Made in Abyss

Deny it all you want, but you pic related is best son.

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U gay son

Who's the father?

>you pic related
I wish I was pic related.

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I wanna bust a nut in rabbit boi pussi

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Reg is cute! CUTE!

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Nanachi is for rubbing not fugging

That's not Mark.

I really like the kid yeah.usually want daughterus but he would be cool kid

Too many homos
I thought this was a christian board

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This. nanachi is for cuddling and protecting from weirdos like you

So what do you think Veko's future plot relevance will be? And how fucked is the village now that she left her goo hole?

I want to lick his squishy thing

you confuse christian for libertarian

I wonderwhat Nanachi's back fur feels like.

Jesus forsook this board a long time ago.

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>sensitive belly
>still walks around naked like that
>gets off to people stabbing at his belly button
What a slut.

She's already dead, curse warding boxes must be really common on 8th layer, just punt her in one of those again

Reminder Nanachi is cute!

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>8th layer

Nanachi is a slug!

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Do you anons think our group will come across a creature with unprecedented danger level?? If yes, do you think it will be on the sixth, seventh, or even lower layers (if they exist)?? And what do you think such creature should be and what would it's abilities be??

it violently rapes them, non-sexually of course.

Just imagine if the Abyss's curse is some kind of bio-weapon used by some unknown race at the bottom of the Abyss. Maybe the race are the humans who have lived before some kind of cataclysmic event and are trying to be safe from any and all foreigners.

that's fucking stupid

La creatura

What do you think Srajo the Enigmatic's relic will do? Do you think that coffin on his back could have something to do with it?

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Of course it will have something to do with it. He is not carrying it around just for shits and giggles.

>that coffin on his back
That's a wardrobe

Hey man you never know with those White Whistles

I know, but it could explain all the symptoms one faces when ascending from different layers in the Abyss (nausea, bleeding, mutations, etc.).


rabbit is for lewd

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Isn’t it explicitly stated it’s caused by the force field?

oh my mistake, I was not aware that Srajo likes to stay fashionable even in the depths of the abyss.

No it wouldn't. If you want to keep outsiders out of your funtime murderhole, you don't create an aura that forces them to continue going deeper and doesn't let them get out.

>symptoms when ascending
>weapon designed to defend the Abyss people against foreigners
>when ascending

No you idiot

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The strain of ascend was inspired by real life decompression sickness

>there are still people in 2018 who think Reg is better than Jiruo

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>hurr durr it's the current year


ignore him, he's just suffering from the curse of the Abyss

his relic cures all disease

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Will there be a chapter today?

>Strains from the 7th layer
New chapter confirmed.

So what the fuck is this about these two movies? Is that what "season 2" is?

It's just season 1 compiled into theater format.

Oh gotcha. Hopefully they have some better animation (looking at you Ozen fight) but I won't hold my breath.

No. The movies will be some recap movies for season 1. It actually confirms a second season even more. Sadly it most probably will be airing after those recap movies have been sold to lure in the casual audience, therefore followed by season 2. My guess for season 2 is spring/summer 2019.

What are the chances they'll suddenly re-learn why Reg originally went to the surface, forcing him to abandon Riko and solo it all the way back up again?

What if this already happened and moth is the one he saved and descended with the previous time?

Can't be helped

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>blue whistle
poor jirou, not only humiliated he's also got demoted. ozen is truly a monster

I'm not expecting anything new, this is probably just a standard cash grab like the Madoka movies.

Sounds awfully contrived.

Didn't those have some higher quality backgrounds, at least?

i think thats a younger jirou

We already know moth was born when the village was created. Your theory is bullshit.

>What if this already happened and moth is the one he saved and descended with the previous time?
are you implying that Reg is in a constant loop of wandering to the surface, attracting lolis, and luring them into the depths of the abyss, and then forgetting about it?


but at what cost?

My son is so cute and wholesome!

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Probably a piece of your soul.

Your son? Are you my wife?


Shut the fuck up I'll fucking kill you.

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I'm only stating the truth, user. Reg is a lewd, lewd boy. We can only assume how long his list of fetishes is.

How do you explain's Reg's trouser snake when he meets Faputa?

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To be fair, the art and animation improved dramatically in those movies.

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Fuck you I'll scroll as fast as I want to

He's actually a fucking gentleman and the ONLY innocent child in this whole stew of suspicious characters. He didn't do anything.

He's PURE! I tell you Reg is PURE!

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I want to fug Nanachi human boi pussy. But I don't want to fug Nanachi Narehate boi pussy. Am I Narehatephobic?

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>I prefer cold, dirty orphan skin to superior fuwafuwa
That’s grounds for being strung up

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Reg just doesn't remember any of the shit he did before. He's clearly fucked the bug cunny into oblivion.

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Holy shit its out

Less than 12 hours until the chapter, lads.

He did but in that state he was possessed; he might have even been a war robot (pic related). Current Reg is pure. Reg is innocent.

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It's the old chapter user

War machine Regu reawakening when?

Reg met the bug when he was heading to the surface, presumably on a mission given by Lyza. In pic related he has Lyza's pickaxe strapped to his back while with Faputa. Face the facts user. Reg is a dirty furfag slut who loves BDSM and navel piercing.

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What the FUCK is his problem?

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He might have loved it, but he doesn't anymore. He clearly does not like navel penetration user.

Not for the next dozen chapters or so. I assume the jew village arc will end without a fight. It's for character developement.


Looks like Tsukushi likes MHW too. Guess he'll play that alongside Splat2n.

He's really into 35mm film.

Well you never know, shit could hit the fan real bad in Value Village.

I don't think so. I reckon we won't get another Best Dad fight until we meet the other Whites. I assume jew village will end in some heartbreak Faputa x Reg stuff.


Oh, I didn't mean a Best Dad tier fight, I just meant everything falling apart in the village.

>heartbreak Faputa x Reg
>another kawaii uguu~ girl character with 0 personality who was written to be killed
>spineless MC, who cries like a bitch in half of the chapters

Pick one.

Also that fucking Riko's arm. Tsukushi could've drawn her healthy but he drawn her after the incident happened.

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Yeah I agree, I don't think the village will survive "our" visit there.

Their party just reached that level of OPness, when I started to care more about enviroment than about main characters.

i know reg's VA is a girl, but she looks way more feminine than what i thought she would looks like

We don't like your kind here, boy

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There is no way in hell this scene is going to make it into season 2