ITT: Wife material

ITT: Wife material

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ur mom is wife material he he

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Aqua is probably the worst wife I can imagine.

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I want her to breastfeed me with her saggy tits.

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>literally god-tier
>can resurrect you
>dumb and hot

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Could be far far worse. Aqua would get drunk and naked with you and you'd basically be immortal too.

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>Wanting mere frog food as your wife.

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>become immortal
>but your wife is aqua

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could be Mirei but still great taste user

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>autistic Sup Forumsfag as your waifu

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that's my fetish tho

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why would you want a wife with an irreparable psyche? you're just asking for trouble at that point


Don't marry a retard. My uncle did and cursed his life every single day.

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Asuka is best kind of trouble

terrible girlfriend
candy junkie
oulala nigger what you doing?

Yep, don't you just love it when she runs off to please old men for free?

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I don't follow

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You mean Rei pleases Gendo, canonicaly.

Rei cucks Gendo, canonically

But as long as you want to discuss canon:

Discussed to death and Reifags proven wrong again and again.

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Aqua would be okay as a wife, but ONLY IF
1. you have a shitload of money
2. you don't give her direct access to any of it
3. you don't plan to have children
She'd be better as a friend with benefits though. A bro you can drink with, who has the benefits of tits and holes.

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Wife material for niggers.

Damn right.

>Literally posts the scene where Rei jews Gendo for every shekel he's worth

asukafags just can't help but pwn themselves


no, that's

Just proves how comfortable Gendo is feeling Rei up because it happens so often.

and again and again

I wouldn't mind Aqua.

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>When Aqua sees (You)

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I love Nonko!

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That's just her stupid endearing way of asking for it.

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Shit taste

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t. whorikitafag

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i want to hurt aqua

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Megumin is better and inteligent.

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Not all hope is lost.

Intelligence is overrated.

>hit that fat ass every night
>children will be retarded

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>not tying her tubes so you can cum in her all you want


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I could pick anyone, but of all of them I can't help but pick her.

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>marrying an alcoholic

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she's too young to marry

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Pfft. She's sidegirl material at BEST.


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I personally prefer the upgraded version

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I personally prefer the upgraded version.

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more like daughter material

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Does she just become whatever age she wants or is there a timeskip in this anime?

>treats everyone like shit
>can't cook
>some how wife material
OP asked wife material, not girls that belong in a pyscho ward.

She just needs some love and some dick

just need to teach her to cook

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>treats shit like shit
>tries to cook and make her man happy
>totally wife material, smart, driven and good looking
and OP got it weeb.

Moemura could've been saved by Dokes or the dick.

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and not have a tail, because thats just weird.

She's even free for 7 years.

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>not have a tail

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>not have a tail
you gay

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>Marrying a retard
Taking advantage of the mentally handicapped is considered statutory rape in most places.

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You seemed to have confused Souryuu with Shikinami, the latter is a tsundere with mostly no issues to speak of, the former isn't shown to be a likable person.

That's your theory, which may or may not work. There is also speculation she had sex with Shinji, and if that's true, prove that you can't fix crazy with dick. Especially Souryuu.

Is she really best girl or is just a meme

>Unofficial list

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The few good girls in this thread


You forgot the one on your shitty chart

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