Precure Thread

Precure Thread

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This is a 11 years old japanese girl

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my favorite precure is sutie

Precure 1-hour draw: #429

The theme for today is Happiness Charge Precure. Yes, anything HaCha is allowed.

You can check past draws here:プリキュアワンドロ&sort=created

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>wanted to draw today
>fucked up the drawing midway
I can’t do anything. I can’t be anything. Mou Oshimaida!

>mfw Unlovely and Corrupted Seiji could've been a thing

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I like hotblooded mahou shoujos with a dash of edge/despair

Which precure season is the best for that?

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Go watch Nanoha instead. You deserve each other.

one more for you NEGATIBB WEIBUUU

None of the seasons are very edgy, other than Smile

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Yes5 and Gopri has headstrong protagonist and actually threating and serious villain.
Suite in the last arc count too.
Smile has best midseason but went downhill after that.

Yes5 confirmed to take place in Fresh's universe

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I did
I watched most mahou shoujo, never got into precure though

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which precure is the most fuckable?

For me it's Minamin

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all of them are once you drug them up

My favorite from todays 1draw

Pic related, or maybe her yellow. All of the HaChas actually.

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When is the GoPri director coming back so we can have a good episode again.

Fuck off

Saaya's power up would have been much more effect with some style, which has been lacking for the past couple weeks.

Fure fure, user-kun! It's okay to make mistakes.

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You don't always see someone with enough fingers to count to potato.

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I want to rape Hime.


I want Megumi to rape me.

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*hugs you*

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Can anyone even survive hug man?

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I love the HaChas! Yay!

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That foot is so poorly done I can't jack to it at all.

I want to lift up Miyuki's skirt

Sweet Dreams!!

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Pleoplelets, not even once.

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That doesn't sound very consentual.

Why does Sayaa not use this? Is she autistic?

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>faceless lolis



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all the blue ones.

is this form real?

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It boosted her shield just by having it though. look at that tiny hole, it may be a pendant of some sort not a mirai crystal.

If Maron got caught...

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Then what's THAT?

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Saya chan favorite mecha

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