Why cant Japs pay for proper translation services? They're clearly talking about the moon yet he's saying month...

Why cant Japs pay for proper translation services? They're clearly talking about the moon yet he's saying month. any barebones Russian speaker knows the difference.

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Why would nips care if the Russian is wrong?

Why do they try to make their Characters speak Russian then?

Because the characters are Russian? I don't know, but why not? There's plenty of shitty English in anime for stylistic reasons, so why not Russian?

>Because the characters are Russian?
Nah they're both Japanese.
>but why not?
I dont mind them varying up the language, but come on. its elementary level Russian. How would Japanese people feel if someone was completely butchering the translation of their language?
>shitty English in anime for stylistic reasons, so why not Russian?
This clearly wasn't the case. it was just lazy, bad translation.

its meant to be shown to japs only, why expend that much effort
it's not their fault that weebs around the world pirate it

>How would Japanese people feel if someone was completely butchering the translation of their language?
In a Russian TV show for example? I somehow doubt they would care.
Why is there a Russian subtitle for it anyway?

there are Japanese Russianboos y'know.

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>Why is there a Russian subtitle for it anyway?
I dont know but it only made the problem worse. The mistake was both in voice work and in the subtitle.

And it wasn't their first mistake either, they also fucked this up. Although this was atleast somewhat understandable, confusing "To look" and "Look (at this)" is excusable.

Still irks me though. if you're gonna have character talk a foreign language atleast do a basic check.

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Who cares Russian translation?

In polish miesiąc can mean both month and moon. Maybe russian is the same?

In Russian its Luna (Луна) Месяц is month.

It might seem elementary level to Russian-speaking person, but i'd say it's not for someone making references using just dictionaries (which is usually the case most likely. Recall all those signs in broken Russian in DtB2 that looked like written by 4y.o.) Месяц stands for "month", but it wasn't always the case. There are older russian texts (of at least XIX) where it means "moon"; in some other slavic languages it's common for "moon" too. When you know completely nothing about language that is so different from what you know (Japanese or at least English) it's actually possible to make even pretty weird mistakes. Why didn't they hire some random student that learns or is acquainted with slavic languages for several rames treats (not that it's much actual work) - that's another question.

that's in spanish, you fucking retard
jesus christ stop posting any time

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Luna is moon in many European languages.

It is, but for a crescent moon only.

anime is made for and to be sold to japs only
they (the anime industry and japan) don't care about the rest of the world and certainly not about the weebs that love them so much.

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You can use месяц as moon you fucking retard

Is the Russian word for month also based on the movements of the moon? In Sweden we say "en månad".


what does that change?

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Finally I read the last chapter of this manga. I knew it, the dialogues made it so much more poignant than the pics could suggest. It destroyed me emotionally. I liked this ending very much, but I admit it's cruel.
I had imagined that Kondo didn't read Akira's letter. He didn't have the courage to do it, because despite the fact he let her go, if he read that letter, he would suffer more than he is already suffering. He thinks Akira could hate it, but he is okay with it. Not only this broke my heart, but Chihiro won the Akutagawa Award, while we see poor Kondo still there, at the Garden, despised by Kubo, and alone. Yui, Tachibana, Yoshizawa...all of them let, and now he must find new part-timers. Yeah, he is able to write again, but his character remains melancholic, and a bit hopeless, after all. He doesn't know, that also after 8 months from their separation, Akira is still in love with him, like showed by the scene with his umbrella for sun. She is able to love him also after the rain. But Kondo chose the loneliness, because he was never able to think about himself as a proper man for Akira, or any woman, at this point of his life. Probably he is right, since his main love is literature. But also this way, I feel so bad to him...especially when I saw that Akutagawa prize for Chihiro. Come on, give poor Kondo a small gift, as the publication of the novel he was writing! ;_; No, not even this. Poor man. This manga is really realistic, mature, and sad. Not everyone can appreciate this kind of strong realism, but in my opinion it's really a nice work.

This has to be because of Google Translate. I'm laffin

An understandable mistake because aside from literally meaning "moon" 月 means "month" when referring to time and dates, but computer translators can't tell which is the desired meaning when you just type in a single character with no context. The main audience probably doesn't care but it still would've been nice to hire an actual person if only for the sake of putting effort into a work of art.


Месяц can mean both "month" or "crescent moon". Same as in many languages, since notion of month referred to moon cycle originally.

Learn Russian before complaining.

Well, I mean, that's all a month is. It's a cycle based on the periodicity of the moon's phases.