No Game No Life Season 2

Any new updates? I know there are easter eggs present in "A Place Further Than the Universe", but do we have any confirmation from Madhouse?

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>nearly 40k sales on week 3
Nice. Probably going to get it eventually. Just be patient.

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It's way too popular to not get one. There's no official news yet though.

>easter egg
You mean product placement?

>too popular
Just like Accel World then?

Also those "Easter eggs" were literally just for the release of the BDs of Zero. They're product placement.

>Just like Accel World then?
No because that was trash.

>like Accel World then?
Sunrise has been too busy making that idol money.

It was popular though. Didn't get a sequel. And honestly was it trash?

So was NGNL, not much difference

the author really tried his hardest making a parallel between riku and sora (land/sky) and schwi and shiro (black/white) throughout the movie (and also the LN). Like they both look the same BR-san I get it already.
More Izuna-tan when?

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"Stop obsessing over me you faggots, please."

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She can say whatever she wants. Won't stop me from petting her head.

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I feel that he closed the parallel on volume 9.

And I still don't get what was that cluster fuck with Plam and Fiel in volume 8.

Any news on volume 11?

I hope they actually do it

Never ever, user.

And he settled it on the same volume it was introduced. The original couple was best

>And honestly was it trash?

Volume 10 literally just came out. Give it some time.

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Is that a semen angel?

Yes. The cutest semen angel.

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wtf is wrong with hues

Who knows. Forever shit taste.

Horou is the cutest.

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>watched Zero because some stupid faggot on Sup Forums said it was good
>it was
>rewatch the series because I remember it being kinda ok
>it was fun and I liked it a lot
>now there's no more to watch
This is why I only watch finished series, damn it. Fuck this shit.

That's "fuck this shit, please."

god damn it you had me excited for a second

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Omega good job, user.

Read the light novels, starting from the beginning.

It's interesting and there are details left out of the anime and movie.

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what part of "finished series" you do not understand


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Murderous bitch.

Jibril did nothing wrong.

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Schwi wasn't alive so she couldn't be killed, she says this herself.