Which Hikari is best Hikari?

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The loli because lolis rule the world.

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The incestuous

>tfw Hikari wasn't in the group during the shower scene

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She wasn't there for the underwear episodes either.

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All three are shit.

I dont remember these

Did her brother complex carry on into Digimon tri at all?

The shower scene was in the Cockatrice episode where they go on a cruise ship in the desert while the underwear one was where they find a mansion and stay there with robes. When Devimon reveals the mansion to be an illusion the robes disappear and they're left in their underwear. They get their clothes back at the beginnings of the following few episodes.

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I haven't watched all of Tri but I don't think so

>02 didn't have a beach or hot springs episode

Just one of the many reasons it was shit.

Episode 17 is the ship right?

I remember she tried to seduce a sukamon

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Right. The Sukamon one was episode 10. She meets Sukamon after the bed she was flying on crashes in the forest.

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The side materials certainly seem to suggest she still has it.

Is the side material canon?

what side material

I forgot about the horrifying hand and foot sizes

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Just try not to look at them

There was a valentine's day drama cd where she said that she'd give her chocolates to Taichi. So it might've even grown bigger.

He better get her a white day gift

She just went the Juri route last movie when Taichi "die".

I have been out of the loop since Fox Kids/Toonami Digimon Tamers. Can you explain?

Awww that's cute

Explain what?

>Toonami Digimon Tamers
Juri is the girl that spirals into depression when Leomon dies.

The Juri route. I don't know that that means.

What said.

see Juri was a character from Tamers so you shouldn't have a hard time understanding.

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I'd rather the cat.

02 outfit, whatever the choice.
It's at that perfect balance of completely innocent and deceptively lewd.

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Oooh. That was freaky with the puppet. Then again Hikari freaking over her bro dying is natural though

Freaks out so bad she makes her digimon evolve into a fallen angel that DNA digivolves with that fucking cat.

Well she does love him. Is it worth a watch?

Not really, paicing is just too slow and I don't think the pay off will be worthy but I could be wrong.

Is Tri really as shit as people here say it is?

Where is "here" user?

Sup Forums

This thread or Sup Forums probably

Then Tri is as shit as some people in Sup Forums say but as good as some other people in Sup Forums say too. It's called having your own opinion.

Forming your own opinions is for poor people, I pay people to do that for me

Go pay to my patreon then


Needs more Kari.

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Date-chan is so cute
I wish she would be the /ss/ aneeki of the MC

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God-tier English VA

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So this will turn out to be fan fiction since 4 of their friends are dead.

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Stop posting this lie.

A miracle.

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they'll be back, i think tri is going to branch into something else
still think that ending is getting retconned, though

Just push her over the seat.

Why is the power disparity so strong between Angemon, Gatomon and the rest of the champion levels?
Like Angemon is steps above the rest and Gatomon is legits weak AF.

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Angemon's always fought against Devil-types, of which Angel-types are like a tier higher against on average. Only problem is that Angel-types are especially prone to corruption into becoming Devil-types too, and are only average against other Digimon, so groups like the Royal Knights and the Olympos XII are more reliable for taking down generally everything.

I dunno, man. None of the other units seems to be super effective against other types and if he's average like everyone else or Devil types are so common that he always finds usage then I still stand by the statement that he is objectively better than the rest of the Chosen's Champion levels.

WarGreymon is specifically effective against Dramon-types because of his weapons, and Seraphimons never have a good track record for kills, even though by all rights they should be the strongest mons out there.

>and Seraphimons never have a good track record for kills

This fucking gets me every time. You go from Angemon with his win record, then MagnaAngemon wrecks shit and then you get to Seraphimon and suddenly it's like "I know I'm one of the big three Angels and whatnot but I'm suddenly shit now"

The worst part is he has some theoretically neat attacks, even though we all know these attack descriptions mean nothing. I wanna see a badly losing war before the resident Seraphimon warps the Chosen to another dimension, then detonates himself, destroying the planet, the solar system, and most of the galaxy to defeat the villains. This buys the Chosen enough time to regroup before the evil inevitably comes back.

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Titty fish.

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That was just Takeru's Angemon. Not all Angemon are genetically tailored to suit a specific human and gain experience faster to evolve and fight the evil that plagues the world.


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Let's all:

>Say one thing we like about our least favorite Digimon series

>Say one thing we dislike about our favorite Digimon series

Adventure 01 felt painfully contrived at times.

Savers is kind of funny until the punching everything in the face gets stale.

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>mfw the Japs are split on who takes it up the ass
It's pretty funny how militant they are and how they refuse to follow those who are on the other side.

Also holy shit someone on Twitter finally asked Konaka about Despera and he retweeted their comment. No word yet though.

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The concept of humans becoming digimon was an interesting concept, even if it got wasted. And there's some good designs in there too, like Lowemon and JagerLowemon.

Studio Periott absolutely fucked over the animation in the final episodes of Tamers, ruining otherwise cathartic scenes.

>Studio Periott
What? Toei has always done Digimon.

I remember reading that Periott did the final episode of Tamers, which is why Juri has downs when Takato rescues her. I could be wrong though, but either way the animation there is terrible.

Tamers: Too many fucking characters that I don't care about and fuck Ryo.

Tri: AIDS Cat is cute as fuck. I actually love her voice and the sound she makes when she walks. A shame that AIDS Cat was so badly written and paired off with the one character in Digimon I want to be raped to death.

I believe Gatomon IS weak as fuck when she doesn't have her tail ring on.

The Digiarmor eggs are a really neat idea that never got the treatment it deserved, once they were able to digivolve normally.

The fact that Jenrya's little sister tamed a Deva was completely wasted, and Antymolon didn't even do anything.

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>The Digiarmor eggs are a really neat idea that never got the treatment it deserved, once they were able to digivolve normally.


Ofc it is going to be retconned, they'll put Meiko-chwan in it

The greatest Chosen of them all and always will be.

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For all it's flaws, and they are many, 02 was chock full of good ideas that never got expanded on.
Like, Ken should have been treated like Zuko was in ATLA. Begrudgingly accepted at first because the leader accepts him, and then he wins them over one by one. Maybe don't repeat it with the older kids to save time, and just let them trust that the younger team is right about the former Emperor.
Mostly I just want to see Ken interacting with everyone. For instance, he, Izzy, and Joe start talking shit that's way above everyone else's heads. Yolei can grasp a bit here and there since she was supposed to be kinda bright.
Or Mimi could compliment him on his sweater at the Digidestined Christmas party, since it's the only fucking thing he wears outside of his boring as fuck grey uniform.
And how does the boy who was mainlining the Dark Ocean interact with the girl whose crest is Light instead of an actual personality trait?

I have so much I want to know and Tri, even if I'm enjoying it, answers NOTHING.

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Mimi is weird in that she was my favorite character in Adventure 01 even when I was young and normally into big explosions and other edgy shit.

She's just got some charm to her despite being a little bit of a bitch at times.

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This artist always draws it like it's skintight and it makes me diamonds.

why is Mimi so best?

Angemon just belongs to a superior line.
No idea why Gatomon is so weak though.

>ovnimon alola

Because she has the best partner.

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>evolves to rosemon
fuck no.
maybe if it evolved to Bancholilymon I'd agree but as it is now, Palmon's just a lamer version of Yoshi's Lalamon

I just headcanon it as being Bancholilymon instead of Rosemon.

Bancholilymon is of course, best mon.

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And Savers stole Rosemon from Mari in V-Tamer.

In terms of the anime though, Rosemon suits Mimi far more than Yoshino.

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>And Savers stole Rosemon from Mari in V-Tamer
at least it had the decency to give it a burst mode.
Mimi's rosemon has nothing going for it and that really sucks.

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>this is what Taichi sees everyday

They're all best.

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Jesus christ that expression. She knows.

Somehow I don't have the pic with Gatomon drawing attention to Kari's ass.
So have best boy instead.

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For my Mimi bros.

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Tamers are quick to recognize lewdness.

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Hikari from Season 1. She was very compassionate and reserved, yet she also had this mature, mystical and mysterious side to her. Rather than focus on her own individual problems, Hikari went further beyond what she wanted and focused on what the world and people around her needed. In a sense, she stood out from the rest of the chosen children.

02 Hikari was the absolute worst imo because the writers made her a lot more extroverted and expressive, which contradicts a lot of her character in Adventure. Granted, she is the second female protagonist so Hikari needed to stand out more, but it still felt off-putting. In many ways, Hikari took Sora's role in which she was the "mother" of the group, a role that I don't think fits Hikari too well.

And Tri Hikari is obsessed with her brother so idk if that is a character.

My order is Adventure > Adventure 2 > Tri.

>Tri Hikari is obsessed with her brother

Tri Hikari confirmed for best.

Child hikari