Am I kawaii uguu Guts-chan?

Am I kawaii uguu Guts-chan?

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she looks evil

one job user


What is she saying?

ching chong ding dong

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This looks way better.

Muira getting weird with proportions in his old age

I blame iM@s

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I prefer this one.

I'm convinced it's a scan error

I love Griffith


send it to his twitter, tell him that you will fix his work for free, let's get the mangaka to commit sudoku.

Are you guys blind? The first one is way better

Get your eyes checked, user.

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Spergs STILL haven't realized the art changes in proximity to the Flower King.

I hope you're right user, going from traditional to digital can change a man


she aways was

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Further proof that all tomboys secretly want to be treated like delicate little princesses.

>treated like delicate little princesses.

So fucked by griffith only to bear the weight of being the cause of his brutal torture?


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