If beyblades have been used throughout important moments of history...

If beyblades have been used throughout important moments of history, does that mean Hitler used a beyblade to take over Europe and genocides the Jews?

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It's definitely possible.

Of course, didn’t they teach you history?

OP what are you doing omg

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>Blade the kikes, we race war now

Soviet scum! Upon the steps of this Reichstag, you face me: Heinrich Spinnler, Reichsführer of the Drehenstaffel!

>genocides the Jews?
Didn't happen

Fat Man and Little Boy must've looked like giant spinning tops.

Do you think Anne frank challenged the nazis to beyblade battles?

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Yes, and I also think Osama would train the towelheads to shoot beyblades from moving airplanes into the twin towers causing them to collapse.

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>Fire was invented when cavemen spun a Beyblade onto dry leaves
>Jesus spun a Beyblade over Lazarus's heart to revive him
>The Boston Massacre was started over a Beyblade battle that got out of hand.
>Atomic bombs use a released Beyblade as an ignition source
>Space flight was mastered only after scientists studied the gyroscopic properties of Beyblades
>The 2012 Mayan apocalypse was actually about an "eternal Beyblade" ceasing to spin

If that were true then Hitler must have let a rip on the gas

>american education

I've got a master's in bey stadium design.

It wasn't a bullet that entered Archduke Ferdinand's head when he was assassinated, it was a beyblade.


Why do I find this ridiculous but can accept ancient egyptians playing a trading card game and for it to become a worldwide phenomenon in the 20th and 21st centuries?

beyblades can't melt steel beams

>ancient egyptians playing a trading card game

what? are you serious or are you just calling any card game a "trading" card game?

They didn't play a card game you retard, the card game was based on their historical exploits which involved actual spirit monsters

It's literally the exact same as how today billions of pieces of modern media are based on the mythologies of thousands of years ago

Why is attempting to reconcile the incongruities of an anime setting that's basically "like our universe but focused around X gimmick" like children's card games or whatever with the actual horrifying history of stuff like the Third Reich always so ripe for humor?

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Oh yeah I read about that, an illegal blade made out of lead with an outer ring of steel.
Apparently both the archduke and the kaiser were Beyblade fans so the archduke couldnt refuse when a serb challenged him to a duel.
You can get copies of it on chinese black market, very dangerous banned in all countries.

because is soo ridiculous that is just funny, the greates and more horrible wars, were people were fighting for greed, fanaticism, racism or sex, were started, fight and ended by using a childs toys and playing along the rules of said toy or game, no matter if you were the most evil motherfucker alive, you still played by the rules

*japanese entertainment

He's talking about Yu-Gi-Oh, newfag.

In the very first Beyblade anime, the Japanese version of the anime says that Rasputin made Black Dranzer

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