ITT: That top tier waifu that you love that's trapped in a piece of shit series where she didn't win and deserves to be...

ITT: That top tier waifu that you love that's trapped in a piece of shit series where she didn't win and deserves to be in a better series where she does win.

What's her name Sup Forums? Pic related of course. Fuck Raku.

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Raku should have been killed like Makoto

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Wrong Girl OP

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Onodera is cute but Tsugumi is love.

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Nah, too edgy. Raku should've been cucked at the end instead.

>Not even best onodera
How wrong are you

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Imoutodera a shit. Second worst girl behind Shitoge. Onodera is second best girl behind Tsugumi and is tied with Marika.

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Tsugumi > Chitoge > Haru > Marika > Kosaki > Yui > Shit > Ruri

She lost her claim to the title of best girl when she gave up an easy win. Onodera is the Virginia University of anime

Raku has more moral integrity than you and makoto together
Tsugumi > Chitoge > Yui > Paula > Ruri > Shit > Haru > Onodera > Marika

>implying Ruri is worst
I will literally fucking fight you.

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She's a fucking cunt.

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>above anyone
You might have to see a doctor for that shit taste

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Shitoge is a cunt. Ruri only acts like that since Shuu's a dickhead and he's asking for it when Ruri kicks the shit out of him.

Seems like OP have a case of butthurt
Chitoge best girl

>double dubs
My nigga. Onodera did not deserve that "eh nandatte" retard.
I don't know how people can like Haru. She was just a textbook tsundere with no redeemable qualities.

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Why did my wife lose to some anorexic cunt with psychopathic tendencies?

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Because your waifu is trash

>I don't know what a waifu is

Putin will make things right.

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Onodera fag is still mad

>implying that Gatari and Fate are shit

but she won the shuu bowl

>implying Fate isn't shit
The only good things to come out of that series are Carnival Phantasm and that new cooking show.

She was a better Shirley than Shirley.

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Had a better death scene too, the way Shoe tried to scream out loud but his voice was barely coming out because of how shocked he was really hit me.

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Being better than Shirley isn't that big of an accomplishment desu

Mai Chan stuck in some stupid guros manga, she deserves better. Whenever I get rich from crypto im going a to buy the rights for her

mah nigga

Good taste.
Both blueheads were best.

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I'm still salty