

Doesn't matter, my dick could not be more erect

Well, Abe is still in power. Managed to increase his majority in the Diet, as a matter of fact.

>pubs are black and not purple
do these people even know how hair works?

There's no such thing as natural purple hair.
Do you?

Its all part of the plan

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Just imagine shoving your nose into her pits or under her breasts and taking a nice long whiff.


I guess you are the one who doesn't know.

Pubes can be darker than your natural hair.

>being upset that we're getting more cake content
Still mad I can't fuck Sae in P5, but at least I got several others to pick from.


yeah but is anime land. she doesnt go out of her house to cut her hair. why would she paint it?

if some one is blonde, they have yellow pubs
red heads have orange pubes

if she has purple hair her pubes should be purple

Abe said pubic hair is disgusting, Shave it off.

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It is a fundemental truth of the world that cakes are supirior waifus. being a cake makes them better than 99% of the emotiolally unstable teenagers that are the usual waifubait. Cakes are smart, mature, know what they want and how they want it, can and will have income for their family cause they love them, are always cute because of the years of being neglected fgrom others and are loayl for the same reason. If you show your love to a cake she will love you more and more by the day. Get yourself a cake you wont be disappointed

t. have cake wife

>if some one is blonde, they have yellow pubs
No. Their pubes will be the color of their eyebrows. It will always be darker than the hair on the head.

>red heads have orange pubes
Yes but they are genetic freaks.

>Yes but they are genetic freaks.
so is she with her purple hair

>Theresa May calls a snap election to try and increase her majority in parliament
>fucks it up, fails spectacularly, almost loses her majority, has to ally with a fringe right-wing party to keep it
>Abe calls a snap election to increase his majority in parliament
>succeeds spectacularly, tightens his grip on power

What went wrong in the UK?

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Lying cunt, Abe knows that a Japanese woman's bush is the most erotic sight on earth

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>pubic hair is disgusting
kill yourself ledouche

>What went wrong in the UK?

>What went wrong in the UK
The Glorious Revolution

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Theresa May is a shitty personality vacuum, and the mentally challenged old spart offered lots of free stuff to credulous children.

If that's what you're into lads then so be it.

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Pubic hair is as Japanese as miso. A true weeb values it precious

show us your milkers

If purple hair is possible because "is anime land", then why is the natural combination of purple head hair and black pubic hair impossible?

I'd impregnate her. I don't see the problem.

Because head hair works differently than pubic hair, and anime characters only get flashy hair colors so it's easier to distinguish them anyway.

But we've already established that it's lol anime land, so saying that head hair works differently than public isn't an applicable argument.

It is because you only need to look at her head to recognize who she is. As I said, the only reason they have flashy hair colors is just to recognize them at a glance. No reason why they would have colored pubes as well.

Well Abe is known to be part of a group of hardcore conservatives that wanna restart the glorious empire of Japan so. And nationalism hasn't been ruined in Japan so

Japan has been quiet for far to long.

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>wants to restart nippon stronk empire
>can't sell a piece of land on the cheap to his buddies without getting caught

Japan is doomed

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I'd ganbatte with this old woman.

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>cuts her hair
>changes herself to get some dick
She's a fucking 3dpd whore. She could have been such a fantastic character but no.

My pubes are light blonde, my head hair is light brown and my chin hair is almost black

Explain that Abe-chan!

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I'm blond well all the hair below by eyebrows is red. Genetics is a roulette wheel.

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Hi, can i love you?

Theresa may must be a complete retard. The only reason why inbred britbongs even care about nationalism and conservatism is because they're fucking sick of the migrants and she doesn't do a damn thing about them.

I guess I'm somewhat conservative but I can't believe how fucking dumb and spineless conservatives are in the west. It's seriously sickening that these limpdick, spineless blob-like pussies hold office at all. They're subhuman, at least the commies will stick to their guns and see things through to the end until they bathe in the blood of their countrymen.

Ah so she will change? Dropped then

I'm a 6'1" "white" blue eyed Latino

I'm severely autistic so no, you can't

I live in N E W J E R S E Y btw


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Don't you mean JOISEY? How many guido douchebags do you roll with?

Cake with harem is something I didn't know I wanted.
Somehow it's not quite shojo.

Abe is a proponent of dragon breeding magic.

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Muslims, just like the rest of yurop.

Remember that Mexican half breed posting from a few years ago? I'm still waiting for my invitation.

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brown hair is normaly a mixture of black and blonde people

your hair is a mixture of your beard and pubes