Dragon Ball Super

Freeza is the new "Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta, Androids, Buu"

It's so obvious they are not even being subtle about it anymore

At this point, the only major villain that hasn't joined the good guys is Cell

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Cell is far more redeemable than Freeza

Cell should have been in the ToP

Cell should have been the next "Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta, Androids, Buu"

Post yfw Android 17 showed up at the end of last episode

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>At this point, the only major villain that hasn't joined the good guys is Cell


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>the Ki blasts are too loud
>everyone here is emotional and overly-excited
>why did everyone get mad at me for attacking Universe 2
>I wish I was back on my island with the animals
>I'm hungry
>my feet hurt

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Because he doesn't chimp out like Goku or Jiren, he literally keeps his shirt on.

If 17 doesn't get his god damn boat after all of this shit I'm gonna be so mad.

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My niggas.

well thats convenient

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Does anyone have a compilation of these comics?
They were hands down the best things to come out of these threads.

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inb4 he's not a major villain. He's Goku's own goddamn flesh and blood. He's had countless villains reform and become his friend but his own god damn brother stays dead this entire time. This is literal bullshit. Resurrection of R arc when?

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I knew I never should have doubted.

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Why do people hate Uub? Is it because of GT? Yeah he sucked in GT and so was 17, and he redeemed himself in DBS.

Uub deserves a 2nd chance.

Best boy, best saga.

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The artist is on Twitter somewhere, but I lost their handle.

If anyone else finds them please post it.

One episode left. Post how Dragon Ball Super should end.

I'm actually okay with that.
Nither Piccolo nor Vegeta are enough of a loos cannon to fit their old role anymore.


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Do you love El Hermano

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Can someone explain to me the logic behind 17 anyway?

18 beat SS Vegeta. 17 lost to Base Cell.
SS Vegeta, Piccolo (fused with Kami), Trunks, and even Tien stood pretty well against Cell's 2nd form, so logically they should all be above 17.

So how did 17 go from Jobber to being able to fight with GoD Toppo and Jiren?

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Shut up nerd.

I'd be his wife

Gameplay for the new DB mobile game


I sure hope she's wearing a bra under there.

Decades of training.
He's got unlimited reserves but a limited output. By just raising that, he was bound to get there eventually.

Thoughts on what?

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It looks alright. I'll play it.

He was fused with Super Perfect Cell and thus gained his powers

Shut the FUCK up

The transformation jobhan will never get.

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I haven't been happier to see someone get killed off in this series.

So how is he stronger than 18? Neither of them did anything during the Buu saga? At least 18 fought in the World Martial Arts Tournament. That experience has to count more than just petting animals all day

Dude poachers lol

>already deflecting to Gohan
Your garbage waifu isn't getting shit either.

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Well he technically didnt fight, he just gathered some time, he's no match for them

nice but shirtless wd be much better

IIRC he mentioned training by himself all this time.
18 barely did anything.

>posts jobhan
>expects not to get called jobhanfag
Wew lad.

>Frieza will become a friend over Goku's own brother

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Well if paid attention to the canon lore 18 is canonically weaker than 17 by Gero design.

Get ready to be mildly disappointed when she comes back in a couple of days.

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does he live rent free in your mind? you're in every thread trying to get their attention. Its very sad.

>Piccolo is a prince spawned from a pure evil and demonic namekian king, changes his ways after fighting with and alongside Goku and friends
>Vegeta is a ruthless, evil prince who had never lost a fight in his life who changes his ways after fighting with and alongside Goku
>Frieza is a ruthless, evil prince who had never lost a fight in his life who seems to be changing his ways after fighting with and alongside Goku and his friends
>Goku befriending Beerus by fighting and Zeno as well just by interacting with him

Its literally what has happened to every major villain apart from Cell (He cant coexist with the Androids). For fucks sake Goku is about to train the most evil being in the galaxies reincarnation while the other part of the most evil being is eating pudding at birthday parties. Its not as unbelievable as you all think, since the creative forces at work know Frieza is basically equal with Vegeta and Goku in popularity.

Screencapped for humiliation.

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>gets revived
>shows up for 1 second
>doesn't say a word and the show ends
>you kill yourself
>doesn't get revived
>you kill yourself

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>Piccolo is a prince spawned from a pure evil and demonic namekian king
The absolute STATE of Z/Super kiddies.

>Goku befriended Vegeta and Frieza
>doesn't give a fuck about his brother Raditz
This will never not be funny

He's both his son and reincarnation. Hence him taking the alias Ma Jr.

>artist:horikawa gorou

Either way waifufags lose no matter what.

Piccolo D was literally king of the Earth and went unopposed outside of Goku. He wiped out like 70% of the Earths population in Roshis younger days before the rice cooker

Defend this

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Do people find this buy eyed bestia cute?

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Seething much?

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Raditz has been dead too long, he’s most likely been reincarnated. His dumb ass attacked Yemma


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is this your best? Glad we could solve this quickly.

>buy eyed
English isn't your first language is it Pedro?

I bet they're saving him for a Reunion of Bardock special. Just you wait.

Tien, Krillin and Roshi never belonged there. They’re pathetic compared to Goku, Vegeta, etc. It was 100% accurate to their power, in what world could Tien damage Frost?

Future Trunks should have stuck around and been a permanent addition, along with Goten and Trunks

No, seems like you are the one projecting though.

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Which villains got reincarnated?

The Super Dragon Balls make that irrelevant

If they can bring back erased people (and whole universes), defuse potara fused deities, then there's no way the time limit still applies. You could probably bring back Android 16 too

Why would I be projecting when it's the truth?

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>Wasting one wish on Gokus lowlife brother

Good thing you aren’t writing for this series huh?

Fuck off. Tien is stronger than you think. He could give Goku, Vegeta and Frieza trouble if he got better training. He's trained all his life and is a respected fighter.

Tien is still weaker than Raditz the original jobber of DBZ.

>Frost goes home and trains like Frieza to become massively powerful
>An irrelevent Human with a capped power level that hasn't been effecting in 5 arca throws a shitty attack at him
>People are confused by this

Wiping out all the Shitlifa cucks

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>Beerus can sense the PL difference between them yet is surprised

Was goku beating raditz one of the few times he didn't use an asspull?

Reminder that Super would be better received it if it was hand drawn and animated

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this is embarrassing just stop replying, you dont know what to say. You're the worst caulicuck ever.

Wait how long is the time between Raditz and Frieza's deaths? It can't be more than a few years.

>Tien can give MUI Goku, SSGSSRB Vegeta, and Golden Frieza trouble

Its time to stop posting

Beerus isn't surprised at all, wtf are you reading? Krillin is excited and Beerus is on page saying "don't get excited."

Tri beam lets him hold back enemies way stronger than he is. He shouldn't win, but Frost shouldn't be unaffected

No he isn't you fucking retard. You're underselling Tien. The dude is powerful.

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Super is hand drawn and animated

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You mean wishful thinking? Just like Blue or even ssj3.

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what would it feel like getting probed by jiren?

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>even in the manga he's balding
Wow even toyo really just doesn't give a shit about him.

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is this le edgy badass squirtle animator guy from Newgrounds?

>one wish

"I wish for all the dead Saiyans of Universe 7 to be brought back to life and living on Planet Vegeta" or something similarly worded

already did something similar with U6 Earth

how the fuck is he balding? I know you're out of ammunition for Gohan but this has gotta be the worst you can do

Tien isn't weak dumbass. He was hurting Semi Perfect Cell.

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>Wasting one wish on the Saiyans when everyone can from the ToP can be brought back