S4 when?

S4 when?

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After S2 of Vivid Strike

Only if it as decent as S3; I don't want an S2 again, but I would rather a S1 quality instead.

All i remember from this was the human girl's transformation-meets-tentacles thing from the start of season 2. Anyone got a gif of that?

S2 was fun though.

I want to see my beautiful tomboy catgirl waifu again

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I want to see my beautiful teasing foxgirl waifu again too. We can only hope
I desire more Yuki lewds too


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What did you guys think of this show overall?
Millhiore's concerts ruined it.

Yes, this should happen first.

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She will just have the shota rabbit if you see her again.

Fun. Needs more seasons though.

S2 was better than S3 though.

Is this really a kids' show?

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Yeah, Nanoha is for adults

probably not anytime soon what with olympics coming up

I just want them to complete the seasonal cycle.

Yeah, that's what's holding it back.

I was digging for official lineart nudes and found more dog days stuff.

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Unironically one of my favorite anime, though mostly due to the unending lust for kemonomimi.

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Do we need more proof of squirrel being best girl?

But she's so flat.

I could've sworn that Rebecca was a bit bustier than that.

The best word to describe this show is 'FUN'. Especially in Season 1. They tried to make it edgy in Season 2 and failed. Then they tried a mixture of both in Season 3 and it was just... eh.

I thought that S1 was more edgy than S2.

My wife Yukikaze is so cute de gozaru~

I like it because the characters are good and the MC isn't a generic gook MC. Also the world building is pretty good.

I appreciate the thought put into the designs, particularly designing clothes with their tails in mind and preventing four-ear syndrome.

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Is there a full scan of this anywhere?

God I hope soon.
DD'' was literally three years ago already.

One of my favorites shows of all times.

I will only accept S4 if Eclair's screen time is cut to the point she only shows up as an after thought in the final fight.

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Wait was that eclairs only cameo in the 3rd season?

I think she shows up in episode 1 then disappears until the very last episode she then isn't allowed to fly on the Main Character carpet.

Isekai full of cute kemonomimi? Great idea.
Comedic parody of battle shounen by making the wars literally just games? Great idea.
Parody games are extreme Ninja Warrior? Great idea.
Transforming super weapons and energy beams? Not such a great idea, but it works.
Eclair? Fucking brilliant idea.
Taking yourself seriously and trying to pull of serious drama? Bad idea.
Going full Nanoha and bloating the cast to hell and back? Terrible, terrible idea.

It's the very definition of wasted potential. A perfect example of how cramming a bunch of good ideas together doesn't make a good show, you need good direction to pull it all together.

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She showed up at the very end of the onsen episode once everyone was getting out of the onsen. Because fuck you.

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I want S1/S2 vibes, S3 was a giant disappointment.


Why does everyone like eclair?

The first half of season 3 was mostly alright. The flash back episode was great. It's everything else that was bad.

It was to fanservice heavy and focused on the shitty shota rabbit.

Maybe green is their favorite color?

I didn't mind the fanservice. As for the shota rabbit, the show really did get bad right around the time he was introduced. Those last few episodes were just lazy.

I remember watching this.
Thought it was furshit when it was airing and I avoided it.
Round about S3 I started watching, and it was silly and stupid, so I dropped it at the first episode.
After S3 finished, I decided to give it a second chance and started enjoying it. I can't remember if it was second season or third season but there was a space whale or some shit and the story arc just dragged on and on and on.
I'd watch an S4, though I think I'll have to re download the s1-s3.

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