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My Made in Abyss vinyls finally came in

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meme ost

I told myself never to buy figures from franchises I have no interest in. This one will test me.

Think of it this way user, you are interested in the figure from the franchise, ergo you are interested in the franchise.

Kind of surprised you've made it this far. That's just some meat and big tits, what's so tempting?

how is quality? I’m little bit worried since it’s made by GZ media.

Do you have a vinyl player? I wanted to be fancy and get Shpongle's latest album on vinyl but then looked at player prices and decided to stick to a cd.

Cute. I hope they do lewds next.

>Vinyl player

I don't really have a good set up to listen to these yet, just a cheap record player I found at the swap meet so I'm not getting the best quality out of these vinyls yet.

What do I buy to ensure more Fate/Type Moon anime?


Look who just arrived!
She's absolutely gorgeous.
The face looks really nice, I like the eyes, her tits are delicious and GOD BLESS THAT ASS.
Almost makes me want to play her game.

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Looks nice user-kun!


Don't do it.

FGO currency.

I don't have many figures, but her ass is probably my favorite.

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Glad you didn't get taxed user!

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These two bad lads came the other day.

Shout out to amiami for giving me the bonus Yang flag even tho they were sold out when I ordered.

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Thanks senpai!
yeah I think I will stick to kancolle doujins as "source material".
Thanks Fausto-san

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what does that even mean

That is a phat delicious looking butt.

Too bad her sister's skirt isn't so easily removed; there seems to be a bodacious butt under there too.

There is. Some user already removed the skirt

Was it forced castoff?

Try to track down an old used Technics SL-1200. They can be found for a several hundred bucks and are really excellent for the price.

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It means he's acknowledging it's popular but he doesn't like it for whatever reason.

oh fuck, are these still available?

It was a crowdfunded limited edition. No idea if they'll do another pressing. Probably not.

Thought this was Galko and Illya from the thumbnail.

What was the crowdfunding goal? One of the tripfags that used to post here always talked about releasing anime vinyl

>Tfw have to wait til september to even get prize figures

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>package supposed to arrive today
>at post office
>Ctrl+r all day long
>no updates until 5 pm
>Suddenly all at once updates
>says it was "out for delivery" since 10 am, then in retention at 5pm
>whatever.jpg, pickup tomorrow
>Check mailbox for pickup slip
>Nothing but flyers
Oh no.

>buying figures for shows you'll completely forget about in a month

Smart decision making you got there, user.

He'll have time to forget about her before preorders. Let's see if he lasts.

I'm considering in cheating on my waifu with Mashu.
Or making Mashu my second waifu.
Would it be a bad idea? This daki looks too cute to pass.

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i could care less about the show itself, but i want every bit of plastic i can find with 02

i just have a thing for girls with pink hair

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Your waifu can't be blander than her.

It's Rem.
Rem doesn't mind getting cucked right?

I guess I was wrong.

Print out the status page including the tracking number and take that to the post office.

Leap before you look, buy before you think!

Nice prize figs.

I just got a job, guys

I want to cum on their socks

Now go on a shopping spree and max out your credit cards

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Don't fall for the turntable player meme.
Even if their argument is that the analog signal better the digitized data, there are so many variance effects, from magnetic wear-out, motor speed jitter, etc. Digital 24 bit DAC recording is far superior.


I can't believe this is official merch.
Those proportions and the black thong are stuff you see in doujinshi.

You say that as if Kancolle was ever anything but pandering

does anyone have the diagram of the stick figure falling down the stairs

>I told myself never to buy figures from franchises I have no interest in.
I broke a few weeks ago and got a Kancolle figure

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I like how her expression looks like she's looking away in the screen in horror at the people adoring her fat ass

dam, she requires hot glueing asap soldier

>pink hair
>liking mentally unstable SJWs

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The character designs are pretty top tier

Definately. And I love the contrast between the ultra soft cutie and the heavy armaments

She need company, now get her sister.

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>rerelease just announced

please fucking rerelease may and serena next

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>nip ebay seller no longer ships to canada

I'm gonna miss getting cheap figs from him

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who was the seller?


I've gotten a kanan, luka, nadia and hihumi for $30 canadabux each

Thinking of buying a pillow from Royal Pillow. I've previously made do with stuff from Bed bath and beyond. Is royal pillow really worth it? And is there a recommended type? There seems to be a lot of options. The guide just mentions the price. Also what's the size for the standard 160cm50cm case?

looks like it's mostly prize figs and other smaller merch items at least, probably not hard to find cheap elsewhere

True but the shipping costs at least were pretty good

Does amiami ever ship things in envelopes? I'm going to order a super tiny microfiber cloth and it seems wasteful to just get that shipped in a huge box.

I'd take it when it comes with an Item Code in-game

>tfw missed out on original with bonus pre order card from GSC and won't spend 18k on Manda for it

I got this for 58 bucks because of the ebay sale.

It spins.

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who are FOTS and why do they keep making maidragons in swimsuits?

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Believe it or not, those are scales.

You cant really be picky when it comes to guy figs, especially ones that arent from big fujo series

I have a pillow from royal pillow, it is pretty comfy. I got the 100% Down 600+ fill type, and the only problem it has given me is that sometimes stray feathers I will find. I assume the more you spend the better quality it will be but I am already satisfied with the one I own.


>not a big fujo series

I've read that they do use envelopes sometimes. At the very least, you won't get some huge size 60 box. I've gotten a small 26x19x5cm box before.

Good lord they really fucked up mein fuhrer, they honestly do look like prize figs. I expect this of Megahouse, not Kotobukiya. Other than the boring pose, a face can really make a figure good. They mainly needed to make more lively/better positioned eye prints, like how that prototype Illya fig's eyes got fixed and made the fig so much better.

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No fanbase that manages to sit through all of LOGHs can be described as large

someone probably didn't go through with their order, thus you got one

You do realize just how popular it is in Japan, right? And it's originally a novel series.

>bathing suit

The face is what ultimately stopped me from preordering Reinhard. It just looks so dead.

Honestly I thought Yang turned out really well.

Another look at the prize-tier eye prints, they make him look derpy at certain angles. For slender faced males though I think they'd also have to sculpt more grooves/eyes sockets into the face, it's way too simple.

It's a legit big SF series, but studios are pinning it on only the women being faithful merch buyers I suppose, hence the Kurobas artist redesigns that will surely ruin future merch.

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Well they've got a point. Women are the only ones who go see the stage plays. The 80s manga was even published in a BL magazine because I guess they're the most faithful fans of it.

The lack of shading on the hair is appalling.

>The 80s manga was even published in a BL magazine because I guess they're the most faithful fans of it.
Doesn't surprise me given the chemistry between Rein and Sieg.

Is it just me or is MFC less active lately

Yeah Yang looks okay, he's a simple guy with small round eyes so that may have helped. Kircheis is gonna be the worst, lol I can't believe someone OK'd this sculpt.

The back of his hair may have had shading, it looked sort of airbrushed in that nip's review, or probably was just natural lighting.

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OK, where are my fellow Walkure Romanze fags?

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>vinyl player

You're adorable.

Are you in the US? Still waiting on mine to show up and no tracking information makes me angry.

Penkin posted on twitter asking if people were interested in a second pressing so there's a shot.
500 orders min:

>ebay sale

Wait, what?

>Are you in the US?
SoCal, yeah no tracking was frustrating

Would a dakimura reflect poorly on me with girls irl? I feel as though if a girl saw a dakimura in my room they would judge me harshly.

thats why you have your waifu user, she cant judge you
also who cares what people think