The best toy commercial i ever watched

the best toy commercial i ever watched

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It was the second best for me.
#1 was pic related

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Watch Wixoss

It wasn't just a toy commercial. It was a tourism, sporting goods, homewares etc. commercial.

Pure genius

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Several of them were on back order. I imagine they have caught up by now though.

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Gee Gourai, how come Kotobukiya lets you have two girlfriends?

>bought cheeseburger
>don't have the courage to open the box and build her
I know I'm gonna ruin her somehow

It's barely more complicated than building lego.

the only difference is lego is not in a frame where you have to cut and sand it


I miss Ao

Dunno, I mean, Medarot is still a thing

Ao is so cute. One of the times that the MC really enhances the whole experience.

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Not for long.

I miss these FAGs so much... season 2 when?

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Since the anime aired FAG reprints have been on semi-regular release schedules instead of the once (Maybe if they're lucky twice) a year thing they had before.

Also, China finally took notice and has started their own line of knockoffs called "Pretty armor" which are basically all innocentia base bodies with bigger boobs.

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This show was better then it had any business being.

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Translation of the last two chapters of the manga when?

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When Kotobukiya's hold over people's wallets loosens, so not any time soon. FAGs are still going strong (And are being boosted even more thanks to official collabs), and their Hexa gear and Megami Device lines also look to be doing very well. They're still putting out regular frame arms too, and soon they're going to start releasing their new Shinki's and tht LBX girls thing.

And to think everyone was terrified that she's be that bland personality-less piece of background art that was the Busou Shinki MC.

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I would like to thank the FAG Anime for making FAGs popular. Kotobukiya's stuff is really hard to get if you didn't preorder it during the first round.

Also, Architect best girl.

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>innocentia with bigger boobs
I newer knew I needed this

Why can't China come up with anything original? There's like a billion of them.

She's fantastic!

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I want to date this nerd.

But you need to be a complete fag to do so.

>I would like to thank the FAG Anime for making FAGs popular.

They were actually already really popular. Gourai sold out out in most physically stores in Japan within like 3 days and like every FAG after that up until byakko (so far the least popular FAG) would sell out first rounds of preorders within like an hour (some like baselard within like 10 minutes).

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Nah, you just need money.

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Forced to go commando for one day, learns to like it, never wears pantsu again.

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you haven't watched many toy commercials then

>Money grubbing jew
>Gets bullied by her own toys
>Shit tier builder who can't even handle the plamo equivelant of Lego
>Poor cook
>Writes poetry so lame she gets mocked for it across the series

What did we do to deserve such a wonderful MC?

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Let's be serious here, she realized it was cheaper not to use them at all.

To be fair, decent women's underwear is expensive.

FAG was Busou Shinki done right. The mastah character having an actual personality was an utterly massive improvement.

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She's so lame it's wonderful.

>I would like to thank the FAG Anime for making FAGs popular
It's the other way around.

Guess I'm alone then, the show ruined the franchise for me. I canceled my Base preorder and still haven't opened any of the other kits I'd already purchased. Lab Days was basically perfect, they should have just animated that instead.

I'm surprised Koto isn't pumping out new FAGs more often considering their popularity. I'm just waiting for a Rayfalx girl but I'm going to be pretty dissapointed if she turns out to be just a souped-up Baselard, hope she's an entirely new character.

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I want Wilber-Nine

How would a Wilber-Nine girl even transform into a motorcycle

FAGuys when?

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Probably like this

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>tfw cosmic break went to shit years ago and nothing will fill in the gap from the time before

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Was that the show where Sup Forums tried to make the MC less generic?

By next week, hopefully.

>First Innocentia
>Now Greifen and Byakko
>Magatsuki and the other one in planning
We almost have enough new girls for S2.

What about guys?

There was this custom someone made with Architect as its base

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I miss Ao.

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Good, keep your eyes off of my wife.

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So did people still go for Baihu even with the stupid helmet? Or did everyone switch to Asra Ninja?

I got her a couple of weeks ago but my backlog is long.

I'm just waiting for Greifen

Baselard's based lards!

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I can't wait for this smug semen demon to be the star of S2.

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>there are people who prefer cheeseburger over regular hamburger

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Those aren't people.

Even worse, I've seen people who prefer bacon burger. And people defending McBurger's color scheme.

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>liking any version of burger in the first place

The four Fs of 2017: Friends, FAGs, Fruits, Foxes. They feel so distant now.

>Trying to subtly add gay foxes to the list.

Gay foxes should be on everyone's list.

I gave it a shot while it was airing and dropped it around episode 5. It just wasn't that entertaining and the characters weren't that interesting.

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>not liking the rhombus fox

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I want to taste Ao!

But that's not Gundam Build Fighters

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For a second I thought that was Aphrodite A

That's right, it isn't.

Gay foxes was my AOTY. There was just something about it that was so much fun and enjoyable to watch. And there was an episode that had a beautiful contrast going on for some of the episode and a few frames where some flowers looked amazing. God I love that show.

BE very very cautiousof of the FAGs!

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FAG S2 or Alice Gear anime first?

>Read through your private notebooks.
>Steal from your bank account regularly.
>Break your vacuum cleaner.
>Talk shit about you behind your back.
>Talk shit about you in front of you.
>Take your personal belongings.
>Destroy all your underwear (including the pair your wearing).
>Insist you build them things then shit on your amateur skills.
>Try to kill you the moment you get sick.
>Destroy your doors and windows.
>Follow you to school where they steal and break everything.
>Threaten you with violence and develop work arounds to the limiters on their programming mean to prevent such actions just to show they're serious.
>Can't even run simple errands.

FAGs were a mistake. Their only redeeming feature is that they come with charger-kuns who are wonderful.

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I'd rather have a megami device anime over alice gear. Or better yet a Desktop army anime, that's the one with the most interesting setting.

>Can't even run simple errands.
Architect can, which makes her the best.

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latest work

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But TRY killed it.

Its not fully dead yet. Its zombie is raising from the grave with build divers.

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But you can't just go make another crossover series and cast the previous aside.

They really should make a FAG game in the style of gundamvs/virtual-on games.

Well they are.

For like the third time as well (The previous 2 being Plamo Kyo and Gunpla Builders).

Stop calling them FAGs! They are FA Girls!


Whatever, FAG

>FA Girls

sounds gay


>connecting piece is unpainted

>They tried to get people to stop tagging it as FAG on twitter and start using FAGirl.
>"Fag irl"
>One of their latest projects is called "FAP".

It has to be on purpose at this point.

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>FAP with freestyle bazooka & Stylet
Well if you insist. Not sure how to use the bazooka though.

The actual arms you get for Architect look so shitty out of the box, this hobby really requires you to get good at painting.

Also, I don't believe she could hold that bottle, the damn model is so flimsy.

Why are the Materia sisters so shit? They ruined the whole show!

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Let's & Go
and let's not forget Yugioh

Quiet Stylet, even collaborations and official merchandise don't like you.

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