Dragon Ball Super

Literally the most based character in the franchise.

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Does Beerus even need to undress to poop?

He just destroys the poop in his guts


what the fuck is Jiren's wish

I miss Gowasu


Me too

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Agreed goku is based

For Mexico to stop calling him a Puto

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Misconception 1:
> The DBS manga is the main canon

Wrong. The DBS manga is just a promotional vehicle for the DBS anime:
> It was announced AFTER the anime
> Released in a promotional magazine
> Released before the anime to promote it
> Skipped around BoG, and completely skipped RoF, to promote the new post-movie material ahead of the anime
> Toyotaro called it a "comicalization"
> DBS Manga has little to no representation in merch/games

Misconception 2:
> Toyotaro was handpicked as Toriyama's successor

Wrong. He was simply hired by Shueisha (not Toriyama), after Toyotaro himself applied for the job

Source: animeclick.it/news/64770-napoli-comicon-2017-reportage-dellincontro-con-toyotaro

Misconception 3:
> Toriyama isn't involved (or is barely involved) with the anime

Wrong. Toriyama IS involved with the DBS anime, and much more than we previously thought or knew

Toshio via Twitter on May 3rd 2017
> I got a new shirt for this meeting
> Meeting regarding future of series?
> We met to discuss the new episode
> Was Toriyama involved?
> Of course Master Toriyama is involved!

Source: twitter.com/toshio916/status/859668635656126464?s=19

Spring 2017 interview:
> I've heard Toriyama has a direct role into your work, right?
> Not only mine: he supervises every storyboard related to the Dragon Ball universe.

Source: pastebin.com/K7FGtFfp

March 2018 interview:
> Toei works closely with Toriyama
> Toriyama reviewed Toei's initial Jiren, and didn't approve it. Toei then re-worked it.
> Toei created all the Pride Troopers except Toppo, Dypso, and Jiren. The same designs that Toyotaro has to use.
> Toei created Kale, and then Toriyama (in response to Toei's initiative) created Caulifla. Both have been added to the original outline

Source: kanzenshuu.com/translations/dragon-ball-official-site-the-artisans-who-made-the-universe-survival-arc/

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Keru loves it when her ane-san forces her to do lewd things

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Based Toeichad. Toyocucks can never recover.

How does this affect kefura?

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No she doesn't, stop posting right now.

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MVP along with Chadza.

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Reminder this form (in its multiples states) has been called

>super saiyan
>true super saiyan
>legendary super saiyan
>true legendary super saiyan
>Broly-type super saiyan
>A/B/C-type super saiyan
>berserker super saiyan
>out of control
>saiyan's true form

But it's always the same, each state is just a variation of the same basic form (a special type of SS), according to the supplemental Daizenshuu for movies, and that's also how DBS treats the form, just a SS that works different.

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weird, you didn't post a pic of 17

Marcarita's panties

Carifura Bracku.

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Just wait till next episode to find out

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Can she stop desnudo goku grande?

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Nobody move or the waifu gets it.

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Pretty sure she isn't worthy of being Zamasu.

There is no canon in Super

That just turns the poop into sand. RIP Beerus' anus.

she is a saiyan ....

Do it

why would Zamasu want Cracklifla's stick body?

wheres the breadhan edit for it


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>after learning """FRIENDSHIP""" he wishes for all the universes back.
You know it's coming.

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What's the point of Beerus now that Goku surpassed him in the span of the series?

Comedy relief just like Vegeta

I couldnt digest all those carbs in one sitting.

Don't talk back to your master slave.

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>tfw Freeza cheated on you

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>Goku surpassed him
He didn't.

You know why

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Blegh, get away, ningen.

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Hello my fellow ningen.

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Do it already you retard.

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I miss him this green boi

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What is the equivalent of tacos in other spic countries?



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>t. seething Beerus fag

Is Vegeta the best happy mistake of the whole franchise?

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>Still dead

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Good to see you again, Soon-kun

Next week

Based on what?

Does anyone think Toppo and Videl might make a good couple?

Truly /ourguys/

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>Goku talks about how friendship is what made him powerful.
>Proceeds to wish for stronger opponents and a donut.


To become as strong as El Especialista.

Videl belongs to Spopovich

Post Pan.

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>Still liking a fat ugly fuck


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To replace Vegeta, just like Vegeta replaced Piccollo.

omg to bills i want to to both penetrate me at the same time!

Like this?

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we all do

>2 losers that got to last 30 seconds because they were cowards that hid beneath rocks
literally comic relief characters

In Chile its a Completo and Argieville its a choripan/empanadas

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oh fuck i wish i was her mmm...double the GoD bills cock double the fun

his name is not fucking bills

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Who's that in the middle?

Are you alright

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that better be an off model kefla or else someone's dying today

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i wish i was fucking bills right now don't pour salt into injury user...

Why so many threads? DBS is literally the transformers of anime.

Am I the only one that loves that fact that Ultra Instinct gives Goku surf powers?


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>Champa fucking kefla never
it's not fair

The only thing that could've made Goku slaying Kefla more chad is if he fucking no sold the blast and just flew through it to kamehameha her.

Guys Freiza is literally going to become Piccolo 2.0

He's going to begin training Goten when a new threat threatens Earth, untill eventually he forms a bond with Goten as Goten begins to see him as his "Big Lizard Uncle" Freiza will then pull a Piccolo and sacrfice himself for Goten after pulling one last "Ohohoo"

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one day i will find out who you are.

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You mean star wars?

>Would doom multiple universes, trillions of lives
>For a boat
>That he could ask someone for money for
>Goku could ask for him
>He could get Earth's DBs and wish one up
>Could get Namek's DBs, wish one up
>Has the infinite stamina, super speed, and ability to learn necessary to MAKE a fucking boat
>Goes for the biggest, bestest DBs because it's somehow easier to fight multiple GoD-level threats and risk his own life by nearly blowing himself up than taking a goddamn hour to find the DBs and just GET one

He's a villain. Don't defend shit-tier writing.

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Now why would you want to see that?

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Same thing.
All of it is trash that is carried by the hype.

It's a real nice and big boat. Regular dragon balls wouldn't suffice, user.

I like to see cocky girls get dominated

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He wasn't giving a shit about his own universe being obliterated, so at least he's not a hypocrite.

Shidas cut was much better than the surfing kamehameha from episode 116.

Didn't he say he gave up on the boat?

W-Whats he doing?

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>muh red and blue ping pong

She's cuter than Kefla

nice meme


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Hugging her

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my negro

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