Not enough words can describe how much I hate seeing this cunt everywhere

Not enough words can describe how much I hate seeing this cunt everywhere.

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He says as he posts a normalfag meme

yet you're reverse psychologing to get posts about her. i mean nice bait. i mean shitty obvious bait.

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Did you just subtly post a butthole?

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And yet you made another thread about her. Good job genius.

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02 a cute!

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thanks for indirectly making another 02 picture dump.

>I hate this character
>I'm going to start a thread so people know I don't want to see this character any more.

You brought this on yourself.
You wanted this.

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I saw her in an image. She was on a wooden horse watching her friend get fucked. Was pretty neat.

OP is Hiro, 02 is the anons posting 02.

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02 doesn't have any friends

well, maybe someone who actually watched the show could explain it:

Pink and blue were romantic rivals for the early show. Pink has all but won. Didn't bother logging in, but the context tells me that Blue is fucking the MC and making Pink watch.

02 a best. A best!

I just want her to step on my dick.

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ty for the hair inspo

You're welcome.

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Kill yourself