Best character

best character

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best girl

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Is Asuka, but Misato is number 2.
Also the same waifu ranking.

Childhood is idolizing Asuka
Adulthood is realizing Misato makes more sense

Generalfeldmarschall Katsuragi bestest character.

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>posting rebuilds

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Instrumentality could have been avoided if she just fucked Shinji

She tried but shinji chickened out

He fucking recoiled in terror the second her hand touched his. How much of a faggot is he?

>butcher a character, timeskip them and then give them less than 10 minutes of screentime and not a single significant moment of characterization
What the frick were they thinking

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He chickens out of everything, she should have just pinned him down and had her way with him

Nah, it's Shinji

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Asuka needs a frowny face, Rei needs a neutral expression, and why isn't Trump an Elephant?

Because Misato is a roastie, he fucked Asuka

nope he is just gay

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I feel like Republicans would like Rei more.

>faps to asuka

probably bi



adulthood is realizing Misato is a druken pedo.

Get back in the robot dammit.


Republicans are red, enuf said.

Even gay men want Asuka.


>30 years old
>Electra complex
>Uses sex as a means to show affection
>Even puts the moves on a kid
>Last one in her circle of friends to get married
She's a roastie user

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>Even gay men want Asuka.

Then Kaworu would have seduced her

but Shinji best girl

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Why was rebuild so bad anons. Was ano only good when he was depressed?

Rebuildposters expose their own stupidity, independent of things like shit taste. The fact is, if you honestly like any of the Eva girls for reasons other than the completely superficial, you probably don't have shit taste.

But you can still be a brainlet, as you Sup Forumsnons show.

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You'd be wrong.

Somehow i was angry as fuck when kaji fucked her.

Because you wanted Kaji to fuck you.

He was depressed during 3.0 supposedly, maybe he needs to be pushed to suicidal like when he made the original and got all those death threats

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Slutty mommy for smug contrarians.

Asuka and Kaworu...its so stupid, but it feels so right

You would be correct. Only libtards are Asuka fags.

I want to call her mom and impregnate her.

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I was an asukafag, then I realized Rei has way more aesthetic art.

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Me to-

>liked Asuka when I was 12
>mfw I'm now the same age as Misato

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>forgets about that one Asukafag that brings up a certain Sup Forums board every Eva thread

Best taste.

>forgets about the one guy that keeps muslim posting

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This is Misato-san crying.

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>>Please describe each Evangelion girl's vulva, thank you in advance

fine and sparse pubic hair, her inner labia are revealed and have some pigmentation as is typical among the japanese. in keeping with her general lack of personal care, there is some smegma accumulation in between her folds accompanied by the lingering smell of LCL with a hint of green tea.
naturally hairless, her outer labia are still quite puffy and only the slightest bit of inner labia protrudes. little pigmentation to be found, so when she gets aroused, it all turns into a beautiful red blush. smells like stale sweat and not much else.
ruined wizard sleeve, prominent clitoris and a gnarled mess of soft pubic hair. slight smell with a hint of lavender, not entirely unpleasant.
pristine innie with a bit of clit poking out, has never known the touch of anything other than her own fingers or vibrating toothbrush. she has some soft downy pubic hair and smells of lilac perfumes covering up sweat.
deep pigmentation, some pubic hair, moderately sized labia that tend to get into a sticky mess of secretions and hair stuck to her panties whenever she thinks of Touji. the scent is almost indistinguishable from her anus.

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he already did.

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Because it is you know it in your heart user.

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>tumblr filename

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What if Shinji HAD fucked her? Could he have put a baby in her? I seem to remember reading that she was sterile after Second Impact.

>naturally hairless,
>not wanting her to have a fire-crotch

fucking faggot.

>implying anyone except Ramiel is best girl

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Finally, one Sup Forumsnon has shown true taste and brought some hope to this desolate place, or some shit like that.

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You know, of all the things about End of Evangelion, Misato's death was the one that hit me the most. All I wanted was for her to be happy.

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Same, I want her to be my mommy but also my freaky lover

The only thing that makes her happy is fucking Chad, aka Kaji

This. Look at this fucking gleam as she sees Kaji fly off.

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Same, the music gets me

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You keep posting it. When will you ever learn?


It's because
1) it offended waifufags by massively changing Rei's and Asuka's characterization
2) it tried to make the audience feel like Shinji did, who was treated like shit.