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Post edgy characters

>webm related

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What a fucking loser

>this is Jiren in the manga
Really makes you think how they fucked up with Jiren in the anime

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He is literally Space Sasuke

why would anyone but his big brother kill his shit village?

toyo already confirmed that U12 had a "sudden growth" that made it a top tier universe. They took in El Hermano and him alone made them stronger than Jiren's universe.

He's essentially Tien in the 22nd World martial arts tournament.

Is el hermano a legit leaked villain from the upcoming movie or is he just another spic OC

another spic OC for now

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You don't see el Hermano trying to kill spectators

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He wouldn't be weak enough to just " try".

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>gohan's hair flying off

every time

He's a spic OC that will later become real thanks to meme magic

That is also what Jiren was before Toei tried to ''characterize'' him and completely forgot he was a Pride Trooper and a hero in his universe

Pic related. Edgy, annoying faggot who deserved to die.

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I unironically thought this too, felt like a parody of the backstories of Naruto.

I thought Toriyama didn't give Jiren a personality beyond "he is a silent guy". Wouldn't this mean Jiren might have a completely different backstory in the manga?

Might be, but one things for sure
Manga Jiren is more of a hero then Anime Jiren, who might as well be a villain at this point

Probably not. Whatever wish he has is still implied to be a very personal one and not something like bringing salvation into everyone or erasing evil,

> Jiren
> Edgy

Sit down. Be humble.

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You are right about that. Toei wanted Jiren to be the talkative one, but Toriyama shut that shit down because he wanted Jiren to be the "quiet guy".

As for backstory, based on the anime, the story needs to follow that fact that he is a hero that has his ideals broken down in front of him by Goku.

I'm sure Toyotaro will find a way.

>not edgy
You sure we're watching the same show?

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I don't think you know what that word means.

I love your title