Is her anime worth watching?

Is her anime worth watching?

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If you like children coming of age, sure

If you want action or romance, no

If you're just doing it for her, yes.

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It made me want to smell her vagina, so that's a yes from me.

I do it for her.

Come for 02, stay for the memes

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Get the feeling the old 02 we know and love will be dead for the next few weeks though.

assked the same thing yesterday
now I'm at ep10, amxiously waiting for the next

first 2 episodes are shit, just bear it

>will be dead for the next few weeks though
You mean dead forever?

She'll be back for the final episode to say goodbye before she actually dies

I can't judge it yet

>If you want romance, no

What did he mean by this?

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Only until episode 12.

And then Hiro will die too, killed by a bird

The anime doesn't have meaningful romance. This is just too force and empty because the protagonist is a self insert kind of guy and the 02 is just hammering in her intentions, so it stands on hentai levels of romance plot.

I really think you gotta give it until episode 4 although I suppose the build up in 3 is pretty decent.

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any NTR? I might watch for the NTR.

I don't know. Maybe?

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Kinda shallow but most people are watching it for the threads

no. the romance is very basic and isnt even the main part of the series, and the mechas are just in there for sales. the fights seldom last for longer than a few minutes. its about shallow boring characters coming to age in a typical dystopian society, and the animation is bad. this series is mediocre at best, and thats only because im biased because i think 02 is cute.


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Didn't you post the exact same thing earlier?
The other characters are not boring or shallow. I really liked Zorome after this episode. Before it I thought of him as a mere comic relief character.

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what else is there to watch this season?
this is the only decent tangentially /m/-related shit on right now, so it's good enough for me

There is government-assigned fattyxsweet-ojou pairing but the ojou seem to be more interested in the resident edgelord than fatty, which may or may not developed into NTR.
Also the usual "MC's best friend loves sidebitch, who loves MC, who loves main girl" love square.

>is anime worth watching?

Watch more anime, fag

I agree about Zorome.

watch 2 more anime before posting, fag

>n-no you!
franxxfags, everyone

This post made no sense. I don't know what you are trying to say.



trips get

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She closes the distance between them, which is like halfway across the courtyard, in three hops.

What are you implying? We already know she's more agile than humans. Even in the first episode, although we don't see it, it seems she jumps down from the stairs they are taking to the garden entrance which looks like it's several floors down.

Yes but not for her.

Yeah it's really good. I started watching when episode 8 was the most recent and I marathoned all of it in one night, first anime I've done that with in a long time. Ignore all the shitposters in the discussion threads, they're just brainlets who can't take the weekly pacing.

Yes. She's a clever girl.

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I completely disagree, more over you are simply wrong. Were you speedwatching?

AHHHHHH why is it cut off there?

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Greatest love story etc

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Yeah that's the stuff. That "let me here it one more time"...

every second shes on screen its worth it

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i want that smile back

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It’s Ichigos anime

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It's true.

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The desperation in her eyes...

i need a new playmat, post some good quality 02 wallpapers

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I actually enjoyed what we got so far. First episode is quite strong, several after them are weaker.
There are some good moments sprinkled here and there. I hope they will elaborate on all the hooks that were sprinkled around the plot. Specifically about the nature of the world and society. If not, I will be disappointed.

How can you like this show without liking episode 1?


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It was really strange seeing her look dead inside for an entire episode compared to the first 9.

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watch it and find out you stupid faggot. these are literally rec threads why are they not pruned

I didn't think episode 1 was that great. It just felt kinda "empty" or something. By the end of episode 3 I was hooked though.

i really hope we dont go KLK status were she goes full 'I AM A MONSTER" mode, just make her go full oni already so hiro can love her and she accepts herself

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What is a playmat good for?

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She's been feeling bad since the mirror. I can't wait until here breaks that wall.

First episode had the greatest information density out of all other episodes so far. Exposition, character introduction, action scene. And visually really nice quality. Compared to it, the rest are a bit slow and not a lot happens. Except maybe for that episode with the other plantation and the huge dino.

>Hiro* breaks that wall

card games
i want a 02 weiss deck so fucking bad

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She's a dinosaur bro.

I felt like it did a good job at setting up Hiro and 02's relationship and laying the foundation of the dystopian society we finally get to know more about. Hiro even went through a small arc.

I don't think they'll go that route. I feel like this character arc will more or less finish up in episode 12.

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That's 'cause you weren't paying attention.