ITT: worst anime you've ever seen

ITT: worst anime you've ever seen

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op is a fag

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Can't remember the name but it was this mecha anime with a guy being the only dude in the entire school and has the whole school as his harem but he's dense as fuck.

you're favorite anime

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school days

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nice boat xd

Come on, it wasn't good but it wasn't that bad.

This was so bad it's not surprise a VA did coke after it.

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Infinite Stratos.


i enjoyed it

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Pic related
You didn't enjoy the last couple of episodes?

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unfunny annoying garbage

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This image was made for a reason.

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2-in-1 Combo Post

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She is my inspo

The last 10 minutes or so ended up just being funny, but no, I hated the drama and characters.

How bad was it? I remember seeing the first chapter and thinking "what the fuck was that? what happened?" and then I went to watch everything else in the season except that

So, an entire thread of people who either haven't seen Mayoiga, or post Mayoiga?

Subjectivity is why these threads exist, user

It wasn't a bad show from what I saw, but the OP was so bad it made me drop the show.

KMB is an amazing show. It just had no budget, but ran with it.

kill yourself baby

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi was probably the biggest disappointment I ever experienced. Worst would probably be First Squad.
Myself Yourself was fun, though I have a soft spot for absolutely awful mid-2000's teen dramas. I don't even know why.

This pile of shit right here.

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Prove me wrong

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I posted but I get what you mean. It's like watching B-movies.

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>all those secondaries
Come one. Give me a trully awful show.
All here listed are below average at best.

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>haha va sounds like a druggy
>everyone memes va/character is a druggy
>va actually does drugs

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>gay as fuck MC
>this nasty slut is in it
>boring premise

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Unironically the least enjoyable and most grating show I've watched next to Nichijou.

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Lupin 3rd, -Mine Fujiko- is the worst.

also that one with you're waifu

if you wanted a kotoura-san thread, you should have just said so

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Please tell me I'm not the only person who has seen Tamala 2010, surly someone else has seen this incomprehensible garbage.
It wasn't the worst thing ever, pretty hit or miss it just misses more than it hits
Not even the worst Lupin, Princess of the Breeze is the low point of the Lupin franchise

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This shitty, excessively gore-filled Madoka ripoff pissed me off so much back when I watched it.
I can't think of a single redeeming characteristic it could've had

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I watched all the way through? Probably the first season of Full Metal Panic, and even then I enjoyed it.

Dropped? Fucking thousands. I'm not afraid to drop an anime once I get bored with it. I guess I'll just say any seasonal haremshit show. I think the furthest I got with one was this one where a white haired kid went to an all female school, and he fell on a blonde one's tits, and then they fought each other in mechs and he won, and then some monster came and they fought it in mechs, and the main blonde girl had a womb tattoo or something. I think I got to like episode 3 or something, which was way too far considering how quickly I drop most steaming piles of shit.

root a probably wins worst just because it's retarded fanfiction but this is a close 2nd

Kabaneri also gets high marks for shitting the bed so incredibly hard and fast after being relatively decent for most of the runtime

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Deadman Wonderland.

This one. Funny enough I enjoyed what (little) there was of the rest of the cast, but this side character bitch had more screentime and even the main characters and literally every scene she was in was to talk about how much she wanted to fuck her sister.

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Macross Delta, the first show to make me legitimately angry when it ended.

>having taste this shit

>the first show to make me legitimately angry when it ended
You need to watch more anime. If there's one thing Japs fail horribly at it's writing good endings.

I was memed into watching the show with this qt and holy hell was it so bad. I forced myself to complete the whole thing because I couldn't believe an anime could be this awful.

I can also say that if a Tsukihime anime were ever made by Deen it would be really bad. Fortunately that never happened so you don't have to see it yourself if you don't believe me.

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That's mostly just because a good 80% of anime are blatant manga advertisements.

But even the manga have shit endings.

yellow haired piece of shit

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can't remember names, but I do remember it was an anime version of video games, the main character was a human sonic and there was a mage tetris that only existed for doing sex innuendos, watched the first episode and never touched again from how bad that was

woah woah I don't remember a hanging scene

this image is just edgy crossboard bait

If it counts, obejectively, probably Ningen Doubutsuen.

Kotoura-san started out really strong but then really shat the bed in later episodes iirc.

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Also, Pupa and the Legend of Duo

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The OP's the best part of the show, dumbass. It's animation is really nicely done and fun as fuck, and it's got all the energy the show should have had. If you're talking purely about the music then fair enough.
The ED is great though.

I have suffered greatly.

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>Humaru become Akarin
But why?

HE-AAC audio of that shit encode I watched left me mentally scarred.

The karate girl getting away with attempted murder just because "I'm sorry don't hate me pls ;_;" made me drop this.

that's literally the entire show. None of the bullshit matters or is well explained, the entire plot-point is unexplored and wasted, the show is just plain boring and uninteresting.

Initial D last two seasons. They killed it.

He's scary


Does it count if it's only 3 episodes?

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Rewatched 4 eps just the other day. Holds up great.

Glasslip is a good anime too. If you think it's bad you might just have brain damage.

This brainlet confirmed.

It's really well done actually. Rewatched it like a week ago.

Comet Lucifer

there is shit worse than this in every aspect

Pic related. Possibly the shittiest, most normalfag/ironic weeb anime ever created. As expected of Imaishi.

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End of Evangelion. Not the whole series, just End of Evangelion.

I don't know about worst, but it's overrated for sure

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i just couldn't watch anymore than 1 episode.

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Hoshiro Girldrop


Shit taste. You're just a speedwatcher who didn't notice all the foreshadowing since the first episode.

I can't believe I managed to finish pic related.

I can't because I don't know what you've watched. Your Lie in April is awful, though.


The opening theme is really good.

Mifune's psychic mother committed suicide after being labelled as a fraud. This was briefly seen in a flashback.

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pic rel is the only proper response. the art was the only upside of this. written aspect was absolutely atrocious, audio direction was horrible and hardly any of the sequences were animated.
opening was too good for it to be the worst thing ever produced.

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Nothing will ever surpassed this in terms of shittiness

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Junji Ito Collection comes close.

There are a lot of shitty early 2000s Bee-Train anime, but Avenger is by far the shittiest and not surprising is the worst anime I've ever completed, not counting meme anime.



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I remember

Only anime I've ever watched where I literally felt the need to skip through parts

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Honestly stuff like Mayoiga and Subete ga F ni naru are funny bad but Glasslip is just boring and almost incomprehensively horrible.

Powerpoint Presentation: The Anime

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shit taste: the post

>human sonic
>mage tetris
>sex innuendos

It can't be this bad. Would watch.

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bitch nigguharu you jus started a moffukin war....

awesome bait!

how right you are!

watch more anime

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11 entries on sakugabooru (not counting the OP). Compare that to Fate/Stay Night:
A mere 7 entries. Fatefags BTFO by the best anime this season.