What have bet your favorite arc in Index so far and what is your favorite arc in the Railgun's manga?

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So far? WW3 in Index and Sister arc in Railgun.

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WW3 and Sisters

The festival arc in Railgun was much better when read in large chunks. It dragged at the monthly pace

I'm still only on OT16, but so far, I'd probably say OT1, 5 or 8. It'll be awhile before I can make better judgement on this.

For Railgun, probably Sisters or Dream Ranker.

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Is Carissa so ugly because Britbongs are naturally inbred?


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It always cracks me up when I see Raildexfags defend Kamachi's increasingly bloated writing for their series. The man can write a good story as evidenced by his other LNs and his world building is excellent, but it is very clear that To Aru Index has become Mickey and the broomsticks. He just keeps adding character after character and it's insane. He probably hasn't a clue about how to satisfactorily resolve all the subplots he left hanging along the way, nor to utilize the characters from previous arcs once they outlived their featured volumes. He claims romance isn't supposed to be a major thing in Index yet the most popular character and closest thing to a heroine, who he (or Miki) keeps shoehorning into arcs where she doesn't belong, has her main motivation as chasing the MC's cock. Let's not sugarcoat it, that's what it comes down to. Ditto for about a dozen of the more important female characters. Raildexfags will point to the interviews about Kamachi writing several novels' worth of plot ahead and say he has a master plan but probably the man is simply getting all his autistic ideas on paper before he forgets them. And he's trying to cram so much of those interesting ideas into Index that he'll do it regardless of whether it serves to bolster the narrative in the long term. Raildexfags remind me of Kubofags that used to insist anyone who questioned his writing was a speedreader who was too thick to pick up on the brilliant hints and elements dropped here and there that would somehow magically come together at the end. They're in for a massive disappointment assuming this clusterfuck of a series ever finishes, in my opinion. Kamachi is a better writer than Kubo by far but this series has become a mess somewhere along the middle NT novels and Raildexfags don't like to admit it because they have stayed on the ride too long. I bet the RPing avatarfags whom they tolerate will be more honest, that would crack me up. Raildexfags, when will they learn?

It always cracks me up that shitposters can’t see that they are just autistic as we are, if not more so.

Index = Heavy Object >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shit Sign
Deal with it, Shitsignfaggots.

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NT9, Sisters

Do you guys think Gunha will show up again soon?

Arc, not novel.

Why would I even bother with that shit? I can tell by a mile away that it's boring.


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>He claims romance isn't supposed to be a major thing in Index yet the most popular character and closest thing to a heroine, who he (or Miki) keeps shoehorning into arcs where she doesn't belong, has her main motivation as chasing the MC's cock.
He was refering to HO when he said that

>replying to autistic pasta

Will the Sisters arc ever be topped?

When will Astral Bitch stop being boring?

When Misaki fucks off and the ghost gets the spotlight.

Next NT, which will heavily feature Mikoto


>pasta gets deleted
>copypaste of it doesn't

I sincerely hope that Kamachi has Kamijou end with someone completely unexpected like Oriana

I seriously think that is shitty writing

Let's go full crazy retarded.
>Stockholm Syndrome with Silvia
>Touma actually enjoyed it

It is the gremlin arc but for the sake of uncommon answer I will say my second favorite the kamisato arc.

whatever the dolly arc was called

>Touma becomes gay and molests Accelerator
>Accelerator yells and protests until his feminine penis is grasped by Touma's mighty Imagine Breaker, whereupon he sighs and gasps and collapses in those manly arms

Kamikoto ending!

This chapter made me gain so much respect for Kuroko. She's genuinely one of my favorite characters now.


based Mikoto cucking the entire kamisato faction

Screw that shit.
I honestly believe that after her competitors are animated and spread to the world, she'll lose serious appeal among the masses. Violent tsundere's are a dying breed, girls like Itsuwa and Misaki are the new hotness

Seriously, just one shot of Misaki in Railgun landed her doujins, even NT 11 inspired some. Imagine what could happen if she gained a full animated appearance?

Too boring outside the Acqua fight
Needs Mikoto to be entertaining, which yeah, she will gain a lot of followers in Railgun 3
Also fuck this captcha 3 minutes of fucking dissapearing images fuck your shit hiroshimoot


>not violent

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So what did the old guy mean by his gesture?

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Koga vs Amakusa who wins?

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Don't use Hime to shitpost like she's some IA whore.

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>you will never manipulate Mugino into hurting Last Order just to see the shitstorm that would rise

>girls like Itsuwa and Misaki
>new hotness
Itsuwa is a lay figure and Misaki is a whore, but I see what you mean - Itsuwa is like a canvas which (you) paint on, making her the ideal person for whatever. Misaki is sexy and we all know that this is what people like.

Keep the rag, you soiled it?

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Implying Mugino would ever hurt Last Order. She's on her way to becoming her mother figure.

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Daihasei Arc in the manga.

You didn't even put any effort

She literally stops being a tsundere in OT16 for the remainder of OT
If anything it will be fresh air for anime onlys

I don't know why I like this image so much.

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because its Mikoto

Probably because it reminds you of the ending theme where Mikoto is surrounded by her friends and is actually happy. You’re so used to “ohhh I’ll do anything for Kamijou but I hate myself” Mikoto that it’s a nice change.

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But its because Touma that she doesnt hates herself anymore

Stop these unhealthy power naps and go sleep properly, MP.

You mean you?

>Implying she's legitimately friends with Kuroko, Saten, and Uiharu other than out of obligation and second-hand friendship

Reminder that Kuroko rapes Mikoto every night and cries herself to sleep since then because she can no longer become a bride

Mikoto and summer go together phenomenally

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Mikoto doesn't have any friends

So like Kamijou and Index?

I just started watching this series dear my friends and I’ve got to say that Index Librorum Prohibitorum is one hawt piece of squeaky clean ass as I don’t care who knows about it. She’s the best anime girl in the entire world and her hair is gorgeous.


Im waiting for Kamachi to retcon both Nagai arcs

Get in line. We’re all chasing her heart.

Dumb mobileposter.



>girls like Itsuwa and Misaki are the new hotness
Based on what?

His delusional mind.

No need. He already wrote it in way that it will make sense when it all comes back,

He's probably thinking on the overly affectionate girls like 02 even though Itsuwa and Misaki act nothing like that

Girls like Itsuwa aren’t anything new. She’s almost the same as Tsubaki from Soul Eater.


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It’s his fault. Not hers.

Im waiting for Kamachi to retcon Mikoto

Misaki a pile of shit

When you’re nervous it burns a lot of calories and Kamijou is always putting himself in danger and leaving Index alone so it’s his fault she is the way she is.

Incredibly impressive that you expressed such homosexuality and shit-taste in a matter of just one single post.
I unironically like Itsuwa because she's a character who's a double C; cute and competent. She doesn't hesitate despite her meek personality, which lands her major points in my book. That, and she's not exactly violent with the man she loves
Misaki is a tragic character who's crush and savior cannot remember her save for her smell. I guess I can sympathize a little bit with her plight, becoming something for the one you love only for her to never reciprocate or look your way. For her however, it was a relationship abruptly and unfairly cut due to circumstance
I'm tired of Mikoto. If you ask me, I am not mad at her particular appearances in OT and this dislike of mine is relatively recent. She's becoming too relevant in storylines which she has no place in, and scenes with her feel artificial. Make no mistake, the appearances she made in OT are scarce so it's not much of a problem if she gets chapters or scenes to herself in order to expand upon the situation with the science side. However she is somehow inserted into the mainplot and to make her a major player she coincidentally finds a base where she finds a superpowerful suit known as the AAA that covers and eliminates her weaknesses. That scene with Touma being flustered over Mikoto's swimsuit feels weird since it's established that he doesn't swing for her body type (and really, no scene prior to this would have led to him suddenly lusting over Mikoto, I would say she'd landed herself in the list of people Touma could count on for help, a close friend and ally). She also possesses a spin-off to herself, which despite it's many focuses, primarily shines the spotlight on her. She gets too much content, I'm legit tired of this bitch.

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I usually think of her as a Hinata clone from Nardo.

/not to mention he’s always getting hurt and in the hospital

Full blown autism

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I always cheered for Ino. Hinata seemed a little boring.

>explain why I don't like said character
>called autistic
No surprise.

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True. He should have just pushed her off the balcony and be done with it.

Just like Itsuwa then

Well Itsuwa was already popular in the first place, it just died down but the anime will definitely revive if, Misaki too is already popular so I don’t really see why she needs the anime

Whatever happen to Terrorists like ISIS in Index universe?

>t. wikireader
Go back and finish OT15

I get to post it twice

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Your opinion stopped mattering the moment you announced you're a secondary. Basically MP tier. Go shit up some other thread now.

She got turned into a fairy.

Well Hinata seemed a lot more shy and less trashy. I don’t know a lot about Itsuwa but her character seems like fan service to me.

Are people competing to produce copypasta ITT or what

I read all of NT up to 17 so Misaki and Mikoto are within the range of things I can talk about
I just finished up OT 16 (great volume by the way) so Itsuwa is included

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Now now, he's reading the novels which puts him above animeonly. MP is tertiary tier.

I read the manga sir.

>Vacuums up his food like a landwhale
>Complains when there is no food
>Complains with how he makes his food
It's her fault.


Its recently come to me that fukiyose just doesn't work. You know how in tsundere anime the tsundere is usually the best girl right? See, I doesn't work in Index because Fukiyose is so obsessed in maintaining the anger towards Touma's supposed laziness that it all gets in the way of her own sensibilities. All of her interactions come down to yelling at Touma, sitting on Touma's desk, and eating some sort of strange diet. Her breast are already big but she doesn't even purple which is just a wasted opportunity to set things straight with the firebrand. It doesn't help that she has an irrelevant gnome shadowing her every move. All in all it's abundantly clear than fukiyose is the one that needs to talk to Touma in regards to the status of the attendance instead of the other way around.

I posted why below that. The way Kami acts Index should 100% be perpetually mad at him. She’s actually really kind considering what he puts her through and his mistreatment of her.

That's ma'am to you, mobilefuck

Just because you don't like the focus she gets as of recently doesn't mean she doesn't belong in it. She's having a character arc at the moment and science and magic are now becoming more into one thing and less separate than before, so it makes sense that she'd be included, since she's also been in the story from the very first novel and even scene.
As for Touma's prefered body type. It's not just one type he seems to like. He thought Agnese of all people was hot. Not to mention that tastes also change anyway, he's also seen her in a swimsuit for the first time (Railgun filler aside) and not wearing her shorts. It's more than just physical appearances anyway.
I don't get why you're still so whiny about the whole AAA thing when this entire series has some giant asspulls that you don't seem to care about, since it doesn't involve Mikoto. Most likely due to personal bias.