Darling in the FranXX

The series started very crude, first the enemy seemed to be really dangerous and every mission could be the last one but now is like a slice of life with some combat highlights. I don’t like this pacing too.

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Yeah, those fucking filler episodes are killing the show

I'm just watching it for Miku and 02 to be honest.

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I don't really care about the mecha fights, I prefer when it's about the characters

This show is having a slow pace just for the sake of it…

If you couldn't tell it was bad from

>Super special bird that needs a dude and girl to fly

You should get your head checked

whos your favourite franks? mine is the sad one

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>not enjoying the happy SoL while it lasts

>02 all depressed and HIro doesn't know what to do
>Kokoro's partnerswap hinted by old lady's conversation and Ikuno bitching at Fatoshi
>IchiGoro not making any progress yet, Zorome has had his faith in adults shaken
suffering episodes soon

What filler episodes?

Episode 13 preview

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>Not unsubtle symbolism again, now I won't feel smart for getting it.

Okay the Jian bird is actually a thing in Chinese mythology and with all the flower/nature imagery and symbolism in the show, it actually works.

Speedwatchers think anything that isn't robots fighting is filler

Sorry for making the symbolism obvious man.

Big disappointment desu

That user didn't even realize the show used it to start characterizing Hiro and 02 a bit by letting us know what they think about the myth, and it was nice that they had opposing views.


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It lacks the character depth for "deep" watchers.
It lacks the quality mecha for /m/ watchers.

It ends up being mediocre, which would be fine, but its Trigger and they always oversell.

02 a cute though.

Symbolism is supposed to be a little subtle.

Just mentioning the bird would be fine, but going from "scene about symbol" to "Scene about what is symbolized" isn't just unsubtle, it's hamfisted.

>Not enjoying Godannaquarion Kiznaivangelion seveN

I don't think it was hamfisted, I think that scene is quite beautiful, 02 being happy just reinforces the emotions she is talking about. Right after that, we are back to the present time where she hates her taste, is wearing a different uniform and doesn't even know Hiro. It creates expectation to see what made her so happy, and it characterizes her somewhat because even at this point we haven't seen 02 as happy as then.

The Jian is a symbol for one of this show's themes, so of course you'll get plenty of scenes about it. And even then, theres been few that reference it directly.


>first the enemy seemed to be really dangerous
It gets taken out in 1 shot once the robot gets its 2nd pilot.

Don't worry, most of Sup Forums didn't get what the first arc was about at all despite the unsubtle symbolism. I'm sure you did once episode 6 aired, so you can feel smart about yourself.

underrated post

Honestly the robutt fights need some more of the Trigger over-the-topness and a good soundtrack. I mean when you first look at a Franxx the assumption is they'll be completely over the top and spectacular but the fights have been pretty boring overall.

>the enemy seemed to be really dangerous
there's 0 tension left in the mecha scenes

I prefer SoL episodes, at least for now. Evangelion from 7-12 was kinda pointless too but in the edgy way and in the end it paid off.

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and drama scenes. the triangle serves no purpose, not even to flesh out backstory. it's just -there-.

One of the disappointments I have with the show is the mecha stuff. The designs are far, far too spindly for my taste, and like you said aren't as over the top when they fight as they ought to be, nor do they have any degree of down to earth weight.
I get that they wanted to, hell, needed to break away from the usual aesthetics, but divorced of context, I'd much rather call the Franxx Digimon than mechas.

this must be the most convoluted way to pilot a mech ever

someone really needs to draw Nana in a pistil suit. Give that soft butt some recognition

So what did Oba-chan say to Zorome?

At the end? Nothing.

When he asked her about being an adult. And she said, "because you're", but it cut off before she finished her words

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She was still talking as and a bit after the buzzer sounded. It wasn't really an editing trick; she stopped speaking herself.

Whe gotta admit the pacing/amount of info revealed is a huge miscalculation.

it didn’t build the setting up much at all because they’re holding secrets back for a big “final reveal” but at the same time the last three episodes took up 15% of the entire runtime and there’s been NO internal character development.

poor pacing no matter your opinion on the matter

better directors do something like contrast 2 characters thematically at the same time. the symbolism used can then apply to both of them and the setting at the same time.

this ep just has tons of dead space/time, theoretically it COULD be a directorial trick, BUT they did the same things 7-10

he barely remembered Grandma at the end of the episode


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Not anymore. And Ichigo was kind of justified until episode 6.

No, he didn't. He said he went about the event in his head until he stopped.

She rejected him as her offspring so he moved on.

They are not writing the show as it goes, right?
What people are saying about the pacing, it going no where, reminds me of those manga chapters like that.

Just hope it won’t be a rushed ending or too open ended.

>Vroom vroom
>Get on the bike Dahling~

y only problem with it is that they don’t take it anywhere, zorome hears and is told all of these confliting things, “infected children” “they’re victims” “that’s out of the question” and he never inquires further on these, he just goes “ah”.

furthermore the fact that he didn’t take any of it to the base is ridiculous, after all that he doesn’t even discuss with anyone that he finally met the adults he so much adored (maybe because he was so disapointed and shatered after those 2 guys picked him up that he didn’t want to talk about it …..still tho).
No one discusses this further, zorome even says he forgot about the whole thing ….. the only change is that he no longer has that dream that was established this chapter so it doesn’t even have any meaning in the general scope of things.
the world building is decent, but its only decent for us, it didn’t impact the characters AT ALL, and it doesn’t matter if we get world building, we don’t need small information like this. if it doesn’t impact the characters then its just trivia for us.

>there’s been NO internal character development
Hello speed watcher


How he got to the information was also ridiculous. Letting one of these kids get left behind and lost just because he stopped walking flies in the face of everything else we learned this episode. If they’re so damned that adults can’t even touch them then they should’ve been guarded with escorts like they were made out of mithril even if it was all done covertly.

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If it was Hiiro it would force the story along more since he's been questioning these things.


New theory: The adults are the parasites who failed to manifest abilities. Naomi was taken to a hospital for rapid aging and is already an adult. All the people are artificially created for the purpose of sustaining the magma society.

Another theory: The "infection" is essentially a childhood disease that, in the case of the parasites, they're exposed to at an early age and develop an immunity, but are permanent carriers (sort of like chicken pox). In unexposed adults, the infection is life-threatening.

>His entire personality is being a cuck childhood friend and overshadowed by the MC
>Pilot mediocre mech which hasn't score a single kill since ep 3 and need a suicide bomb to finish one.

current Sup Forums loves shit characters

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If isn't related to Zero Two, Hiro wouldn't give a shit.

is this picture trying to tell me Ichigo is almost 6'6? nonsense

>Ichigo entire personality is being a cuck childhood friend and overshadowed by the female MC
>Pilot mediocre mech which hasn't score a single kill since ep 3 and need a suicide bomb to finish one.

Don't post things who will backfire on you, retard IchiHirofag.

Speedwatchers he questioned about Papa and the rest in beach episode

This watches like every other show that has come out recently and has the 'alright kids, what did we learn in this episode?' shit where everyone says the same 8 phrases to each other.
The mechs themselves are ridiculous and every action scene is a snoozefest.
Oni is a cute joker but fuck me this shit is silly. Why do things have to be this way?

Theory: Nana and Hachi are a former FranXX piloting team. Hachi has had his dick deep in your precious Nana.

Great cast trapped in a mediocre series

Considering how they all seem to be unaware of the sexuality, that may not be the case yet

The only speedwatcher here is you. Hiro right now is far too concerned about Zero Two to actually care about the adults. It would make no sense for him to be there listing to granny infodump.

>Local Pistil Ruins Everything


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Nanaposting is the best thing to come out of DitF

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I wonder what they're doing on 2ch. If they're as obsessed with Nana as we are.

there is still salvation for / a /


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this user get it

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I can't check the specifics now, but no shit they didn't start to talk about this at the end of the episode. This is one of the reasons why Franxxs' transitions to the ED are great.

Unacceptable. Your understanding denies both you existence and mine. This additional information does not warrant a cessation of the klaxosaurs' annihilation. The klaxosaurs threaten to drive mankind to extinction. Preventing that is my only dream. Papa's influences on me have been cut off. What I have said was a conclusion drawn from my own analysis of the available data.

Mankind and the klaxosaurs will never come to an understanding. This is because they have rejected love itself. If mankind possessed bodies as tough and powerful as those of the klaxosaurs, there would have been no need to develop relationships.

My individuality is the product of mankind's intercourse. However, I am necessary to mankind in order to evolve its stagnant society. It can be surmised that mankind deepened their emotions and made love in order to overcome their own necessities.

Love itself is proof that mankind stands at the apex of all creation. However, the klaxosaurs have abandoned their human forms, along with their bodily necessities. To merely pursue and satisfy one's well-being and desires as a technological creature, a higher level of emotion is not necessarily required. Relationships are the only means for mankind to surpass itself. We are the result of pure intercourse given birth by love. The klaxosaurs abandoned that very same intercourse and thus became the culmination of technological beings. You must therefore fight with me for the dignity of mankind. In a conflict between creatures that are fundamentally the same, defeat is equivalent to annihilation. One pursues love, and the other abandons it. The war between the parasites and the klaxosaurs is a confilct between two irreconciliable survival strategies. The vanquished will fall prey to natural selection. As long as you wish to survive, you have no choice.

I am but a male body that directs and controls the piloting of pistils.

I exist solely to set you up for happiness.

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What the fuck?

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>people complain about posting nana stuff when we get posts like this

I’m not sure if it wasn’t obvious but both Nana (007) and Hachi (008) are genetically engineered too, they have no reason to distance themselves from the children.

Still waiting for the episode where Kokoro figures out from the book that parents are actually supposed to be loving and take care of their children, not leave them in solitude. Smells like a bit of childish rebellion is in the air.

8 is the only episode that could even remotely be considered filler.

02 = Nana > Miku = Kokoro > Ichigo > Ikuno

>responding to pasta
Zorome is the most brainwashed/loyal of the children. Of course he wouldn't start questioning the adults yet.

There are some hints that Nana and the guy standing next to her (he has a name?) are the last survivors of the former P13 squad. In the picture of the former squad were two children, who looked similar to them. Their number based name is another hint.

Her body was made for breeding.

nice joke

Not so fast, user.

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we gargantia nao

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I find it funny that, no matter how much people argue about Ichigo, nobody cares about Ikuno.


I was wondering about this myself. I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

Also, Nana isn't necessarily 007, she could be 077 ("Na" on its own can be rendered as 7, even though the word for the digit 7 can be pronounced "Nana"; cf. Nanashi = 774, the guy who does Nagatoro-san).

Nana > Kokoro > Ichigo > Ikuno > Miku > 02

She hasn't had much time to shine.

She just has no personality yet.

10 episodes so far and she has only said a couple sentences each episode. Nothing has happened with her yet other than she secretly likes Ichigo and dislikes Mitsuru

You mean Hachi? Yeah they show his name in intro.

they leveled up, now they are ultra powerful

02 > Miku = Kokoro > Ikuno >>> Ichigo
IchiHirofaggot ruined Ichigo.

Nobody likes dykes.

Ikuno is canonically the ugliest and most boring. Chadsuru doesn't even look at her when the acid melts her suit and nobody wants to talk to her.

02 > Nana > Miku > Kokoro > Ichigo > Grandma Naomi > Ikuno

At least Fatty and Ikuno can suffer together after a certain pistil does something selfish

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>nobody wants to talk to her
That's just plain false.

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I do though.