Isekai Thread

Isekai novels with:
>Actual good plot.
>A decent cast of characters.
>Breaks some of the common tropes.
I'll start

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Does it count as "breaking some of the common tropes" if most of those tropes didn't exist yet?
Mondaiji started 7 years ago.

Is this an isekai novel?

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>beta virgin mc

Mondaiji? There's no harem and Izayoi is on the alpha side, though he is a virgin but that's because there's no romance in this novel, just really small hints of It.

>beta virgin mc

i can tell by the cover

This applies.

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>i can tell by the cover

holy shit, this one is bad

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Pls no bully

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Log is best girl.

Does this guy look like a beta MC for you user? And as I said there's no harem, they are all just bros.

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the art is absolutely terrible

they really scrapped beyond the bottom of the barrel to find a mangaka for this one

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Well, there're exceptions, I guess?..

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God why won't someone pick this up.

>save 3 slaves girls from zombies
>3 chapters after they suck you dry

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Izayoi a shit.
Worse than Kirito and Touma.

>God why won't someone pick this up.
I hope they pick the LN and not the WN(I hate when they pick the WN)

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>Stop reading a series for a couple of months.
>Start reading again.
>There's barely any new chapters because the translator went full jew and most of the new shit is locked behind a Patreon paywall.

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Anime announcement soon.

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Monstergirl harem
>They all become humans

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Well, fuck, I've read some massively shitty isekai in my time, but this one is trying really hard to be even worse.

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What series?

But they don't.

>Lily often slimes it up during naughty time
>Spider is still a spider
>Doll wears a layer a synthetic tissue but still has doll joints and is still the same on the inside
>Fox is literally just a pet
>Plant still plant
>Dragon girl has scales and dragon parts
>Fog spirit isn't even a harem member

Remember, it's monster GIRLS, not monsters.
Because that would be fucking furry shit.

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>No harem

More like Asuka is the main wife and the rest are thots


Does this have a manga?

First girl isn't a possible harem member.

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But Yo is Asuka's endgame user.

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confirmed for never having read or watched Mondaiji. Izayoi is the furthest thing from a beta MC. He was unironically /ourguy/.

At the start of volume 3 right now, and so far there's been
>no billion girls all over his dick
>actually funny
>solid story

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It does, actually. Free online one, too.

Not sure if the group doing it dropped it or is just slow, though.
They don't seem to have any progress indicators, or even a project page to tell if something is even still active, nor do they make any sort of announcements outside of twitter for literally just links to releases.

The Devil's Evolution Catalog. It used to be their most fast translated series until some faggot became a 100$ donator and requested something else when they started their patreon shit. It also has a bunch of chapters locked behind a paywall as well.

>Want to be a normalfag, fall in love, have a family
>Any girls are friendzoned because of divine yandere intervention
Fuko da.

Fuck off /u/

the lack of good yuri isekai is troubling

Write your own isekai anons. You know you want to.

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You do know that the he/she is probably just joking right? Just like when people say that there will be a prominent romance in Mondaiji when there's barely anything romantic in the novel, the closest are the Izayoi x Kuro Usagi moments or the Jin x Pest moments and even then these moments can be counted in one hand.

Don't talk shit about rabbit.

Is there any other isekai where someone pulls a Marche on everyone else?

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Is there an isekai about otherworld being very suspicious of these transported people and trying to banish them from whence they came?


Really? What about best boy Ranta?


not really, read the last one

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Fuck off reddit

Seeing as the volume coming out in a few days seems to have a color illustration with her in it, I imagine no.

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Just posting best girl on a grimgar thread

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This is Kizuna Kazeyama, the hunting hero. She's one of the 4 holy heroes of another world, an avid fishing enthusiast and she's only 1X years old.
Say something nice about her!

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Didn't she confess with her dying breath? Or does she actually have another person's memories?

That's where you're wrong user, I don't even visit reddit since I hate that site but whatever floats on your boatna dmakes you sleep better at night.


you don't go fishing in frilly gothloli dresses

reminder to not read Shingan no Yuusha, because it's fucking awful

my isekai is where i can do nothing of importance and every female around me is repulsed by my presence
oh wait thats real life

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Are you sure

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>read Ascendance of a Bookworm
>almost every chapter is hype as fuck even though it's just SoL in medieval society
>WN translation, while very good, at this pace will take at least 10 years to complete
>manga scalation going even slower
Fuck it all, I'll learn Japanese. It's still faster than waiting forever and hoping that translator won't quit for arbitrary reasons.

Just a dude who wants a farm and has many doggos and spider bros.

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I remember when RTD picked up MoM then proceeded to never update until 6 months later when they dropped it after TLing one last chapter. I'm glad the edginess toned down (though MC is still edgy as fuck).

Mushoku Tensei. And the "high school" arc is fucking shit, but the rest is fine.

You don't have enough experience, because you're just strictly wrong.

So I finally gave in and read Faraway Paladin since there was this user who talked about it non-stop. It's certainly good and not bad in any way but it didn't feel like a Japanese LN at all, it felt like it was structured one of those fantasy YA novels. I finished book 1, 2 and 3 primus and I'll probably drop it. I certainly wouldn't recommend it when someone asks for isekai recommendations.

He's got to pay for that all mighty farming tool somehow, that thing is a 10/10 cheat.

what dis

Isn't this more of a communal husband than a harem?

Shieldbro volume 8. They meet a hero from another world.

>And the "high school" arc is fucking shit
it was fun

Im trying user.
But I dont know how the story should end, and fuck starting without an idea of where you're going.

Another one? Jeez. Is she trying to kill him as well?

can she catch the elusive naofumi fish?

>I certainly wouldn't recommend it when someone asks for isekai recommendations.

>Main character die every 30 chapters.

>It doesn't have enough isekai cliches and tropes so I don't like it

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>no uhh

Nope. Actually she had glass and the others form a truce while they figure out what's up with the waves. After some through scolding that is.

They do get along quite well. Even raphtalia was jealous.

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he's just a breeder

once his seed will dry up, he'll be discarded

Based Fuukaposter

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>Get's Isekai'd with crazy magical ability
>lives in the enchanted forest with an old frog and learns how to be a better wizard
>basically rebuilt all modern conveniences and goes on fun fantasy adventures because it's entertaining
>has best Elf

Kawazu is best Isekai

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I wish I was him

Fuck izayoi, A bastard baby bettwen bieber and trump

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I really can't put it into words. It's not about cliches at all, it's about the way it was sturctured, it follows YA formula to a T. The author seems like a huge westaboo. I read a lot of YA novels from time to time, but Japanese LNs have this comfy sturcture (Especially WNs which are usually written one chapter at a time instead of being planned as a whole and has this fun flow) that doesn't give a shit about the artificial rigid outline you see in Western novels (3-4 acts, no redunducies, every detail HAS to serve the story, every plot device HAS to pay off, every character HAS to develop, every incident that happened at the beginning of the story HAS to lead to a character motivation later in the story). I maybe can't explain it well but it felt like a second rate American YA novel rather than a good Japanese LN. Or maybe I'm retarded.

>not even finishing 3 Secundus

I always thought they were complaining about the farm work but vampire and angel actually couldn't keep up with MC in bed.

Spider is best girl

Haters gonna hate, nothing to do about it.

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