Best eromanga sensei girl

and why it's Megumi

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because thicc thighs

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someone post the webm where she gets stripped.

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>tfw last Muramasa fag alive
Feels good to be ELITE

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I seriously hope they didn't use a real 12 year old to rotoscope this.

Real kids don't have juicy legs like that.

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I like Megumi but Elf will always bem the best girl for me.

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I was seriously disappointed when I found out she was so stacked. I didn't remember her being like that in the manga.

Also, Sagiri is the best, just because of her perfect body. That cute butt is ridiculous.

Muramasa is the best in personality, obviously.


>ywn be megumin's little brother
>she will never frantically ask you to undress and draw your nudes
>ywn headpatted and /ss/ed by her

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this, elf-chan a best

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True dat

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I wanna breed with Megumi

Which Eromanga girl gives the best sex? And why?

She's 12.

its obviously muramasa as much as I hate that autistic hag

I have no problem with this.

That means, she's ripe

Good. The perfect age for a Japanese girl.
>ages 3-5: innocent children
>ages 6-8: cute
>ages 9-11: reaching their prime
>ages 12-14: prime femininity
>ages 15-17: combination of femininity/maturity
>ages 18-20: can still be attractive, but showing signs of age
>ages 21-23: the last chance for women to have birth without increased risk of genetic defects
>ages 24-26: past their expiration date
>ages 27-29: if you enjoy rotten food, you might enjoy this age group
>ages 30+: you might as well be fucking a corpse

S2 when?

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I don't understand, my favorite girl is Sagiri but I really fucking love Muramasa as well. She's extremely cute and her breasts are amazing and her dorkness is fun.

she's only good as for raping because of that time she was blindfolded and tied

Gotta admit. Her pussy must be intense.

This show is trash and so are you

>Show where every girl except main heroine is sexy and 12 years old
What went wrong with Saigiri?

Bookstore is the only good girl because she's the only one that isn't insufferable.

ITT: dumbasses with no dicks

barely got any airtime 2bqh

One of the best scenes in the series

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I raped Sagiri and made her family watch and then i made her father to rape her

b-b-but elf...

it felt like they actually had a thing going on...

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I’m pretty confident Elf will win in the end since MC’s true wish is for a family with Sagiri.